Your Personal Motivator New Structure

For those who are following me in my Facebook Page, would know that I have came back. I started to open consultation via IM (Instant Messenger) and also E-mails since Monday, 21st May 2012. Since I took sometimes off from coaching, I have opportunity to restructure the business modules as well. With helps from people over the world, here are the changes that take place immediately:

1. Ladyroses is now no longer stand as a Brand for Your Personal Motivator. We (my team and I) removed Ladyroses and save the brand for something delicious.

2. Your Personal Motivator is now standing as a brand alone.

3. Your Personal Motivator is conducted by Rose Osman as a motivator and a Reiki Healer.

4. Your Personal Motivator is no longer just ‘Motivation’ sessions but also a ‘Healing’ sessions, it is inclusive!

Here are the modules (partly or full, depending on the request) inclusive in the consultation:

• Energy Cleansing
• Problem Releasing
• Health and Healing
• Affirmation Writing
• Wealth and Money Attraction
• Circulation of Love

For more information on the modules above, healing and motivation programs, price list and consultation, please contact me via these platforms:

A Love Note for You!

It is easier to create a better, loving and wonderful life because every creation is taking place right NOW. It only takes our Awareness and Action. Reach me NOW and I walk together with you.

Your Personal Motivator Cover Page

Your Personal Motivator Cover Page

How to Live Chat With Ladyroses?

Yesterday I have installed Meebo widget on this blog. During the test run, I found that Meebo is easy and safe to use. Here are the reasons why it is safe to use this chat box:

  • It doesn’t require registration from your side.
  • When no registration made, no chat log will be kept.
  • No one on the cyber can see you online except yourself. (example, if 10 people are online on separate screens, they can only see their own chat and not the rest)

Even though Meebo widget is safe to use and without registration, you are holding responsibility on your behalf too. That means myself (the author) and my entire entities will not hold responsibility if somebody else is reading your private chat through your screen or through other unfortunate events.

If you feel it is not safe to talk via online, you can send your questions via email.

What’s The Rules?

1. Live chat offered for those who seek help to solve their problems ONLY.

2. Problems can be about anything (relationship, love, marriage, sexuality, financial, career, management, etc)

3. Live chat only available from this period:

  • 11 a.m to 12 p.m10 a.m to 11 a.m – Every day except Saturday and Sunday (Malaysia/Singapore time)
  • 9.30 p.m to 10.30 p.m – Every day except Saturday and  Sunday (Malaysia/Singapore time)  Until Further Notice

4. You can leave your question if Ladyroses is offline but I will not guarantee if you can view the reply after period of time. This is not recommended, so please choose email instead of Live Chat.

5. Charges are FREE if you chat within the time above.

6. IMPORTANT! – Meebo chat can be disconnected from time to time. Keep on sending Ladyroses your messages so she can reconnect with you. If you stop sending messages to Ladyroses, she would not be able to reconnect with you.

Ask Me Question Chat Box. You Can Find it In the BlogAny questions or inquiries about the Live Chat, please send your question directly to me:

What I have Decided To Blog?

Before I write an article about something, I’ve decided to put it into sections so you don’t get confuse (or at least I don’t get confuse either). Let’s make a quick tour of what I have decided to sectionize.

1) Answers to Everyday Problems

This section is to share with all the readers, everyday problems that people facing and its solutions. It simply question and answer articles. The articles including relationship, marriage, financial, personalities, motivation, self-help and anything that can be solved.

2) Not An Average Teacher

Everyone we’ve met is a teacher and I have met many great people in my life. I noticed that it such a waste if I didn’t share their greatness and how their greatness (even through words) have affect me in some way.

Not just that, I will also share things that we shouldn’t learn from some teachers. They are not BAD person. They just don’t INSPIRE.

These teachers are average teacher. They didn’t get paid to teach and they teach based on their experiences. So the section is all about ‘What have my teachers taught me?’

3) Career

This section is dedicated to all employees in the world. It will help employees or self-employment people to understand things they can do and achieve in their career. Every article written in this section is to help this group of people to love their job and become world class employees.

4) Information

Nah…Do we need introduction for this one? Okay. Any average information about the author, the blog and all stuffs that related to the blog will be under this section.

5) The 3 Elements

How could I forgot this one. Motivation itself related to these three elements – Mind, Body and Soul (or Spiritual, whichever that suits your understanding). This section will give you information and knowledge about these three elements in our lives.

6) World Class Cool Bosses

This section simply a Management section. It dedicates to all employers, especially those who just step up the career ladder and become one of the Bosses. Many people out there doesn’t really know how to be the fantastic boss. So articles in here will them to branding themselves and become World Class Cool Bosses (WCCB)

7) World Class Quotes

This section will indicated all the quotes from around the world. It not just from famous people but from those who cross my path. Their quotes are impressive and need to be shared.

8) Quick Tips

Newly add categories (9th December 2011) in the blog. In here, you will get quick tips about everything and anything.

Alright. That’s all I have in mind right now. Any changes, it will be notified under Information column.
Enjoy my blog and the articles I have to share.