Human Design – Projector’s Awareness and Transformations.

Photo was taken in Penang, 2015.

Sometimes the mind would like to know if we can still attain success, satisfaction, peace or surprises even without following our Strategy and Authority. Do we really need Strategy and Authority?

We often forget that we do live our design, it is part of us all the time. This body is Life. Especially whenever we don’t use our mind to make decisions, we say we use guts feeling, intuition and whatnot. Perhaps before Human Design (HD), the Authority and Design may not be something we aware of. That’s the difference. Of course, Projectors can be successful and Generator feels satisfied without they aware of it. In fact, I used my intuition before I learned HD (I’m a Splenic Authority). HD just give me some confirmation that I can rely on my intuition all the time.

To live our design is a natural aspect of our lives. The only difference with Human Design is, it expands our awareness, it gives back our Authority to the body, and it gives the opportunity to flow in this life with awareness and less resistance. I have my success before HD (which through invitation) and after HD (which through invitation). I also had my failures too (initiating job interview, accepting the wrong invitation). The only difference now and then is awareness, healthy body and relaxation.

Awareness is the key as a Nine-Centred Being, especially as a Projector. Of course, we can’t help overthinking it, therefore, let the mind make the comparison but don’t get attached to it. Just live, be aware and let the body make its own decision.

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