90 days of Wildfit Challenge.

Final Results.

text15.png7 days ago was the last day for my 90 days of WildFit Challenge. I’m impressed with the way my body is making the progress. Since my Authority is Splenic, everything is about my body consciousness. There were countless of damages I did to this body through food.

WildFit provides me with the opportunity to heal and to decondition from food and emotional eating. And the best part is, WildFit trains me to be aware of the foods and the seasons.

Last night during our zoom call, IshKiia asked how much total loss that I experienced. Here’s the result.

I’ve lost a total of 84.09 cm (33.11 inches). The biggest loss is the fat on my hips from 138 cm down to 98 cm. Total KG loss is 6 kg (from 68 to 62 kg). I was told that it is okay to lose more inches than weight. I Am Grateful for that too because to lose inches means the body is cycling out the old fat and toxin.

WildFit is not a diet program. From my experience, it’s a spiritual and healing program for the body through food. WildFit certainly enhances my state of awareness towards food and the food industry. My biggest gain is the gift to look at coconut rice and not feeling a deep emotional craving to it. That’s freedom!

Again, I Am so Grateful for the journey. And Thank you for the support given by Dr. Tay Ju LeeIshKiia and the rest of the group. They are the best!

Photo 1-2: Wildfit results.
Photo 3: Before Wildfit, weight was around 68-69 kg.
Photo 4: Taken in 2017 with a weight ranging between 69-70 kg.

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4 thoughts on “90 days of Wildfit Challenge.

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    I love the focus of this isn’t on it being a diet, but about healing yourself, looking at your relationship with food, and deconditioning. Sounds like you’ve done really well with this, Rose! xx

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