Do We Need More Malls?

Yup! I choose to post the picture exactly at this position.

I want you to start see your life and the world from different perspectives.

When everything is energy, everything is in motion. Motions comes with patterns and cycle. Everything that we know in this modern life has its cycle and patterns. 

What is happening to America’s malls, happens to Malaysia’s malls. And yet, we don’t take the pattern seriously. Being human we hope that things (economy, lifestyle etc) get better and stay the same (funny isn’t it?!).

Cycle of economic will get better but don’t expect solid growing in structures as the economic energy is moving in different directions.

Photo taken from Time magazine dated 31st July 2017.

What to Know About Human Design, BG5 and Conscious Business?

How does Human Design work on businesses?

In businesses, we called the system BG5 (Base Group 5). The system uses the same principle to analyse the potentials and forces that we need in order to run businesses.

When three to five people come together in a group, Penta is formed (a force of energy). A fully functional Penta will allow energy to stream from the Sacral up to the Throat through the G centre.

There are total six channels in a Penta that has twelve gates. Each gate has certain roles in a business. For example, Gate 31 (The Gate of Influence) has an energy for administration, and Gate 7 (The Army) has an energy for planning. Together these gates create a stream of energy for Leading the businesses towards its future goal.

Different chart, different language.

BG5 uses different language than Human Design. It is designed to cater the masses. It also focuses on career development and business organisations. Unlike Human Design which is used for personal and spiritual transformation, BG5 is used to help people thrive on the material plane, including in the business organisation.

I prefer to say that Human Design is about inward transformation and BG5 is about outward transformation (mastering the outside world).


Human Design vs BG5

What’s BG5 for big organisations?

Since BG5 is about measuring potentials of three to five people for a small business, how does BG5 works for a big organisation? For a big organisation, the analysis is based on OC16 (Organising Channel 16-The Wa). This is the highest form of analysis in the business sector of Human Design.

Why BG5?

I came to know Human Design since 2014 but I never thought of pursuing their certification until I heard of BG5. Given that I have a deep interest in fixing how business culture can be improved (moving towards Conscious Business), I decided to embark on this journey with Human Design and BG5. Turned out, what I desire to change is aligned with the principle of BG5.

Any changes in the world including in businesses must begin with an individual. When we know our potentials and wisdom, we are able to contribute our energy in the right way; indirectly nurturing our growth and honouring our true Self. This is where personal and career development begin. By gathering individuals’ potential, we share our empowerment, creativity, and understanding through businesses, whether as an employer or an employee. Imagine the contribution we could give to the world just by living our potentials through career and businesses.


Free Intro in C7-May2017 (1)

What do I see in business patterns these days?

In the next ten years, many businesses that operate on the old system are going to face challenges in maintaining their values and operations. Conscious Business is one of the new forms of businesses that emerging throughout the world. Although BG5 and Conscious Business are two different areas, I see potentials of using BG5 to nurture the growth of Conscious Business.

By 2027, we are moving into small groups operating businesses that focus on the human potentials and benefits for the world (environment, energy etc). I see this as part of alignment between BG5 and Conscious Business. I do not claim there will be no big organisations at all. Things that I see change is our Awareness. Even in big organisations, the focus will be divided into small groups basis.

Although my writing is based on my insight and understanding of BG5 (generally) and Conscious Business; the patterns in collective can be seen clearly. Many career people who once enjoy corporate life, are no longer enjoying it. Many of them started to invest in their small businesses and skills. It seems that only through the foundation of small businesses, we can fully channel our creativity and nurture others.

This is where we are heading whether we like it or not. The question is, what can we do to help ourselves and our fellow employees to align with the changing force?

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Why Employees Experience Anxiety?

If you look closely, Anxiety doesn’t just happen in individuals. It also happens in corporate and organisation. Employers and employees have to take the pressure and without knowing how their body works, the Anxiety will become personalised and individual. Many employees feel left out and think the anxiety and pressure they feel are individuals and therefore, give up their careers.

Think again, how many people feel anxious at work these days? It’s not the work. It’s how each individual takes the pressure based on their body and energetic system. If they are not trained to take the pressure correctly, anxiety will be an illness instead of a pressure to deliver.

Right people for the right tasks is important to ensure the growth in any businesses. On top of that, training to manage the pressure can ensure the wellbeing of these people who help run the business and organisation.

You can send your employees to me for Anxiety, Nervousness and Stress Management Training. If you interested, please message me for more information.

Presenting Our First Logo

I have not introduce our new logo officially via this blog yet, so I’m going to do it now.

It is a beautiful logo designed by Your Personal Motivator’s graphic designer, Joe Lai. She has more than 12 years experienced in graphic designs from advertising, magazines, packaging designs and many more. When I came to her and said “I need you to design a logo for me…Something that represent energy”, she came out with few designs but one caught my attention.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the logo and the details of it.

Your Personal Motivator First Logo

Your Personal Motivator First Logo

The free flow represent freedom life, detachable from one and another.

The red, orange, yellow, green colors on the right side represent our energy that bind to the life on earth. The green color at the top right means whatever or whoever we are on this earth, our TRUE SELF are the priorities.

On the left side, the green, light blue, dark blue and indigo represent our energy that bind to our highest source, spiritual and higher consciousness. It also showed that by being our true self (green) it will connects us to the highest elements in life. The pinkish indigo at the top represent passion, the key element in living our lives with purposes.The white color within these two flows represent white light that we all have inside us.And ‘Your Personal Motivator’ is the name and it comes together with the logo.
Our new Tagline is now “Transform Your Energy”.
Update: 16th July 2016 – The logo has changed! Check out our website for new logo.

Never Give-up in Finding Wealth

Give-up is so much easy to be done compare to the hard work and failures we get in achieving the life we want. It also seems so much easy to leave the burden of failures than carry it throughout the journey to the desire destination. Give-up so we can live in the ‘comfort zone’ like before. Give-up and we will have peace of mind.

If you think exactly like these, beware that Mr. Give-up has just manipulated you!

I almost gave up too. Almost everyone will have their give-up moments. The moments exist for reason; to test our interest, will, desire and belief in the things we want. When moments like this come to us, those who have interest, strong will and desire to achieve the goal and belief everything is possible will be rewarded as promised by God. Those who listen to Mr. Give-up and believe him more than themselves, will lose the wealth and success that earlier was booked to be theirs.

It is sad to see people who choose to give-up easily. We must understand that failures and hard-work is part of success package. No one in the world achieve success, wealth and greatness without going through failures and hard-work.

Here’s the important message about giving up. What people didn’t know is, when they give up, they indirectly send the message of “I am weak” to their minds. Not just that, giving up in many religious means cutting the string between us and God’s Grace.

If you feel give up in finding the wealth and success, look at the picture below. It says three things to me. First is, wealth and success is already there. It just needs us to dig it until we find it. Second is, when we give up, the wealth and success will be meant for someone else. And third; if we give up, we never know how close we are to the wealth and success.  Store the picture in your mind because the picture says it all.

We never knew how close we are to the success. Thank you for cartoonist who drew this photo.

We never knew how close we are to the success. Thank you for cartoonist who drew this photo.

Your Personal Motivator New Structure

For those who are following me in my Facebook Page, would know that I have came back. I started to open consultation via IM (Instant Messenger) and also E-mails since Monday, 21st May 2012. Since I took sometimes off from coaching, I have opportunity to restructure the business modules as well. With helps from people over the world, here are the changes that take place immediately:

1. Ladyroses is now no longer stand as a Brand for Your Personal Motivator. We (my team and I) removed Ladyroses and save the brand for something delicious.

2. Your Personal Motivator is now standing as a brand alone.

3. Your Personal Motivator is conducted by Rose Osman as a motivator and a Reiki Healer.

4. Your Personal Motivator is no longer just ‘Motivation’ sessions but also a ‘Healing’ sessions, it is inclusive!

Here are the modules (partly or full, depending on the request) inclusive in the consultation:

• Energy Cleansing
• Problem Releasing
• Health and Healing
• Affirmation Writing
• Wealth and Money Attraction
• Circulation of Love

For more information on the modules above, healing and motivation programs, price list and consultation, please contact me via these platforms:

A Love Note for You!

It is easier to create a better, loving and wonderful life because every creation is taking place right NOW. It only takes our Awareness and Action. Reach me NOW and I walk together with you.

Your Personal Motivator Cover Page

Your Personal Motivator Cover Page

Greed – The Business Enemy

Do you know, in life (not just in business), people we’ve met will always have something to teach us. If you notice it, there will always be someone (either you knew the person or a stranger) came across your path and shared something useful to your life. It happened to me and it happened to everyone around me. And today I would love to share a story about a middle-age man who have shared his priceless advise about business.

I don’t know this man and I never meet him before. I’ve got to know his name through my ex-boss. One day, we agreed to meet this man to discuss about business. He reached exactly on same time as ours. He wore a plain T-shirt and he carried a Management Diary with him. With his glasses and wrinkles on his face, he looked like a man who has countless experiences in life.

After I introduced myself, I’ve got to know that this man is a best friend to my ex-boss. Birds of a feather flock together, so I told myself. After few moments and during our business conversation, he asked if I love doing business. My respond was simple. I love to experience it. Then he looked at me with a pair of honest eyes and he said:

“Always remember this, in business never get greedy. Once you have the greed, you ruin your business. Take only what is yours”

He smiled and I nodded.

The Lesson

Everyone knows that one of the reason people get into business is to make more money. What people don’t really know is how much more is more?  Is more means greed? When he gave me his piece of advice about greed, it made me think that no one can define ‘more’ in exact numbers.

If that is the case, how do we know if we got greed? After gave myself some thoughts, these was what I have in my mind.

1) When you are charging your customer more than you should. To charge your customer more is not greed yet but the next words will ensure you are being greedy. It is when your extra charges are squeezing your customer to bleed.

2) It is when you live on the profit like a king but your employees suffer like a poor man. It is when you benefit 100% of your profit but your staffs are getting nothing. No bonuses. No allowance.

3)  It is when you feel what you have earned has nothing to do with anything in this world. Therefore you refuse to give back to the society.

4) When you choose to destroy your competitors politically rather than promote healthy competitions so you could have more.

In business, greed is an enemy. It takes many ways to ruin your business. It kills healthy competition. It kills relationship between you and your customers. It certainly kills your relationship with your staffs. It makes your competitors lose respect on you. It may not kill your business overnight but it will in a long run.

Before I left, I gave him many thanks for the advise he gave me.  It was a simple advise. Everyone would have known it. Nothing might sound special about it. But when it comes to you in unexpected moment, you got to take it into your brain because teacher like this only present in unorthodox moment…and most probably only once in your life time.