Human Design – Coffee,Coffee,Coffee…

That’s not my coffee!

I didn’t have my coffee for 6 weeks (I guess). Surely it’s been more than a month. At one point, I did take a tiny sip from a non-sugar long black to make my mouth bitter after I ate a cooked salmon.

You know what’s funny, I’m not really a coffee drinker. I can’t even finish a cup of coffee and often have to share it with my friends. But when something we used to have it and it is taken away from us, we gonna missed it. So I missed my half cup long black coffee!

Furthermore, I have some emotional relation to coffee.

This is also the reason why I missed my coffee. My late mother was a coffee drinker and oh! She took coffee like plain water. She started every morning with black coffee and she has a specific local brand (which Joe and I continuing using the same brand). Her best friend, Aunt Linda (my god-mom) will come to the house and drink it with her. She will have coffee for tea time and sometimes dinner.

A few days before she passed away, she asked if she could have her black coffee. The entire family was freaked out because her health was getting worse and I wasn’t around to witness whether she did have her coffee or not. Knowing my mom, she probably had it.

When I decode the emotional attachment towards coffee, what I see is, coffee makes my late mom happy. When she’s happy, I’m happy. I’m guessing, I carry that unconscious expectation when I’m with others especially with Joe. I know coffee makes her happy.

Is that necessary to make people happy at the expense of my health?

Here’s the answer. I’m a Projector Type human being. When my Generator or Manifesting Generator folks feel happy and satisfy, my world is colourful! I’m drinking it together with them because that’s what I did with my late mom.

Plus, have you seen Malaysian social culture? We love coffee places (from Mamak to Starbucks)! So it’s all social conditioning, which Projectors are deeply attuned to. And nothing is wrong with it. It’s a mundane life after all.

Since I’m on emotional healing through foods, this realisation helps me to be more aware. I may drink coffee after the 90 Days WildFit Challenge and back to the routine again… Or, I may not. That, I will leave it to my Splenic Authority (how I make every decision through my body intelligence). I guess we’ll find out soon!

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One thought on “Human Design – Coffee,Coffee,Coffee…

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    You’re right, when something’s taken away we miss it more even if we weren’t overly keen or appreciated it too much to begin with. Sounds like it’s definitely got an emotional attachment, too, with your late mom and Linda and the social aspects involved. And that carries on through life even when the people and situations change, which can happen with a lot of things I think, we’re just not necessarily consciously aware of it unless we dig a little deeper. Interesting point about making others happy.. part of me says don’t do something ‘just’ to make others happy, but making others happy makes me happy, so as long as it’s not an awful experience, then do whatever you feel comfortable with and spread the happiness. Another fascinating post, Rose!
    Caz xx

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