Human Design – Shifting Diet, Mind and Emotions.

Good afternoon beautiful souls!

Here’s what I believe in; that food can shift our state of consciousness. In Human Design, to eat correctly according to your diet means you are nurturing your brain and the body to have the right cognition to access the consciousness field. That also means your mind is less likely to be distorted and it has the potential to see the Maia the way it intended to see. It’s all about having the right frequency to see the similar frequency.

For example, my brain and mind are designed to see the past and assess that information so I can share the inspiration with everyone (have you noticed that most of my post are about past experiences?). Whenever I reflect the past, I either feel very emotional and judging myself or I feel enlightening.

I don’t eat healthy for most of my life until I shift my diet with Human Design PHS in 2017. I realised that, during my unhealthy eating habit, my mind was vibrating at a low level of frequency. Therefore, whenever I reflect my past, I saw everything in it at the low-level frequency too. This triggered ALL low-level emotions. Feeling the emotions are not wrong but judging it, yes. Here’s where I judged myself with all the shame, guilt, anger and fear.

Since I shift my diet with Human Design PHS last year (and now taking out the refined sugar), I see the same past but with different feeling and judgement. You probably realised that I’ve been opened up about my past recently. Instead of judging myself with guilt and shame or hatred, I feel a deep sense of Love and Forgiveness towards myself. Maybe this is one way how our state of consciousness is influenced by the food we eat.

It’s fascinating to see how food affects our ability to see the past, present and future. If you want to improve how you relate to yourself, maybe you should start with understanding your diet too.

This morning during breakfast, Joe and I were laughing and teasing each other. And then I realise, this is what healthy food makes us do; be joyful and grateful 😀

Today’s breakfast: Toasted Ciabatta with avocado, tomato, zucchini, onion, black pepper, salt, scrambled eggs and lots of Love :).

Note: Get PHS analysts to explain your diet. Food shown may not be suitable for Consecutive and Alternating PHS diet.

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4 thoughts on “Human Design – Shifting Diet, Mind and Emotions.

  1. tatedevrosartist says:

    Yes… I believe food plays a huge part in our well-being and good health … I have noticed by eating selected foods your mind is more active and your in tune with your soul more deeply. … Thanks for sharing 🙂

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