Worth Every Step!

Yesterday my weight reduced to 59.5kg. That’s my latest target weight. Finally, my weight reached below 60kg. 5 months in WildFit, I have lost 10kgs and more than 84cm in total measurement.

The best part is WildFit helps me improved my hormone circulation. At this point, I no longer have to take synthetic progesterone every 3 months to induce menstrual cycle.

Like I stated in my other posts, healing takes time. What I’m healing from is not just the body but emotional healing too. Food is one great source of healing. Eating in seasons attuned me to nature, opened up my awareness of the season cycle in my body and outside my body. I feel blessed that I have consistent support from Dr. Tay Ju Lee and the WildFit team. She did great work in WildFit.

So far, I Am Grateful for the progress. The long sleeves that I’m wearing today belong to Joe! I asked her permission to try and see if I can fit in her size. There you go! She is a size S.

My next target is 58kg. Right now losing weight is not my main goal. At this point, I’m doing it for fun!

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