Human Design – Being A Projector.

Love My Transformation This Year.

How does it feel like to be a Projector?

If you don’t know what Projector is, then you can check out Human Design. Basically, Projectors are people who were born to be a guide for others. There are varieties of Projectors and each of them is unique in guiding energies, especially life force.

It is common for Projectors to feel bitter (also frustration and anger) when they find out they are Projector type. I was one of them. If you feel bitter, do know that you are trying so hard to be recognised. If you feel frustrated, that is a sign of deep conditioning as a Generator. And if you feel anger, that is a sign of conditioning as a Manifestor.

It all depends on your design. When I first saw my design in 2013 and know my Type (as a Projector), I got really angry and frustrated. The bitterness was all behind it but I didn’t see it. At the time, I didn’t know that anger and frustration is my conditioning.

When I had my first reading, I get to heal the anger in me. The anger conditioning rooted in my Undefined Gate 12, Undefined Gate 35 and Undefined Gate 20. These are the manifesting energies that I’ve been forcing to live as mine. Throughout time, I worked on healing the anger and followed by healing the frustration.

The Bodygraph is a copyright of Jovian Archive Media Inc.

How long does it take to heal?

It’s hard to tell because healing comes from the alignment of our frequency. The alignment started once I begin to live my Strategy and Authority (which means: follow my certain flow and use my complete Inner Power to make decisions – and not using the mind). I fully experiment with my Strategy and Authority after I started Living Your Design Awakening course in 2016. I’m now certified to guide the same process for others.

Success and Bitterness.

Projectors signature is SUCCESS. It is not just material success, although Projector is the type that can born poor and die rich. When Projectors live their design and honour their authenticity, they will be recognised for who they are. Success for Projectors comes from the recognition that they are born to guide, that their advice is valuable, that their contribution is highly appreciated and their wisdom is heard. Success means they are seen and not invisible.

From my experiences, I feel Success when all the cells in my body lighten up. My Splenic (my body and its amazing immune system) gives me the sensation throughout the body. It feels as if my presence in this 7 billion population is seen, even if only one person sees me. Success helps me sleep at night, knowing that I have lived my life as a guide.

What If You Still Feel Bitter?

Do know that bitterness and success is the same energy with two polarities. If you feel bitter, it just a signpost that you are not in alignment with your design. To get out of bitterness takes time, so be patient. Meantime, taste that bitterness and embrace the experience. Success only tastes better when we know how bitterness feels like.

Enjoy your experiment.

Meantime, I’m still open to give 20 minutes free session to everyone who wants to know Human Design. You can go to my website and fill up the form.

Happy Me!

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One thought on “Human Design – Being A Projector.

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    An interesting one, I don’t think I really considered bitterness as a projector. Healing the anger and bitterness means you have to appreciate those are underlying first, as you say, then dealing with them, which is so important to find balance and a sense of peace in life. Fascinating & poignant post, Rose!
    Caz xx

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