Wisdom from Our Elders

LOL. This made me laugh.

Creative title, and it’s true.

Live moment by moment and let the body age gracefully.

Slowly the numbers doesn’t bother us anymore.

And for what it’s worth, I feel that the F words are sexy.

F referring to the age Forties and Fifties.

Story of a Chair

Everything that we see in this Life has a story. If we listen and acknowledge their presence, we might know what lies underneath their surface. This is a story of a chair.

The chair that you see in the picture has many stories of love, joy, sadness and pain. That beautiful chair used to be a seating place for an old man who had dementia. A lady who witnessed fragments of his life told me “That’s where my master used to sit”. A visitor who saw the chair said: “It’s for the King”. And each story has values.

If the chair could speak, it will speak a language of Love. It probably says “Sit with me so I can fulfil my purpose as a chair”. It would welcome anyone to fill its purpose. And it will listen to all of our stories of joy, love and pain; without judgement. That’s a pure Love.

These days I sit on it and observe the world out there.

All Life has a story. All Life has something to share. And all stories has values to be acknowledged. The stories will be told in many ways. We just need to listen to them.


This, That and the Truth

In all experiences, in every story we encounter, there are three sides of it; This, That and Truth. We often fall for either This or That. The moment we pick side, we are moving away from the Truth.

The three sides of Life not only apply outside of us. What if, picking side even about ourselves can drag us away from knowing our inner Truth?

Ponder on this. Why many people feel torn apart? It is because we are This moment who longing for That moment. We pick sides and we pick which experiences to live and which to deny.

What if, every experiences offer us revelation about ourselves?, but it need us to stop choosing sides and just Be with the experiences.

What if, even sadness or Anxiety or hatred or grief can reveal our Inner Truth if we choose to be with it without judgement?

Photo: Taken during Self Empowering Group Coaching two weeks ago.

Old vs New

When I looked at these old switches, it reminds me that the old and new are the same things. Old and new implies time. It’s duality of time. They can be vertical or horizontal. It doesn’t matter because it is just a timeline.

It is how we choose to see the timeline that counts because the one who perceive time changes her/his reality and information of time.

I can say that my last year self is old because this year I am new, or I can choose to see that this year I’m older than last year. One perspective makes me new and the other makes me old. Perspectives change how we feel duality through our emotions.

New and Old is just a cycle. We change on the surface of time. Embrace it. Be conscious of it. Only then, we become peace with time.

Pain, The Greatest Teacher Part 1 & 2

Recently I spoke to my editor from The Iskandarian/WAVES Lifestyle newspaper about turning my articles into audio materials. The idea is to cater people who prefer listening than reading. Furthermore, I have many articles from past years that is still useful for the audiences. And she gave me the green light to start the project. 
The articles are short. The published articles contain about 300 to 310 words, and the audio comes with three minutes video. So I geared up yesterday for recording and editing. And today I have two videos to share.
My first pick is articles (two parts) about Pain, The Greatest Teacher. No one likes pain. However, if we are willing to acknowledge our pain and be with it, the pain we feel can teach us many things about ourselves and Life. 
Remember that even pain has a quality, and the quality of the pain depends on the quality of observer. 
Enjoy the videos. 
Note: Full links to the e-paper in the YouTube Channel. 

Do What We LOVE!

Work is also a prayer, not in the form of words but actions. When we love what we do, the doing become a meditation, the mind becomes creative, and the body become joyful.

But when we do not love the work we do, then the prayer is filled with un-love energies, the action is not powerful, and the body becomes weak and ill.

Do what you love. Start with that. Then the doing becomes natural and full of Love. It is one way to cherish yourself and honour your purposes. And through the doing, you get to share your deepest Love with the world.


Conscious Breathing for The Anxious Human Earthlings

One of my coaches taught me to pick a theme and an affirmation to live by throughout the year. The theme will provide a solid foundation, focus and a reminder. By doing this, we will know where our ground is. It doesn’t matter what happens within the year, we shall get back to our ground. The affirmation is to shift the mind’s voice and also serve as a reminder.

This year I chose Conscious Breathing as my theme and the statement is ‘I Am Love and Peace’. I already bought few breathing books with me when I was in Brunei two years ago. All I need was to remind myself to be aware of my breathing.

Long story short. Nine months later, I feels that I need to share some messages with all of you about breathing, specifically about conscious breathing. All I can say here is, peace flow through breathing. It’s hard for Anxiety to exist or to hurt us when we know how to breathe right.

Here are my videos. The videos are also available on my Youtube channel Rose Osman- Your Personal Motivator and Instagram. If you resonate with me, go ahead, do follow me. If you are looking for specific healing course for Anxiety, I have one program ready for you. It’s an energy healing and spiritual program for Anxiety.

Remember to inhale and exhale your breath right here, right now and enjoy the videos.

Video #1: How to shift from Rapid Breathing to Conscious Breathing (suitable for Anxiety)


Video #2: Video from my Instagram and Facebook Page





Letting Go The Old Leaves

This is Her.

Majestic Tree

If you drive along the Meru road, you can see her before you reach the junction to Jalan Hj Sirat (it is in the state of Selangor, Malaysia).

The photo on the left, taken seven days ago (dated 23rd March). She looked parched and almost bald. I thought the hot weather dried her up, but that’s not what happen to her.

The photo on the right is her today (dated 29th March 2016). She’s all green and fresh. She wasn’t dying. She was saving her life, rejuvenate and transformed. The result, she can provide shelter to the birds, motorists and the world around her.

If you keen to learn about Life from other creatures, this beautiful tree teaches us to let go what doesn’t benefit us anymore. She can hold on to the dry leaves because the leaves are part of her, or she can let go so new leaves can emerge.

On the surface of our Self, we too have leaves. Each leaf can represent anything we experience in this life. Each leaf shapes our personality, thinking and conditions. And each leaf has an expiry date.

When the expiry date arrives, the leaf has to go, or it will be a rotten leaf in our system, our memory and in our collective consciousness.

Some people might say ‘ If I let go this experience, this memory, I will lose myself‘.

If She (the tree) thinks like we do, she probably died by now. She knows what make her a tree is her essence as a tree, her root (inner) as the foundation of life. The leaves are her process of living. They are an extension of her personality and beauty too. But old leaves have to go so new leaves can grow.

If you think experiences define who you are, then you are living your life in suffering, mentally and emotionally. Every experience come and go. Old experience and memories (the energy of it), have to go so new one can emerge. Only through the process, we evolve and live unconditionally.

Learn to let go. You will never lose yourself because all the experiences are not YOU. It is just the story of your life. Even your personalities are not YOU because personalities change through seasons. Just like the tree and her leaves.

Find your essence and inner strength. Then let go things that no longer beneficial for you. Let go the pain that no longer heal you. Look at her again. She did it in seven days. Seven days of creation, so to speak. If we are wise, we can do it too.

Let go your old leaves and LIVE!

The original article taken from my Facebook Page, which I posted on 29th March 2016.

Vlog #3 – Lesson from a Bird.

I truly love this bird – Olive Backed Sunbird. I loved to feel them and used to play with them too. Whenever they sat on the plastic rope, I will gently touch the other end and shake the rope a little, just to feel their energy. Then I would say, “I feel you!”. They have tiny energy field but very active and strong. Here’s what I learned from them.

I don’t usually say this but if you like the video, do subscribe the channel “Quantum Love” and share it with others.

What I Wrote to My Self Three Years Ago?

Few days ago I found a letter I wrote to myself three and a half years ago. I cannot remember the moments but based on the letter, I wrote it when I found a glimpse of hope to recover from many illnesses. In the middle of pain and emotional turmoil, even a glimpse of hope feels like a thousand years fill with light. So I wrote a letter to myself. Then I simply placed it anywhere (no sacred place). I’ll find the letter when the time is right.

In the letter, I mentioned all the illnesses I had and what I want to do in keeping my body healthy again. Some of the exercises I mentioned in the letter are way too much for a projector :). I guess my true-Self knows that, so I didn’t do all the exercises except basic yoga (still basic 😀 ) and Qi Gong.

The letter took me back into the memory lane and I noticed I’m a different person now. Three to four years ago, I was sick. And I don’t know much about intuition or being an empath. I work on motivation but no idea about energy and healing.

Illnesses and pain have pushed me into the darkness. I was longing for the light and I found my courage (which I believe not long from the day I wrote the letter). Then I learned to claim my health back. Some of the methods I life-hack it myself.

From all the pain and illnesses, I listed in the letter, I recovered the majority of it, and my body is in the healthy state today. The rest, I rarely speak about it. I practise to acknowledge the biological ‘impairment’ that exist in collective human consciousness. I don’t call them ‘illness’ or ‘disease’. Instead, I learn to co-exist with them.

The most important method I practise when I meet people and they ask me “How are you?”, I’ll make sure Health become my spoke person. I only speak about the condition if I need to use them as part of inspiration and motivation to others who suffer the same impairment in their health. And I no longer define my entire existence based on my health conditions. No one should.

A letter like this need a frame and hang it on the wall. It can be a good reminder that no matter how dark and painful our experiences are, we always find our Light and Love. We always survive and transcend.

I hope you find yours.

I Am Eternally Grateful for this moment.
Thank you.

Affirmation I wrote in the letter (you can use it if it resonates you):

I Am Healing. I Am Perfect Health. 
I Am Balance. I Am Loving My Body, Mind and Soul. 

Letter to My Self