Human Design – Is Being Emotional Bad?

Emotional Being.

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Emotional Manifesting Generator, 2/5

Now it’s time to talk about Defined Solar Plexus and Emotional People. There are 50% of the population are emotional being. The rest are Open Emotion.

Often we think being emotional is bad, but not for these people. They earn their emotions. In fact, this is their Authority; their Inner Power that guides them especially in making decisions.

Emotions are powerful. So are Emotional Defined people. It is not about the strength of the body but the power of their emotions to emote feeling, to manifest creativity through their moodiness, and to support their tribes through bonding and bargain. These people can be so warm and passionate about life, about themselves and about others too. They also can be the opposite of it.

And their power lies on ClarityWhy clarity? Their emotions are moving energy. Every time their feeling changes, their perspective changes. The way they see others and life change from time to time. They need to see the collection of these perspectives so they can gain clarity.

But that’s their true challenge; it’s hard to be patient and wait for clarity. Often they are rushing on their impulses, thinking it just a fleeting emotion and unimportant. As an undefined emotion, I amplify the impulses and what I see is just a blurry event ahead of them.

The only way to deal with Emotional Solar Plexus is to be with the waves. This is how you wait for clarity as Emotional Defined person. Embrace and accept every high and low feeling that you have. Feel the power of every wave and see how your Emotional Intelligence communicates with you.

Collect as much clarity as you can. Clarity will show what’s correct for you. Time and patience are your allies. It’s time you make peace with it.

Anyway, enjoy surfing your highest intelligence. And do know that I acknowledge and embrace your presence in my life. With you (all the emotional being), I learn to see the beauty in every emotional joy and pain. And for that, I say Thank You.

Take this as your mantra: Never walk your life blindfolded.

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3 thoughts on “Human Design – Is Being Emotional Bad?

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    I agree… Embrace every emotion, acknowledge and accept all of it. Afterall, we’re incredibly lucky to be so intelligent, to have theory of mind and be able to empathise, and to be as emotionally equipped to feel everything we do. Interesting post!
    Caz xx

  2. ezee shad says:

    Its nice to read something cool about emotion, most of what i hear is, your too emotional get out of here 😂

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