Human Design: Projector – The New Leaders.

Projectors! It’s time to claim your power.

Human Design Experience and Human Design Malaysia are going to do 2 days mini-course about Projector and their gift as a leader.

Your Aura speaks more accurately about you than your mind. Ra described that, as Projectors, our aura is our business card.

How well do you trust your aura? Are you ready to guide others who are waiting in your fractal?

One of the subject we will talk in this 2 days (over 2 weekends) is effective communication as Projectors. We also will explore the aspect of relationship as Projectors.

Come and join us for 2 days mini-course on Projectors. You can PM us for more info or visit our website to reserve your seat. The mini-course is via live online classes:

“When a Projector goes into somebody’s aura, they tap into the aura field, not the person. Not the person’s identity, per se. They tap into that larger self, which is why they can handle the conditioning.

The thing is that if they’re not operating correctly, if they haven’t entered into whatever the generic experience is by invitation, then they can be and will be drawn away from their motivation. And when they don’t see correctly you’re killing a Projector. You might as well put them out to pasture and forget it” – Ra Uru Hu

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