Human Design – Follow Your Gut Feeling.

It takes time to be familiar with your Splenic voice and it is common when you missed it because Splenic tends to speaks once. And that’s what happened to me a few days ago.

This is the result of me not listening to my Splenic Authority. I was working with Joe in the office and my Splenic told me to work in the bedroom instead. I felt the voice loud and clear. It transmitting through my body. This becomes the decision I have to make; to continue working in the office or to move to the bedroom. Instead of packing my stuff and work in the bedroom, I told myself “hold on, let me finish this first” (classic example of how the mind using my Undefined Sacral to make a decision; not knowing when to quit).

I could feel in my nose that Joe has a flu virus. That’s Intuition. That’s Splenic.

Anyway, a 5-10 minutes later, I walked out from the room but I guess it’s already too late because 2 days later, I’m down with flu, sore throat, headache and fever.

I imagine the tiny flu virus floating in the air and my Splenic sensed it. My immune system immediately knows the danger is coming. My body communicates with me by telling me to change the environment. And I ignored that. So here I am, on the bed resting.

This is how the experiment with your Strategy and Authority looks like too. You need to feel it by yourself. If you are a Splenic Authority, pay attention to how your body communicates with you because every moment is about staying alive in this fragile life.

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