The Unusual Meditation and Healing

It was a rainy night. The night breeze dancing softly throughout the spaces. I stood in front of the bird nest. There was a tiny mother bird in the nest with her two babies. The surrounding was quiet. I stood there for more than five minutes to observe the life of this beautiful creature.

They were quiet. Only sometimes, I could hear the babies were chipping with their soft tiny voices. One of the babies rested her head beside her mother. It was a beautiful scene.

Whenever the breeze reached the nest, it will swing slightly to the left and right, and yet the birds didn’t show any sign of worries or panic. The mother will close her eyes and feel the breeze. She only opened when there was any movement around her. I observed them with my body and feeling but not with my mind.

In silence, peace rose in me. The life of the birds was simple. In the silence and rainy night, they cuddle with love. No complaint. No worries. Only peace.

After I’ve done observing them, I said “Good night housemate. Thank you and I love you” (yes they’ve become the housemate and we are developing some kind of friendship these days). If you wonder why I thanked them; there are few reasons why:

First, they have helped me with my inner peace and joy. They also have helped me on healing by bring up the peace in me. The best part was they helped me strengthen up my senses as an Empath and understand energy through emotions and vibrations of sounds. They simply helped me Meditate. They have become my teachers; tiny in sizes but not in lessons.

If you have problem with the usual meditation, try something like this. I meditate this way quite often. I love what the nature have for us. Sometimes it only took me 5 to 10 minutes. Just observe your nature; birds, your pets like dog or cat, caterpillar, plants or trees. Observe it with your feeling and not with your mind (to avoid judgement and analyze). Observe it in silence as it bring out the peace in you. The peace is already there inside you and these beautiful creatures and nature can help you unleash it to the surface. And this peace can help you on healing especially emotion healing, anger, anxiety and depression.

The Peaceful Life of Beautiful Creature

The Peaceful Life of Beautiful Creature

Moments of Transformation

Few days ago I sat in front of beautiful plants. The plants have tiny purple flowers. I remember that I bought these plants in 2010 because I like the tiny purple flowers. As I starred at the plants I saw 3 caterpillars were eating up the tiny leaves. These caterpillars were in metamorphosis (transition) period from caterpillars to butterfly. Nearly 98% of the body were covered in protective shell and only the head still uncovered.

Silent Moment of Transformation

Silent Moment of Transformation

As I looked at these three caterpillar, I saw one of them slide inside the shell slowly and closed the cover that entirely wrapped its head too. The caterpillar seems like stitching the shell and seconds later, it was completely closed. Silent. Nothing was around except its patience…patience in waiting for another beautiful life to be born. A moment alone. A moment of must. A moment of nature. A moment of growth. Transformation between the life, death and living.

The Lessons
I’ve learned many things from this one caterpillar. One of it is transformation has no fear and it is a must process. The caterpillar spent the moment in silent and let life take its own course and transform into another phase of life. Look closely, same application applies in our lives too. This has been practice by great people and gurus throughout the world. On daily basis, we must find our moment in silent and transform many things into beautiful things;

arguments into love,
problems into solutions,
anger into patience,
fear into love,
darkness into lights,
transmutation of energies, non-beneficial to beneficial,
negative to positive
good to better
better to great
and death to a life.

How Can You Do It?
All you can do is spend 30 to 60 minutes in silent every night and do this transmutation of energies. It can be done through meditation, self-reflection moment or self-healing. It is to transform your life from wherever you were into something better and from nothing to accomplishment of lessons.

The caterpillar exists to teach us the beauty of transformation. It is up to us to see it as life priceless lesson or just see them as another creature that exists just to fancy the world.

 A butterfly is a transformation, not a better caterpillar

A butterfly is a transformation, not a better caterpillar

Credit to Conscious Travel for the quote.

Step 7: The Practical Steps to Heal From Illness

Step 7: Always Avoid the Opposite

Law of Attraction simple rules: Your action must not contradict your desire. If your desire is to be healthy again, therefore, in every action you make; you must avoid the opposite acts of health. Here are the few simple examples.

a) Avoid Mention Your Illness
Sometimes we are tempted to speak of the illness to others for many reasons. One of the common reasons is seeking understanding from people around us.  However, if you have to speak of your illness, speak only one and that’s it. Practise ‘no repetition’ in explaining your illness to others.

The reason is; when you speak of your illness, you are giving your attention and focus to your illness. The energy and vibration that you put on your illness plus what others may have for you (like sympathy, sadness) only contributes more power towards your illness.

Tips: Speak only about health. If you need to speak about your illness and how bad it has ruined your life and your motivation, find a right person to talk too. By all means, find a person who will not help you contribute more unnecessary energy towards your illness. This may sound a little weird but this is how many people feed their illness and help it growth unintentionally.

b) Avoid Unhealthy Habit

Any habit that opposite from the health must be avoided. If you are a smoker, try to quit smoking. If you are an alcohol drinker, drink lesser or quit drinking. If you a person who like to sleep till the afternoon, change the habit to wake up early in the morning because morning life unfold countless healing for you.

Tips: For smoker who wanting to stop smoking; advisable is not to quit cold turkey. Instead reduce the cigarette intake on daily basis. The most important thing is every effort counts. Small effort counts too.

c) Avoid Give-up

Giving up will unfolds all the opposite energies of healing and health. A person who gives up will start to eat unhealthy, do unhealthy activities, live unhealthy habits and many more. Give up is the biggest switch that turn off your health and any healing on you. Avoid give up at any costs and give love for your health no matter what.

Tips: When you started to feel give up, please talk to the people who can light up your courage again.  Most of the time, give up just play games of emotions with you. So it is important to channel the energy into love and bring back the courage in you.

Never Give Up and Your Courage is Waiting to Growth from Within

Give up is the opposite of Courage in health and healing


Step 6: The Practical Steps to Heal From Illness

6. Transform to Healthy Lifestyle

Healing illness is not entirely about focus on the illness and find ways to kill it or cleanse it out from out body. Healing illness is about transforming from the state of illness into state of health.

These days, many people who fall into illness state craves for healing. When they get the healing, they tend to stay there and hoping that illness will never return. Given the chart below, healing state is a zero state (The Green Dot). In this state, illness healed but the risk to fall into the left side of the grid is there.

You can stay healthy by staying on the right side of the grid. To move towards the right side, you must have efforts to stay healthy. What are the efforts? Here are the three important lists (read here for more tips).

Eating Habit and Diet
The biggest contribution towards a healthy lifestyle. You have to change your eating habit. Go for balance diet. Eat when you are hungry and stop before you are too full. Eat in small portion. Take lots of vegetables. Forget junk foods. Never eat after 7pm.

Pick any exercises that suits your need; Yoga. Walking. Cycling – indoor or outdoor. Jogging. Swimming . Hiking. Pilates. Dancing. Anything that makes you sweat regularly. Tips: Always start small. The most important part in exercise is persistence.

Sleeping Habit
When I was working in manufacturing line, there were times I had to work entire night. What happened was a week later, I would felt weak. I had habit stay up late night many years ago and it has affected my health badly.

If you are person who loves to stay up late night, change the habit for good. The best hour to go to bed is 10pm (the earliest). In between 10pm to 2am, body is working their wonders to rejuvenate. Skin turns healthier too. Sleep for 6 to 8 hours depends on the body and mind. Wake up early in the morning for freshness air and feeling.

It is challenging tasks and I will not deny this. It requires a long list of works need to be done from time to time but the rewards are priceless. After all, if to stay healthy is what you need, do you have a choice? The hard works and the challenges are rewarding, so why not give it a try?

A Simple Health Chart For You To Understand Where You Should Be Heading to Stay Healthy

A Simple Health Chart For You To Understand Where You Should Be Heading to Stay Healthy

Step 5: The Practical Step to Heal From Illness

Step 5: Trust Your Own Body

Have you ever accidentally cut your finger with knife or got scratches when you fall down on your knee? Does the wound heal by itself? It does. With right amount of time and treatment, it always does.

In healing illness, it is important that you trust your own body that they are working on healing 247. Besides trust, it is advisable that you support the healing by acknowledge the pain with love and less in complaining or whining about the pain. Give right treatments with right medications to your body and the universe inside you just knows what to do. Bottom line is, as long you want to be healed; they will do their best to heal too.

Tips: Check out the photo below and learn how to connect with your body. This way, you can feel the pain at the exact point of your body. With the acknowledgement of the pain, it is easy for you to focus on the healing.

Spot your illness points with these method

Spot your illness points with these method

Step 4: The Practical Steps to Heal From Illness

Step 4: Trust Your Healers

Most of the time, in the process of healing illness, you need secondary party like healers, medical practitioners and medicines to help you healing.  These parties have what you need to heal from illness. However, whether their healing is effective on you or otherwise is depends on your belief and TRUST.

First of all, when you seek healing from secondary parties, you must extend your beliefs in healing to these parties too. It also means, you must belief that their works of healing are effective to you.

Second of all, trust is like a bridge that connects the healing from the secondary party and you. Your body has a powerful defence system and they work under ‘instruction’ of your mind. Without trust, your body will do anything to reject the healing or didn’t take the healing at all. In Reiki and also in many other healing techniques, healing that goes without trust will be dismissed or repelled. Trust must be developed inside your heart and it should be given out by verbal permission like “I give you permission to heal me”. And trust is one way to love.

Tips: Take time to know your healer. Then, be honest with your own self and the healers. If you have no trust, it is okay to inform them that you may not need the healing at this moment.

In order to allow Healers to help you on healing, you must first trust them and their techniques of healing

In order to allow Healers to help you on healing, you must first trust them and their techniques of healing

Step 1: The Practical Steps to Heal From Illness (Read here)
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Step 3: The Practical Steps to Heal From Illness

Step 3: I Can Heal

Don’t just take the words ‘I can heal’ as words of convincing but turn it into a belief too. BELIEF is a powerful force in human life. It works with subconscious mind. Subconscious mind then work directly with the body, mind and emotion. It also means, you can try many techniques of healing or medications but without believing that you can heal, healing becomes impossible to your body.

In part my healing treatment, I would guide my client to create a belief through powerful affirmation I create for them based on their need. The affirmation that they affirm on daily basis will help them reprogram their belief and heal them from within. As I always mentioned to my clients that primary healing start within them and secondary healing comes from the healers and medication. So always, always heal from within.

Tips: Besides create a belief through affirmation; you should avoid reading articles that does not contribute to your healing and beliefs. If you has an illness that scientifically no cure have been found yet (e.g diabetic, SLE), build a belief that you can ‘free’ yourself from the illness on period basis like months basis, yearly basis or entire lifetime

An Affirmation to Heal Anxiety

An Affirmation to Heal Anxiety

Step 2: The Practical Steps to Heal From Illness

*Continue from the previous article

Step 2. Ask for healing and health.

The first effort you must give is to ASK. Yes it is simple but you, your own self must ask for it. Many people these days choose not to ask. And if they asked, they tend to ask a wrong question like “Why me?”

Ask; not a question but an appropriate request. First request that you should ask is from the highest being (Allah, God or any other terms that you use). Then ask it from the healers. Last but not least, ask it from your own body.

Why do we need to ask from these three beings? The answer is simple.

  1. Only God can grant the healing and health.
  2. Healers can’t give you any form healing if you didn’t ask for it. If they do, it gets rejected.
  3. Do you know that you have trillions of cells in your body? Now, all these cells have abilities to heal but their work of healing based on your efforts too. These trillions of cells must know what you want and what you are going to get. Simply ask them to work in harmony with you. In return they shall work wonder.

It is also a simple collaboration between you entirely and what healers have to offer you. Ask for it because without asking for it, no one will know what your needs is. Furthermore, to ask is polite.

Tips: Ask a request like “Dear (name the being), I want to be healed and improve health. Please help”. It is effective compared to “Why me?”

It is a promise to us, ask and you shall receive.

It is a promise to us, ask and you shall receive.

Step 1: The Practical Steps to Heal From Illness

Have you ever wonder why after you have tried many healing techniques and medicines but you still stuck with the illness? In pursuing healing, the most important thing is the focus you have on the healing itself and not on the illness. To heal, you must do many things and leave many other things too. I’m not just referring to your body but also your mind, emotion, soul and your lifestyle.

The fact is you can try as many healing techniques or medicines in the world but whether it is works on you or otherwise, it all depends on YOU.

For the next few days, I will share with you practical steps and criteria you can focus and improve in order to help your body heal faster. Let’s start with the most powerful ones.

1. Complete Desire to Heal
The most and foremost point of all, you must want to be healed and you must crave deeply for good health again. There are two points here; heal and health (now that you know why I have the word COMPLETE in the title). Heal and health comes together but they walk separately. If you have desire only on the healing but you doesn’t care on the health, your healing is going to work slower.

Here are differences between heal and health. To heal involves many parties and efforts like healers, medicines, treatments and so forth, whereas to improve health requires your own efforts only. Desire to heal comes from the emotion and mind, whereas health involves action. To have both give balance in your healing. So it is always advisable that you work on both of these areas.

Find your way to heal your illness by build up a desire to heal and to improve health

Find your way to heal your illness by build up a desire to heal and to improve health


*If you require healing (not just physical healing but non-physical too), please contact me via email for further information. Mean time, stay healthy and stay love.

Why Letting Go With Fire Is Not A Good Idea?

You just broke up with your lover and you have so much anger, fear, frustration and hatred in you. These emotions soon become non-beneficial feelings and situations to you. All you have now is the urge to take the burden away from you. Then you started to grab a piece of paper and write down your feelings. Once you have finished it, you started to burn the piece of paper. Do you do this? Are you familiar with the tips?

I’ve seen this act many times in my life. I thought it was a great steps but I was wrong. Here I am about to tell you that the act of burning it is not a good idea to get rid things and emotions. Here are the reasons why.

1. Fire promotes heat.

Do not burn the non-beneficial feelings or situations with fire. It will only get worst.

Do not burn the non-beneficial feelings or situations with fire. It will only get worst.

When you write the feelings and situations you don’t like on paper, you have transfer the energy onto the paper through your powerful words. When you burn it, the fire increase heat on the words you wrote on the paper. That is why whoever burn their emotions through this process, didn’t really heal from the pain. Instead, they get more heat from it.

2. Fire relate to anger.
How do you feel when you get close to fire? Do you feel uncomfortable burning by the heat? How do you feel when you are standing closer to someone who is angry? Do you feel intensity and uncomfortable? Fire promotes intensity. The words you just burned have increased its intensity and turning into uncomfortable sensation of yours. It also means, if you burning your anger, you only gets more anger later on.

3. Energy Can’t Be Destroyed.
Since energy can’t be destroyed, whatever feelings or situations that you try to burn are still has its energy only in different form. The non-beneficial feelings and situations you thought has been destroyed are in fact still linger in your life.

The right way to get rid things is to transmute the energy you no longer need in harmony ways. Instead of burn it, try burying it. The act of bury means death and to our subconscious mind, it means ‘no longer serve us (the living)’. In fact, the energy you put onto the paper and the paper itself will be transmuted naturally by the nature.

And here’s the important part, it is alright if you need unleash all the non-beneficial feelings on the paper but close your case with gratitude and thank the feelings or situations for their services. This way, you are not just sending it off with anger but you choose to end it with LOVE. The energy of Love (the most powerful energy in the Universe) that you give will heal the energy of anger, fear, frustration or hatred that you released earlier. In the end, it all becomes a HEALING for your emotions.

If bury is too much for you, simply throw it away outside your house for recycle process. And the key words; send it off with LOVE.


You can also get rid of non-beneficial energies with Full Moon Ritual. Check it out here.