Human Design – Channel of Mutation.

Do you know about the Channel of Mutation; 60-3? This is the physical pressure that gives us the possibility to generate something new to the world. I don’t have this channel in my natal imprint but it is appearing in my Solar Return for two years.text15.pngThis is what I observe from this mutative frequency. Channel of Mutation is designed to initiates and fluctuates in pulses. It may look like this; sometimes, nothing seems happening in our lives and it makes us feel bored and depressed. And then come the pulses. Out of nowhere, we get really busy generating our work, our life and so on.

This pattern appeared in my life for two years now and I’m feeling used to it. There are days or even weeks where I have nothing to go for and there are days I got busy being in service, teaching and coaching. This becomes my education and it is empowering to observe how the pulses happened.

The recent pulses gave us Living Your Design Awakening Program Marathon. Joe and I just finished three LYD workshops within 15 days and within 400km radius. We started with LYD for Manifestor Awakening, followed by LYD in Penang Island (which is around 400km away) and we finished with LYD for Generator Awakening. When the pulses begin, we feel the chaos in rearranging schedules and work around us (Gate 3-Difficulties at the Beginning). And then everything went smooth.

Right now, we are resting. I’m back to light work, catching up the remaining before the pulses happen again. All I can say from having 3-60 in my experience is… Be patience when you don’t feel productive or nothing great is happening in your life. Trust that life happens even when everything seems stagnant. Get some rest before you get busy generating and rearranging orders.

So what’s your experience in dealing with this channel of Mutation?

From an Ego Manifestor who attended LYD Awakening.

To be able to recognised what’s influence you, is powerful. In LYD workshop, we show you the behavior and characteristics that pull you away from your Authority, inner power and authentic Self.

The realization allow your brain to register new perspectives and inviting greater potential to live successful, peaceful, surprises and satisfying life.

Thank you for taking this journey with me.


What is Human Design?
Human Design system is Self-Knowledge that shows your unique blueprint through a Rave chart called the Bodygraph. It also explains everything about you in a logical way. It shows the conscious and unconscious side of you, your characteristics, your roles in this life and much more.

Human Design shows your Genetic Code and WHO YOU ARE through Definition. With this knowledge, you are able to tap into your own power and begin to heal through alignment of your soul, mind and body.

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