Sambal with Love.

Sambal Belacan made with Love all the way from Penang. Love it!

text15.pngMy cousin, Kak Nah really made a delicious Sambal Belacan (shrimp paste with chilli). Every time I go back to Penang, I would ask if she can make one for me. Since Sambal Belacan uses sugar, we replace it with Lakanto. It helps because it doesn’t kick me out of ketosis.

Ordinarily, Sambal Belacan is best to eat with rice and curry (yummy!). Since I’m not taking rice at this moment, so here’s what I eat with Sambal Belacan;

  1. Cauliflower rice and sambal belacan – yummy!
  2. Eggs – I find it difficult to eat eggs these days without sauces. Since I’m not taking sauces, sambal belacan is a good replacement. It is actually..appetizing!
  3. Edamame Spaghetti and beef with sambal belacan.
  4. Salad and fried vegetables – with salad, it feels like eating western Ulam hehe
  5. Avocado -……I know I’m weird that way LOL.

Thanks Kak Nah for making my diet routine tasty!


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