Never Give-up in Finding Wealth

Give-up is so much easy to be done compare to the hard work and failures we get in achieving the life we want. It also seems so much easy to leave the burden of failures than carry it throughout the journey to the desire destination. Give-up so we can live in the ‘comfort zone’ like before. Give-up and we will have peace of mind.

If you think exactly like these, beware that Mr. Give-up has just manipulated you!

I almost gave up too. Almost everyone will have their give-up moments. The moments exist for reason; to test our interest, will, desire and belief in the things we want. When moments like this come to us, those who have interest, strong will and desire to achieve the goal and belief everything is possible will be rewarded as promised by God. Those who listen to Mr. Give-up and believe him more than themselves, will lose the wealth and success that earlier was booked to be theirs.

It is sad to see people who choose to give-up easily. We must understand that failures and hard-work is part of success package. No one in the world achieve success, wealth and greatness without going through failures and hard-work.

Here’s the important message about giving up. What people didn’t know is, when they give up, they indirectly send the message of “I am weak” to their minds. Not just that, giving up in many religious means cutting the string between us and God’s Grace.

If you feel give up in finding the wealth and success, look at the picture below. It says three things to me. First is, wealth and success is already there. It just needs us to dig it until we find it. Second is, when we give up, the wealth and success will be meant for someone else. And third; if we give up, we never know how close we are to the wealth and success.  Store the picture in your mind because the picture says it all.

We never knew how close we are to the success. Thank you for cartoonist who drew this photo.

We never knew how close we are to the success. Thank you for cartoonist who drew this photo.

The Power of Believing

Do you know who the navigator of your life is? I have the answer and in fact, we all have the same answer. His name is BELIEF. Navigator is not a driver. Driver can be us or our habits, whereas navigator stays navigator. It shows us the direction of our lives. Where we are heading right now is based on what we believe in.

Beliefs can be good or bad, positive or negative and every individual have beliefs. Regardless what are their beliefs; it is the beliefs that navigate them in life. If you wonder how many beliefs you have, you could take a look at your life right now. Look around your life now, then five years ago and then 10 years ago. Do you still stand on same beliefs?

“I’m officially DISABLED, but I’m truly ENABLED because my lack of limbs” – Nick V said. It is the belief he has for himself that makes him a powerful motivator in the world.

“I’m officially DISABLED, but I’m truly ENABLED because my lack of limbs” – Nick V said. It is the belief he has for himself that makes him a powerful motivator in the world.

Oprah once said; “You don’t become what you want, you become what you believe”. It is true that whatever things you believes in will turn out true in your reality. Beliefs have close relationship with our powerful subconscious mind, Law of Cause and Effects, Law of Attractions and Law of Success. When you choose to believe in something, these powerful elements and laws do and deliver as you wish.

The question here is does your beliefs help you create progress in life? Good beliefs help you growth and bad beliefs gets you nowhere in life. How many good beliefs that you have? If you have no answer, ask the reality of your life right now. The answer is always true right at this very moment.

A friend asked me, what kind of belief is the most powerful? Well, every belief are equally powerful but there is one source that many people forgotten to believe in and this source is the most powerful source of all beliefs. Those who knew the source, work with the source and believe in the source are those who create successful life in many aspects. People who believe in this particular source will often create magic, wonders and miracles in life. Do you know what the source is?

The source is YOU. Start believing in yourself. If you believe you can, You Can is the reality to you. If you believe you are failing, You Fail is the reality to you. Whatever your beliefs are, choose it wisely because no matter what you believe in, it is turning true in your reality.

When Balance Finds You

Since 2012, every event that occurred in my life have taught me lessons and helped me growth beautifully from inside. I’ve learned that love is not something we get but it is something we give unconditionally. It becomes a practice to me and I must admit, it is not easy to give love especially in the most inconvenient situations like arguments. So practice made perfect.

God always have better plans for us and I do believe that. First He taught me to learn to Love myself and my own body. In that period, I discover that every human has a power of healing provided they allow the healing process to take place. Then He taught me to love people through healing process. Since then, I started to discover my potentials and gifts but I wasn’t entirely sure about it. So He sent me people who came into my life and shared with me their experiences. Not just that, they were the ones who pointed out my potentials as a natural healer.

I pondered few times about being a healer, regardless naturally or otherwise and I noticed that many people have turned to be healers. The question is why? What is happening and why people suddenly changed their paths to be healers? After a while, the answer came (check out the poster below).

Love is indeed a healing factor itself. It all started when Love arises in me and I felt the balance of life deep within. It just a matter of how to live the balance after so many attachments I have in my life. Once the balance set it, many things came along including love, wealth, health and more. Balance is something we cannot run away from it and it is a MUST to learn how to live with it. So when balance finds you, get ready mentally, emotionally and spiritually because your life is turning beautifully as it should.

Since I have learned Usui Reiki, I’m going to give systematic healing and guide people to stay balance in their life with Love. And this is me coming back to the business with more systematic ways. Hello to you again and the sun is shining now. I promised myself to come out and play and here I am now ready to guide you with beautiful programs and live life wealthy, healthy and in beautiful loving ways.

Please refer the changes made here.

Be The Balance Factor With Love

Be The Balance Factor With Love

A Word Can Change Life

Do you know a word can change your life and a word can make your life turn upside down? We creating our lives through the words we speak, the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel and the action we give right now. Simple isn’t it? However, how many of us aware what’s coming out from our lips? I wasn’t aware either and because of it, my life was turning upside down and it totally affects my health. So here’s the story.

Harmony and Sensitivity, two straight words and everyone know the meaning. These words are the words I used to explain to people about the motivation business I’m doing. People always asked what makes I quit my logistic job and work in the line of motivation? My answer is always “It’s my gift. My purpose lies here”. Then people started to ask if I have psychologist background to conduct motivation session. It always stop me right there because I don’t do entirely psychology stuff but somehow I’ll be able to see their situation and their problems from different perspectives. So how do I do that?

Choose The Right Words To Explain Who You Are

Choose The Right Words To Explain Who You Are

To make them understand easier, I choose the word “sensitivity towards emotion”. It sounds right isn’t it? I wasn’t aware that this word brought madness and tragedy into my life. When I said ‘sensitive’, my subconscious mind makes everything became sensitive to me. It was madness to feel everything around you. It just took me a night out of someone else tragedy to fall sick emotionally, and then physically. Later on it affects my spirituality too.

It took me more than a week to figure out the root of the madness. I realized that sensitivity was outrageous. It completely separates me from being normal and healthy human. Once I figured out the root of the madness, I seek help from my healer. With her help, I rephrased and re-creating myself spiritually and emotionally. This time, I choose “I am harmony” and over the time, it help heals me physically too.

We all create as we speak. What we speak, what we think, what we feel, we are creating it. Soon the words we said moments ago will appear in our lives for real. This is the reason why we should speak positive and loving words. It’s not easy as I wrote it and it takes practice to speak only positive and loving words. The powerful words of “I am” and “You are” should be tied together with positive words and loves. Practice small every day so you could change your life tomorrow.

That’s the story between Harmony and Sensitivity. It just a word that differentiates what is coming into my life and what is not. So choose your word with wisdom especially when you say “I am….”

I Am Harmony

I Am Harmony

The Disaster Power of Jealousy

I was sitting in the coffee place and I overheard conversations from two people who sat at the next table. The topic that they discussed was ‘Jealousy’. She expressed her jealousy over her colleague who just been promoted to the higher level. She explained that she deserve the promotion because she’s the senior. And she carried on expressing her jealousy with greatest energy that she contributed through her frustration, anger and jealousy.

Her friend was nodding her head as a sign of agreement. At one time, I almost agree the way her friend handle her frustration and jealousy but before I could say “Thank God”, her friend voiced out.

“I’m jealous too that my cousin’s marriage happier than mine!”

Woman and jealous colleagues

I believe above situation are everywhere. In these days, jealousy has become too common to express and to spread it. There are many disaster point carry by jealousy compare to the goodness. Many people believe that jealousy is a MUST in relationship. If you think the same way too, I’m sorry to say that your belief is not entirely correct.

Jealousy act like a fire. Small fire benefits us and it keeps us warm. Big fire burn houses and it could even burn the entire forest. In terms of energy, the bigger the jealousy we have in our emotions, the greater the energy become. Jealousy always ties together with other emotions like frustration and anger. If we add up all the energy, it will become disaster.

Choose Love, Not Jealousy. Why?

  • The energy of Jealousy is as equal as the energy of Curse. When you feel jealous over people or situations, your jealousy will turn into curse on yourself. This curse will harm you in many ways including physical health, discomfort of emotions and create clouds in your mind.
  • When you express jealousy, you are spreading negative energy to the surrounding. This act will attract same energy to come back to you.
  • Jealousy means lack of love. When you express jealousy, you are pressing down the love energy in you and increasing frustration and anger energy in you.
  • In attracting things you want in life including happy relationship and career success, giving jealousy over this matter will only push your dream away. This is how it works; happy relationship and career success comes in positive energy. Anything that involves love and joy is positive. When you are in negative energy and vibration, would positive energy come to you? No.

If the two women who sat at the next table realize the wonder of love energy, they would not put their jealousy on the higher ground. If you are in the situation like these two women, perhaps you could try below methods. It will help you increase your love energy and decrease jealousy energy. The transformation of the energy will soon help you see the frustrated situation from the positive point of view.

Jealousy for People Happiness

a) When someone receive a promotion in the organization and you don’t like it, instead of feeling jealous, say this:

“I am happy that she’s happy with the promotion. I am giving my love through my congratulation words so she would have the positive energy to carry the duty. I am grateful and honor to see the transformation in me*, in her and in the organization. I am love and love is bringing me the position I desire”

*your transformation is from jealousy to love

b) When someone live a happy relationship or marriage and you don’t like it. Instead of feeling jealous, say this:

“I am happy that the couple are making the world full of love and happiness. I am giving my love to them so they can walk their journey with more love. I am grateful to fill my life with love energy. I am love and love is bringing me the relationship/marriage I desire”

When you are able to put yourself in love energy, you will set yourself free from curse, hate, anger and frustration. When you are able to see things with love, you will realize that every one of us have our glory moments in life. It just happens that some people get their glory sooner than us.  Each one of us have ‘the right timing’ in life. Everyone have their journey, joy and pain. So why choose jealousy when we could speed things up with love? Why choose to be separate from their joy and positive energy when we could be part of it?

Let’s choose love. Say no to jealousy today.

Old Me or New Me?

I have wrote this article in 2010 and posted in my old blog. Since my website is suspended due to hosting unprofessional conduct, I am posting the article again here. I will make some changes but the points remain unchanged.


Dated: Dec 9 2012. 

Have you notice that year 2011 is just three weeks away? Counting days and mark the calendar. If you happen to visit book store, look at diaries section. Diaries and planning books are selling well. Everybody loves the smell of new diary, new planning book. Whoever has bought it, probably has written the names, contacts and birthday. Everybody can easily get excited by New Year and new books. That’s one good spirit!

Anyway, it’s three more weeks to go. Before you write anything on the new book, let’s turn back for a while and ask ourselves this question:

Have I seen myself change since January 2010?

If you do, what have you changed since January 2010? Was it a good change? Was it a bad change? Was it successful changes? Take a moment and write down your answer.

Do Not Fear Changes

I have a friend who has changed her temper, from someone who gets angry easily to someone who looks calm most of the time. Another friend of mine has changed her career line from graphic designing to production and process. It’s a tough change for her because she do not favour interaction with people, but she cope well. I have changed too. I made the biggest changes in my life this year. Unbelievable and I loved it.

Changes are good. It should be good. Changes make you learn new things, adapt new things. Is there any bad changes? Yes it is. If a friend of mine change her temper to something worst like throwing a chopstick to the Restaurant Manager for serving her something she did not order, I would say she have a bad changes.

If you have not made any changes yet, you can start now. If you feel that you end the year without anything change, wake up now and make some change. By the time we walk into 2011, you have already accelerate. Here some guidelines so you know your changes are on the right track.

1) Intention Is Not The Result.

Get this right; good intention doesn’t guarantee good result if we do it the wrong ways. We have to do it the right ways in order to get good results. For instance, you have an intention to change from a drunken man to a person who pray and build relationship with God. If the way you do it is staying at home, lock yourself from society, your friends and pray like nobody business, you are doing it in the wrong ways. Changes we made should be balanced emotionally, spiritually and socially. That will lead to better result.

2) Feel the energy

Good changes will release positive energy. We can feel it. People around us can feel it. They will attracted to our new energy. They like it. We will feel welcome everywhere we go. If people didn’t like our new energies, it could mean two things:

  • The people are not in same vibration as ours.
  • Something is wrong with our changes.

If this is happening to you, figure it out the reasons behind it.3) Do it moderately.

When we feel the energy kicks in, the enthusiasm is rising high, take a deep breath and plan our changes slowly. Everything in this world should be done moderately. Slow and consistent. Small wave shape nice beach compare to big raging wave. Our bodies can adapt slow and consistent changes. So do people around us. It gives us balance and balance is good.

4) Ask people around you

People see more than we see ourselves. We focus is inside but people see the surface. Ask them if you look good as new you. Ask them if your changes give them comfort. Emotionally comfort. The best is to ask your closest friends.

5) Society Gain.

Leave the Changes We Made for the Society to Benefit

We change from time to time to progress ourselves. Progress brings us closer to our purposes of life. By all means, each purpose must benefit the society. The changes we made come with momentum. So make sure the momentum will give good impact to the society and benefit them. If it is good for the society, it is good for you.

Make a good change today. Start small and it will ends big. Be someone better today for tomorrow. Create positive energy and spread it around. Share it with people. By the end of the day, you get to be remembered by yourself and people around you. And by the end of next year, you can close your 2011 book happily before you begin to mark your birthday on your new 2012 book.

Beauty Lies in Every Cleanness

I promote this act of kindness not because I’m a personal motivator. I just believe a small act of kindness make big different to the society. Besides this act of kindness is an act of cleanness to the physical, environment, mind, emotion and soul.

The next visit to the self-service restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, KFC and others similar restaurants, throw our own rubbish before we leave the restaurants. I have some people looked at me when I did that (in Malaysia). It’s not about showing off, it’s about beauty that lies in every cleanness act. Besides, it trains our minds to stay clean.

Rubbish On the Food Tray

Rubbish On the Food Tray

Try to look at these ways:

1) Cleanness and dirtiness is a habit. You actually carry the habit (without you realize it) to the public. And that’s one of the personal brands. Are you a clean person? Turn around and check the table you sat for meals.

2) Act of cleanness is a way to tell our minds that we are a clean person. Our minds memorize what we did. Then it reflects the beauty of it throughout our personalities. The act of cleanness is not just affecting us physically but also mentally and spiritually.

3) What we tell our minds when we leave our rubbish on the table and walk out from the restaurant? We tell our minds this “It is okay not to clean up our mess”. Then it becomes an attitude where, in many occasions, we leave our messes to be cleaned up by somebody else.

4) Let’s reflect this habit of dirtiness and relate it into our lives. See how people really enjoy doing things they like but when problem arise, they walk away and leave the mess behind and hoping somebody else clean it for them. It just the same habit, only in different forms and scenarios.

5) When we clean up the table so others could use a clean table too, we increase our act of kindness and reduce our act of selfishness.

6) Important for the parents: When we throw our own rubbish, we are teaching our children to do the same. Children learn best from their parents. If we leave our rubbish on the table and leave, our children do the same to us when we have our meals at home.

7) This act of cleanness will help the restaurants crews focus on cleaning other places like floors, windows, kitchens and washrooms.

8) When we help our environment stays clean, it helps us stay clean in many ways.

Don’t mind the service tax. We could give it as a service for clean washroom, sit on clean chair or safe playgrounds for the children. It just a small charity if we choose to look at that way. After all, it called Self-Service. It should be self-service until we leave the restaurant.

Things You Should Do Before New Year – Part 2

Here’s the second part of Things You Should Do Before New Year. Get your part 1 here.

#3: Celebrate Your 2011 Success.

Celebrate Your Success the Way You Like

There’s no point chasing for success if you don’t even celebrate it when you achieve one. Celebration is like a reward to yourself and to all your efforts. When you celebrate it, you affirm your success (even a little one). Affirm your success help you build better self-confidence for your life journey.

Take a pen and write down the success you have achieve in the past 12 months. No matter how big or how small the success to you, if you think it’s worth to celebrate, right it down.

Then, make a celebration the way you like (I had mine yesterday in Baskin & Robbins). Read the success note (Declaration of your success) to your family or your friends or your love ones. It’s important to share the success with them because they are part of it directly or indirectly.

#4: Planning Your 2012 Journey

Almost everyone do this every year. The easiest part is to plan ‘material wish-list’. Everyone could write down what they want to buy or get in next year. The hardest part is to plan for personal and spiritual growth.

In life, journey covers the physical aspect (material, business, and career), mental aspect and spiritual aspect. When you plan your journey for coming year, make sure you didn’t left any aspect out of it. Here’s simple example for you.

Physical aspect – Besides planning to buy new stuff (like a car or camera or hp), you should plan on how far your career should go in 2012. What do you want to achieve in your career? How much salary are you looking to settle in 2012? What type of projects you wish to participate next year? You can ass financial aspect under this section too.

Mental aspect – If you can’t see the world with your own eyes, see it through others people eyes. Gain experiences through words written in the paper. Ask yourself, what area of life or knowledge you wish to explore in 2012? Economic? Autobiography? Motivation? Fiction or Non-Fiction? Once you know, right down how many books you wish you read in 2012.

Spiritual aspect – Spiritual can be explored through prayers and meditation. How far you willing to spend your time in 2012 for prayer or meditation? Write down what’s the impact you want to happen in your life if you pray or meditate? For example, if you are a temper person, the goal is to make you a calm person.

Every plan must come with goal. When you write the plan, make sure you write the goal next to it.

#5: Imagine and Clarify Your Move.

Your Imagination Must Get You A Feeling That You Already Have It

Imagination and Clarification is important. Without imagination, you are blindly living your life. Without clarify the move is like you walk to your destination without any signboards to lead you. Both Imagination and Clarify is also important to your subconscious mind. Remember, what you see in your mind, what you feel, what you say and affirm will be carried out by your subconscious mind as an order.

When you have the plans and goals, see clearly through your mind that you ARE achieving it. The vision must clear. Then affirm it by say it to yourself (Say it repeatedly like the mantra I showed you, which would be better. Avoid using “I will” because things are happening now, not yesterday and not in future)

Example: You want a new car. Your vision should be cleared that you ARE driving your new car. You ARE paying for the car with feeling gratitude and wealthy (This is very important part. If you feel burden, you are giving out signal contradict to your goal. Hence you might not be able to achieve the goal). You ARE looking fantastic when you driving your new car. That’s imagination. So feel it too.

Clarify your move is knowing and affirming what you are doing to achieve it. Your action throughout the journey must not contradict your desire. Clarify will help you stay on the right track to achieve your goals.

Take 30 minutes before you sleep tonight and tomorrow night to imagine and clarify your move for 2012. Make it simple, clear and have fun with your imagination.

If you require details on every step, please contact Ladyroses. I wish you Happy 2012. May all your goals and dreams come true in 2012.

Things You Should Do Before New Year – Part 1

I have this written in my Facebook Page few days before new year. I decided to publish it in the blog so everyone can refer it from time to time.

#1: Make Spaces.

You can’t bring new things into your lives when you still clinging on the old things. Make spaces is important if you want to live a better life in 2012.


Relationship: If you wish to be in a relationship or married by 2012, make space by having big bed, empty half of the closet (so he/she can put his/her cloths later) and stop dating the person you knew you will not end up your life with.

Emotionally: If you wish to be happy in 2012, make space by letting go the sadness, frustration, anger or hate in your heart. Happiness and love will not rise inside you when their seats in your heart have been filled by sadness and darkness.

Physical material: Let say you want to get new furniture. Make space by give away the old furniture.

Remember, making space is like a universal signal saying “I am ready to have this (name the thing you want)

#2: Get Rid of Negative Energy.

No point carrying the unnecessary energy to 2012. Many people wanted to achieve new goals (material, career, personal growth, relationship) but it seems hard to get it. The reason they fail is because they keep living on the same experiences (especially emotionally) like last year.

Part of the energy comes from within. It also means, we have control over it. This is how you can get rid negative energy before you enter 2012.

No Negative Energy is Allowed Here

  • List down the things that you STILL feeling bad about it on piece of paper. For example all the bad experiences that causes you hate and anger or frustration.
  • Once you done and before you end the letter, you write – “I’m letting you go now for good and I’m thanking you for the service you gave me” (Bad experiences taught us priceless lesson and they were there so we would appreciate good times in life. Bad experiences is not rubbish, hence we thank them for the lessons)
  • Crumple it and throw it somewhere else (outside your house). IMPORTANT: I’ve learnt that NEVER burn the paper. Burning it will only make the negative energy stronger.
  • Once you threw it away, it is time for you to build positive energy. Write down all the positive feelings you want to live with. For example: “I am more loving and harmony
  • Once you done and before you end the letter, you write – “I’m making spaces for you to enter my life. Please welcome in”. Folded and keep it in your sacred place.

NOTE: This is not a ritual from specific religions. This is just a way to make your mind see things clearly. The act of throwing or accepting makes your mind work better. Furthermore, there are many ways to get rid the negative energy. If you need more clarification on this subject, feel free to contact me. Happy throw the negative energy!

Why We Need Closure?


A simple word to the world. So simple that it makes most of us forget how important closure in our lives. The meaning behind it is deeper than any words in the world can describe it. There’s no guidelines how we should perform closure. Closure is very subjective in terms of understanding and manifestation. Everyone carry different way of closure.

I watched Source Code last week and I came back home with thousand questions in my mind. One of the main question is ‘Can we live without closure?’

When Captain Colter Stevens acted by Jake Gyllenhaal requested his service to be terminated and he choose to die, it makes me realize that what we actually need is closure. I have to admit, the movie gave impact to my emotion. I can’t imagine my life or soul being stuck with something, no progress and no moving elsewhere. It will be neither there nor here.

There are many tragedies or events in life that leave many people hang in the middle without closure. For example, a family who lost their child and body was never discovered. When there’s no funeral take place, possibility no closure takes place too. Part of us may want to believe the child died but part of it wants to hope for his return. Another example is a husband who disappears and leaves the wife hanging with uncertainties. The wife can’t move on because no closure takes place in their relationship.

Closure doesn’t relate to death and relationship only. Closure touches us in everything we do. As matter of fact, we do closure almost every day in our lives. Most of the closures we perform are physical and material closure. For instance, you need to submit your sales report by tomorrow evening. You close your report by today and present to your manager by tomorrow. After you have presented to him, he gives you approval on the report. The approval is the closure for you. You can now move on to the next task.

As simple as it may sound, we all need to understand closure in every aspect. We know we can handle physical closure. As long we are train to do better, we can perform physical closure easily. How about emotion closure and spiritual closure? Do we perform better in these two areas?

What is emotion and spiritual closure?

I’ll start with a question. Do you feel doubts and uncertain about something in your life? Take a moment to feel your emotion. If you have a doubts and uncertain feeling about something in your life, it means you have not do any closure on the matter yet.

Letter of resignation

When I was working few years back, I’ve been transferred to handle a new project far from my home town. I moved to the city of Kuala Lumpur and started to work on the project. The first month, my life was in the hotel room at night and in the warehouse from morning to late night. After weeks, I started to feel uncomfortable living in the hotel room. I want a place to settle down. The company I worked with is a very great company but due to this new project, the management stop focusing on their employees’ need. As much as I want to settle down, I refuse to do so until the management give me a transfer letter. It took them months to provide me one. I have no choice to settle down myself. Part of it has been closure to me. The other part has been dragged for months, waiting for them to provide me a transfer letter.

I knew I can’t wait for a letter to give me closure. I knew I should create my own closure. One day, I decided to quit and give closure to it. I cried when I decided to leave but deep inside me I know the closure is important for my life. It does not give me happiness at the time but it gave me peace.

When it comes to emotion and spiritual, most of us didn’t realize it existence until we’ve been force to give comfort to it. We do not know how important closure to our emotion and spiritual until we’ve been force to act on it. This is the part where many of us don’t know that emotion and spiritual closure are as important as physical closure.

Why do we need closure?

Find your closure like closing an opened door

Once you find closure, it will give you comfort to your emotion. It makes you complete. It gives peace to your mind and soul. Even the closure is a physical or material closure. Any closure always gives us peace of mind.

Second, matter without closure is like an open door. When we see it open, we tend to walk through it in and out, back and forth. In life, it gives us more matter to opt. The more we have on our list, the harder it feels to give closure.

Third, closure also means ‘done‘ and ‘finished’. As human, we crave for progress in life. We always want to move on. Closure gives us green light to move on. We certainly can’t move on when we never done or never finished. We will hang in the middle, neither there nor here.

Even though closure doesn’t promise us happiness as achievement, but closure promise us completeness. Peaceful. Achieved. Satisfaction. Closure helps us move on and create progress in life. We all need closure. Find out if something in your life need a closure. Get it done and move on. Happiness will come along.

Last, find the closure in everything you do and enjoy the completeness and peaceful feeling you’ll get as a reward.

Feel the completeness after the closure