How to Experiment With Your Throat Center?

As a Projector with Undefined Throat and also a Quad Right, I’m not designed to initiate conversation. However, Human Design is a science of differentiation and it requires us to experiment with our design. So here’s some experiment.

I took this video last week when I tried to initiate communication by making a video.

I have difficulties channeling my thoughts into communication (Quad Right struggles)! Remember that the Throat center is related to thyroid gland and metabolism. Whenever we communicate or act (doing work, exercising etc), energy will be converted. Acting or communicating forcefully or overuse the throat center, can make one feel burnout.

This is exactly what I feel when I did this video; the struggle to talk is real. And for Quad Right mind like me, it is best to communicate through questionnaires. When others ask me questions, my communication is smooth and easy. But when I try to communicate without questions, I feel difficult trying to structure my words. The right mind is also not designed to be strategic and this is how trying to be strategic looks like.

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What is Human Design?
Human Design system is Self-Knowledge that shows your unique blueprint through a Rave chart called the Bodygraph. It also explains everything about you in a logical way. It shows the conscious and unconscious side of you, your characteristics, your roles in this life and much more.

Human Design shows your Genetic Code and WHO YOU ARE through Definition. With this knowledge, you are able to tap into your own power and begin to heal through alignment of your soul, mind and body.

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