Human Design – 2 days LYD Awakening Workshop.

My First LYD Class in A Group.

This is my first time conducting 2 days Living Your Design Awakening Workshop. Ra did say that LYD is best to do it in 2 days; which focus on the deconditioning and shattering the Not-Self layer we have in our Nine-Centered system.

From my experiences, 2 days workshop has its own uniqueness, so does 8-10 weeks awakening via Online Classes. Those who like to take it slow, weekly program is highly recommended. Those who are quick, you can opt for 2 days workshop.

For Projectors, never underestimate your power when you received correct invitations.

Being a Projector with Undefined Throat, I never thought I can pull this. Furthermore, this was done through invitation, therefore, it gives me access to correct energy and get it done.

On top of that, I learned to manage my energy gracefully and intuitively (Splenic authority here). The experiences were amazing. I also get to see how my Incarnation Cross and my noded fulfilling the purpose.

Hope to do this again. Thank you for the amazing experiences. I Am Grateful.

Next; Self Transformation with Human Design session in Penang Island, this Sunday, 28th April, 3pm in ITPA. PM us to book your seat.

If you like my post and the photo-stories, you can Buy Me a Coffee at It will be spent on educations fees and books.  Thank you for supporting me on this journey.

Comment and share your thoughts with me if you like.

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