Human Design

Where to Begin with Human Design?

Human Design is a complex system of individualism. The knowledge itself is a combination of ancient knowledge and science. Imagine you are pursuing knowledge about your Self through the synthesis of genetic and I’Ching, biochemistry, the chakra system, astrology and quantum physics. There are layers of information that will penetrate your awareness.

When you get to know your Human Design and you see your body graph, the excitement to know the Truth about yourself kicks in. With so much information, it is normal to not know where to begin. From my experience, it took me years to understand my design on an awareness level. I took the information about myself from time to time and reflect it (reflection is part of my definition). Every single time I revisit Human Design, it always amazed me with new information about myself.

note: Human Design website.

Start with Overview Reading or Foundation Reading.

With so much information structured in a single piece of paper, all you need to know is where to begin. That is why you should begin with Overview Reading or Foundation Reading. Human Design Guide can help you narrow down important information for you to begin to know yourself.

A Foundation Reading will show you depth about your design. The analyst doesn’t just read your gates and interpret them. Instead, they synthesize the entire design into your music. You may be familiar with some part of the notes and sounds, and you may be amazed by the other part. What analysts show you is your duality, your quantum, your music notes and the silence in between.

In Overview Reading, the analyst focus on Type, Strategy and Authority and perhaps one obvious aspect of you. Last I checked, IHDS no longer offer an Overview Reading. However, an introductory session is offered for those who sign up for Living Your Design Awakening Program

I got my first reading back in 2013. The HD Analyst took only one hour to explain my chart to me without overwhelming me with so much information. The best part is, being an analyst, she knew what is the crucial information I need as a start. She told me about my Undefined Emotional Solar Plexus. She said, “When someone is angry, you are twice angrier than that person!”. That hits home because I was working with an angry Manifestor (I assumed based on his characteristic).

And because of the information, I keep coming back for more Truth about myself. A good analyst can synthesize your chart, but a great analyst can shift your awareness.

Why Live Your Strategy and Authority.

The reading you have is not just about knowing yourself. You need to FEEL your own ESSENCE and experience what it is like to be real YOU. 

All the information you know about you will only make sense when it penetrates your awareness and your body. To know oneself, you have to live your own laws and principles. Strategy and Authority are designed to help you stay within your own nature.

Without following your own Strategy and Authority, you will end up knowing the knowledge on the mental level. The interpretation of your own design doesn’t go deep into your cellular level. And remember that our mind is deeply conditioned by the 7 Centered system. Therefore, your view about yourself is only based on 7 centered, which is distorted and unaligned with the 9 centered body.

And if you take Human Design seriously that you start to experiment with the way you make decisions, your life is going to align and heal because the frequency of your energy field is shifting and gets clearer. Try it for yourself.

Awakening Program.

Whenever you are ready to align your mind and your body, I would suggest you go to Living Your Design Awakening Program (LYD). The program is designed to peel off the 7 centered conditioning in your 9 centered body, especially the open centers. Here you can see for yourself and have the awareness to realize how your conditioning mind manipulates you to make decisions based on your Not-Self. It can even show you where all your problems begin too.

In LYD, you will get to learn all the Types, Strategy and seven Authority and how they are different from each other.

You can sign up for my Living Your Design Awakening Program here. I teach both online and One-on-One. It takes 8-10 weeks program for online.

From LYD, you can go deeper into Channels and Profile in Rave ABC and Rave Cartography.


If you love structure way of learning with others and it is correct with your Authority, try these steps to educate yourself about your design.

  • Foundation Reading – the quickest way to know yourself.
  • Go for Living Your Design Awakening Program – this is an alignment program that helps the knowledge penetrate your awareness. (Foundation reading is not required at this level).
  • Take Rave ABC course – this is the 2nd foundation course and it is about the mechanic; the channels and profile.
  • Rave Cartography – the 3rd foundation course is even deeper into the mechanic.
  • Self-study – I started with self-study but there are so much different when I learned from professional. Self-study has a limitation particularly understanding the keynotes. Remember that our mind conditioned to sees everything in the 7 centered ways. The keynotes are for 9 centered system. You can do self-study if it corrects with your Authority. Even so, I would suggest you engage with professional so you would understand the meaning behind the keynotes.

I’m in my 5 years journey.

After I stopped initiating my way to be a Human Design professional, things fall into places. This year 2018, I finally get my certification as a Living Your Design Guide. The journey is magical when I surrender. More into that later.

I love that I’m designed to hold the power of being patient and joyful. I stop working long hours, I enjoy the spontaneity from my Splenic Authority. I no longer suffer from the Anxiety.   And the most beautiful thing I discovered is that  I’m here to serve others through spiritual and logic (Human Design sounds perfect for that). And I honour my existence exactly the way I was created. For that I Am Grateful.

You can read more about Human Design on my website.