Human Design – Playfulness.

Current Mood: Playfulness.

When the unpaid job is to document my own emotional healing through food, this is where I go.

I wanted to make the eggs happy but it looks more confused and frightening, LOL…

I’m off refined sugar for 2 weeks now and off rice/grains/wheat for 10 days. I lost more inches than weight. Total weight loss so far is 3 kg (trying that for years). Remember that everything is about right timing.

Human Design taught me to honor my timing.

And now I’m doing this because my divine timing is giving me the flow. Despite the challenge on sugar craving, everything seems to be flowing effortless and gracefully. Looking forward to this week challenge.

I Am Grateful!

If you like my post and the photo-stories, you can Buy Me a Coffee at It will be spent on educations fees and books.  Thank you for supporting me on this journey.

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