Love and Pain Through the Morning Breeze.

There was a depressing feeling visited me two days ago. I was lying on the bed and there was a pressure wanting to flow but couldn’t and it has no direction to go too.

I picked a book from the office and I went to the living hall. I sat on the couch with the wooden door wide open and I let the afternoon breeze flew in. I didn’t concentrate on the book that much. My awareness was shifting between the book and the depression. The day went like that until I feel tired at night.

There is something beautiful in this process when we allow it to be. After a day feeling depressed, I realised a pattern and possible a trauma that probably still living inside of me. I feel so much Love today and so much pain at the same time. These two seems like dancing in perfect rhythm, not separating.

My body feeling sore. Gently, I moved my body through yoga, stretching through the pain. Morning breeze showered me with unconditional Love, which helped me feel calm. Through the day, I’m seeing more of the trauma, more of the emotional pain that I went through for many years.

Pain and trauma takes time to heal. If you ever go through the same thing, where pain manifested as pain-body, where the pressure feels too much for you… do know that you are not alone. It’s okay to feel the pain. Do know that it comes with Love, just like every shadow has light shining from the other side.

Stay strong! Be gentle with yourself.
I Love YOU, wherever you are ❤

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5 thoughts on “Love and Pain Through the Morning Breeze.

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    It can be hard to just feel it, to let it be and be okay with that. I think we’re wired to either delve into it or try to push it away, and sometimes it just needs to be experience, as it is. Very well said. Sending love & hugs your way, because you’re not alone in this either ❤❤❤
    Caz xx

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