What Is Energy Blueprint Analysis?

Energy Blueprint Analysis (EBA)
is a service that analyses the birth energies and its qualities at the moment of your birth. These qualities include your potentials, purposes, characters and personality, your life expression, driving forces and much more. The analysis also provides vital information for you to transform your life and how to use the information correctly. The information includes how your energy type works, what is your best way to operate on this material plane and how your body works with these energies.

A complete EBA also include Intuitive Solutions which covers Intuition channelling, Realisation of the cycle of energy, knowing the flow of your current energy and solutions for that helps you to transform your situations.

*Healing may be included. Some people may require a simple exercise to help them shift from their suffering into healing. In most cases, no extra charges will be imposed on you.

The Benefits:

Knowing your birth blueprint and its qualities help you changing the way you attract abundance, manifest wealth and thrives on the material plane. The truth is, all manifestation is channelled out from our core energy. How do we manifest the life we desire if the vessel that manifests it does not operate correctly in its flow?

Energy Blueprint Analysis is a start that gives you profound awakening to be your Authentic Self. Imagine the benefits you could have from the world because no one is as same as You. The analysis also helps you to strengthen your wisdom in dealing with the energy that you get from others.

On the physical level, Energy Blueprint Analysis can insist you cleanse your aura up to the cellular level. The process gives the power to your body to manifest based on its correct energy flow. You will be guided with practical techniques to live according to your right frequency and eliminate resistance and suffering in your life.

The knowledge gives you the power to shift your frequencies. And as the result, it helps you attain Peace, Satisfaction, Success and Surprises deep to your cellular level.

Types of Analysis:

We have various way to present your Energy Blueprint Analysis:

  • 360 Degrees Energy Blueprint Analysis – USD 100 for one-on-one full analysis
  • Overview Analysis (Audio Report) – USD 29 for 15-20 minutes report
  • Overview Analysis (Written Report) – USD 19 for written report
  • Overview Analysis (Audio-Visual Report) – USD 50 for video report
  • Group Energy Blueprints Analysis – USD 60 per person for group session

This analysis is a non-religious and it’s a combination of Science and Spirituality. It provides charts, report and statistics for your easy understanding.* You can email us for more information or you can order the analysis right away from our Energy Analysis Menu.

The analysis is suitable for everyone especially:

  • For empaths who takes in energies from others. The analysis can provide you details of what you take in from others. This helps you increase your wisdom in dealing with such energies.
  • For people for suffering from Anxiety and Depression. From the analysis, you could learn the reasons and how to heal from the pain.
  • People who are looking for Self-Transformation process. Energy Blueprint Analysis can provide all the information you needed for awakening and deconditioning process.
  • People who are searching for their purposes and potentials.
  • For career growth by unlocking the energies and potentials that you can nurture.
  • For couples and people who love to learn about their love ones.
  • For anyone who recognised what I intuitively have to share with them.

It’s time to claim your birth rights!


If you are from Malaysia, specifically from Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, and you wish to have a session outside of Skype, please email me for more information.