Human Design – New Found Bread.

Good afternoon beautiful souls!

Photo taken by @joelai

Here’s something about food. I begin to take sugar out from my diet and I started with refined sugar first. That means, no usual bread. I love bread and my chiropractor, Dr Aileen suggested I try this German Bakery called Der Backmeister in Taman Tun. So today, after a road trip, we stopped by the bakery and voilà!

I asked for any bread that has no sugar. According to them, no sugar is used in the bread, hence most of their bread is sour and some are salty.

Intuitively, I picked the simplest one first; Plain Ciabatta. The taste is so damn good! I ate it plain in the car and by dinner… Well let’s just say I added a sunny side up on a toasted Ciabatta and enriched it with tomatoes and chopped onions. The taste? Heavenly!

Next mission, I want to do homemade Flaxseed Bread which I already bought the Flaxseed Meals and Black Sesame Powder. We’ll see when I have a mood to bake!

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