Human Design – A New Experience in Food

Something Different.

Yummy? I’m entering into a new experience. This suits this week transit Gate 36 theme – Crisis and Inexperience in moving into a new experience. What I can tell you is, I never thought I’m gonna do this and I don’t know what the end results would be.

In experiencing Gate 36, let go of the expectation. It is the expectation that will make you angry and frustrated or bitter or disappointed when it is not met. Gate 36 comes with crashing waves. That means when things turn out to be different, you may experience hurts and pain (broken heart is a good example).

Knowing this, I do not want to expect that I would lose a great amount of weight. Let’s just say, I would just let the ketosis experience manifested it for me. And since this is a new experience in my journey, therefore, I’m expecting some challenges. As Gate 36 would say “In any new experiences, there will be a crisis”.

I’m ready! I’ve been ready since last year and now the timing to manifest is right. I hope you are at Peace with whatever experiences that you have right now.

All the foods prepared with spontaneity (Splenic Authority here). Salad for Sunday afternoon. You can have it with the roasted chicken (marinated with herbs and dry coconut flakes) or with turmeric prawn and garlic. For the vegetables: Butterhead Leaf, Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Chinese Cabbage with salt, garlic and olive oil.

No sugar from now. It is hugely helpful for Projectors who want to improve their cognitive and for those who want to heal from inflammation and autoimmune diseases.

Follow your Strategy and Authority into any new diet experiment including PHS.

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