Human Design – Two Sides of Everything.

Photo taken in Tropicana City Mall.

While some teaching glorify enlightenment and positivity, Life is entirely a different trip.

Everything in this Maia is in duality. Holy books like the Quran says that too. I remember it in some phrases stated that Life is created in duality and is an illusion. There is duality in every individual. It is not about good or bad, it is simply a presence in the Maia as it Is.

In every word you see or hear, there is duality in it. It all depends on how you see it or hear it or programmed to interpret it. It also depends on the state of consciousness we are at on the individual level and also collectively.

If you happen to learn something that only chooses one side, then you are living an imbalanced life. There is no Love or grace in that. You can choose a side (sometimes we have no choice when we are drawn to a certain frequency), but at least open to seeing the other side too.

text15.pngSomething I learned about Human Design is Duality. Human Design is not a spiritual belief or religions. It is a knowledge that gives the layout of the Maia and its duality through our own design (body, mind, soul – laymen term).

What I love about Human Design is, it shows me at least two sides of every human or every being I interact. I may dislike some side of them (or some side of me) but it teaches me to embrace every presence, every aura and every physical body I meet in this journey.

Maybe this is the time to Love two sides of everything. How about starting with ourselves? How about accepting our own duality? How about cherish our weaknesses as much as we cherish our strength?

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