Overview EBA Audio Report

Energy Overview Audio Report


Do you prefer to listen to the analysis via mp3 audio? The customised analysis will cover the vital information and also an overview of your birth blueprint energy.

If you are an auditory and acoustic person, then the audio is a good start for you to explore your potentials. You will be amazed by the vibrations of your own blueprint!

The audio report is available for you at USD 29.

The audio length is between 12 to 20 minutes.

How to Order The Overview Audio Report?

Step 1:

Fill in the form below so we can prepare the report for you.


Step 2:

We will send you an email for confirmation. Paypal invoice will also include for you to proceed with the payment.
That’s all!

Are you ready to hear the awesomeness of your energy and potentials?


Please allow us to respond to you within 24 hours. The audio report will be emailed to you within two to three days after you made the payment. If we fail to submit the report within the promised period, your payment will be refunded in full amount.