Human Design – Emotional Relationship with Food.

Lunch Time!

So I baked bread for lunch. Remember the Flaxseed Bread I was talking in my previous bread post? It looks like a cake but whatever. The preparation is simple and it suits those who are detoxing from sugar.

Anyway, this is our lunch for today (Joe and I). To be honest, two slices per meal are more than enough. Thanks to Dr. Tay Ju Lee and IshKiia Paige (from WildFit team) for the recipe.

My body is adjusting to the changes. 8 days no refined sugar and I begin to feel good, mentally… LOL! I’m still processing my emotional relationship with food and my past.

There are old memories that I never recalled before it’s begin to emerge vividly. And I’m going to let those memories reorganised itself into realisation when the timing is right. Right now, it’s all confusing, crashing and melancholic. Let’s see what happen next because I’m taking out rice from the diet too!

We are Grateful!

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8 thoughts on “Human Design – Emotional Relationship with Food.

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    Ooo that looks good, and it’s great to hear that just after a week of turning away from sugar that you’re feeling some benefit. It’s hard to process experiences and manage our relationships with food when they’re complex and wrapped up in a myriad of things. Although I’ve done it myself, and I can pinpoint a lot of issues from my childhood, how I grew up, the issues that developed before I was a teenager, it’s still hard to unravel it all and put it into practice as it’s a constant work-in-progress. But in doing that, we learn, we make healthier habits and nourish ourselves in healthier ways, gradually forming a better relationship with food. xx

  2. tatedevrosartist says:

    Me and food has no love… Long story short … life happened… and now I eat for eating sake sadly…
    And by the way nice read 🙂

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