Beauty behind Time and Pressure

After been away from Internet for 5 days, I came back online and started to search for motivational posters to post in my Facebook Page and one poster caught my attention. It was beautifully quote by an unknown person (God bless You). Personally I would like to thank the person who quoted it, the person who designed it and those who shared it in the net.

The deal about the quote is to remind you that whenever you feel pressure in life or you think life is very hard on you, think about the caterpillars and butterflies, sand and pearls, coal and diamonds. It is not just about motivation. It is simply a science of life. It’s a motion of progress. It’s a transmutation and transformation. Like these elements named above, you and I are just like them. We all are.

Whenever you feel pressure or stress about the hard life you are going through, remember that you are transforming to the beautiful side of you, to the glory and success. Be patience and embrace the pressure with love. Time, love and patience will make sure your transformation is beautifully done.

And in the end, the lessons and progress within the transformation will be the things that make you extraordinary and beautiful.

Time and Pressure is A Transformation of Energy

Time and Pressure is A Transformation of Energy

Kayla Harrison And Her Powerful Affirmation

I read her victory story from Yahoo news just now and one thing caught my attention; her powerful affirmation that she said to herself for many years. Her affirmation is simple and yet very powerful.

“”Kayla Harrison IS an Olympic champion.” 

And she won first U.S Olympic Judo gold medal.

What she said is a powerful affirmation that light up her spirit. Every time she said it, the creation is in the process. The affirmation creates belief in her entire system. When all her system (body, mind, emotion and spiritual) gets the same direction, they work in harmony. The affirmation is powerful motivation to her and it leads her entirely to win the gold medal. It helped her to visualize the moments she wants and she did it. Look at how powerful an affirmation works on us, even it is just a simple one.

Read her full story and find out how the powerful affirmation had helped her go through all the obstacles she had in life. You will be touched, amazed and inspired by her life story. She’s the success story in my journal today.

Kayla Harrison Olympic 2012 Judo Gold Medalist.

Kayla Harrison Olympic 2012 Judo Gold Medalist.

5 Things You Should Avoid In The Morning

Do you know that morning is the most powerful time of the day for every human? You must have heard breakfast is the most important meals of the day, morning sun gives you Vitamin D, doors of wealth opened up in the morning, birds start their life when the sun rise, your throat chakra and relate to the thyroid system energized well in the morning especially before the sun rise and if you exercise in the morning, you would feel productive throughout the day.

Morning life does not just give you all above. It gives power to your mind and emotions. Activities that you do in the morning have great affect to your body, mind and emotion. Many people didn’t realize how some unnecessary rituals in the morning could affect your being throughout the day. Here are the lists of the unnecessary things you should avoid early in the morning.

1. Reading tragic news.
If you enjoy reading newspaper early in the morning, avoid reading tragic and death story like accidents. Story like this sell the newspaper but didn’t give contribution to the victims and to the readers except the power to create more accidents through the imagination. Not just that, each story creates sadness and this feeling will be remembered as part of the feeling you own to yourself. Bit by bit of this feeling will be carried throughout the day and contributed as unnecessary feelings to your emotion. Read inspiring story or business news instead.

2. Sleeping.
Every great people in the world do not spend their morning with sleeping. Instead, they work their masterpieces during the morning hours. Great people and achievers know that morning has power that gives them momentum to keep moving. If you have a dream to achieve, first thing first; wake up early in the morning and turn your dream into reality. If you really need to catch some sleep, take a nap for 20 minutes in the early afternoon.

3. Drinking Coffee
I used to disagree to this because I love coffee in the morning. But here’s the fact, coffee dehydrate the body. When your body feel dehydrate, you started to feel sleepy and tired. In keeping you moving throughout the morning, coffee is not the best drink to have. The best drink is plain water. Water help stimulate the power and life you get from the morning energy. Second of all, coffee is best to be enjoyed slowly and when you feel sleepy in the afternoon. So go for the coffee after your lunch break, not early in the morning.

4. Complaining. 
Anything that you can wait from complaining, it’s worth the wait! Do not spend your morning energy on complaining especially on the unnecessary things like complaining about your boss, complaining about the traffic jammed, complaining about the foods you have for breakfast and so forth. Complaining drains your energy easily. Complaining stops wealth from coming to you. If you really have to say something, say it in a request manner, not complaining.

5. Talk About Yesterday’s Unfortunate Events.
People who talk about yesterday’s unfortunate events will always have problem to move forward in life. What had happened in yesterday, stay in yesterday. Do not waste your beautiful morning life on things that already happened in the past. Morning gives new life to every creature in the Universe including You. It gives you opportunity to start new every single day. Start it with lots of smile. If you have to resolve a conflict or problem that tie to the unfortunate event, do it positively and not emotionally. It helps you cut the cord between you and the unfortunate events easily.

It is priceless to enjoy the green scenery that comes together with the morning sun

It is priceless to enjoy the green scenery that comes together with the morning sun

The Power of Believing

Do you know who the navigator of your life is? I have the answer and in fact, we all have the same answer. His name is BELIEF. Navigator is not a driver. Driver can be us or our habits, whereas navigator stays navigator. It shows us the direction of our lives. Where we are heading right now is based on what we believe in.

Beliefs can be good or bad, positive or negative and every individual have beliefs. Regardless what are their beliefs; it is the beliefs that navigate them in life. If you wonder how many beliefs you have, you could take a look at your life right now. Look around your life now, then five years ago and then 10 years ago. Do you still stand on same beliefs?

“I’m officially DISABLED, but I’m truly ENABLED because my lack of limbs” – Nick V said. It is the belief he has for himself that makes him a powerful motivator in the world.

“I’m officially DISABLED, but I’m truly ENABLED because my lack of limbs” – Nick V said. It is the belief he has for himself that makes him a powerful motivator in the world.

Oprah once said; “You don’t become what you want, you become what you believe”. It is true that whatever things you believes in will turn out true in your reality. Beliefs have close relationship with our powerful subconscious mind, Law of Cause and Effects, Law of Attractions and Law of Success. When you choose to believe in something, these powerful elements and laws do and deliver as you wish.

The question here is does your beliefs help you create progress in life? Good beliefs help you growth and bad beliefs gets you nowhere in life. How many good beliefs that you have? If you have no answer, ask the reality of your life right now. The answer is always true right at this very moment.

A friend asked me, what kind of belief is the most powerful? Well, every belief are equally powerful but there is one source that many people forgotten to believe in and this source is the most powerful source of all beliefs. Those who knew the source, work with the source and believe in the source are those who create successful life in many aspects. People who believe in this particular source will often create magic, wonders and miracles in life. Do you know what the source is?

The source is YOU. Start believing in yourself. If you believe you can, You Can is the reality to you. If you believe you are failing, You Fail is the reality to you. Whatever your beliefs are, choose it wisely because no matter what you believe in, it is turning true in your reality.

Internet Business Class and Wealth with Law of Attraction

Last year few people asked me if I ever thought of doing my own talk. My replied was “The plan is either end of this year (2011) or early next year (2012) depends on how soon the injury heals.” It was a little bit dragged but my dream came true. Last week on 9th June 2012, I had my first class in my hometown, Penang.

The class was more on Internet Business and techniques but I have added a 45 minutes talk on Law of Attraction (specifically on wealth attraction). My objective is to help participants build their own internet business with proper technical steps and roll it together with the laws of life like Law of Attraction and Power of Wishes (affirmations). The modules will help participants build the business in terms of giving actions and receiving the results and wealth.

The idea to start the class came one week before I travel to Penang for vacation. Yes! One week for a class, modules, marketing and arrangement, was indeed one crazy idea. But this was what I told myself when the idea came to me; Let’s Make It Real. Although I’m an optimistic but I’m also a bit of realist. With only one week I had in hand for everything and the place I choose, I don’t expect a crowd of 20-30 participants. My expectation is only 5 to 7 participants. Ask and you shall receive and I eventually scored 5 people for the first class with 2 people to help me on the photo shoots and others. So total people were 7! This is awesome as a start! (Just so you know that one participant didn’t turn up for the class but she is now having online class with me via email)

Here are some photos took by my Graphic Designer, Joe lai (and also a person who had help me bringing this idea into reality, Millions thanks to her) and by my niece, Zahrah who took photos beautifully even she had issues with her Canon DSLR.

Gorgeous Gentlemen for Internet Business Express Course and Wealth with Law of Attraction

Gorgeous Gentlemen for Internet Business Express Course and Wealth with Law of Attraction

There were two guys and two ladies registered for the class. The one that wearing red shirt was the host, Hezreen (below picture). She was the one who been asking for the class since last year and willing to travel to my place just to learn something new. I sensed her dedication was genuine and honest, so I decided to bring the class to her place. I only asked for free drinks for participants, she gave us more than that. What a beautiful soul she is.

Beautiful Ladies in the Internet Business Express Course and Wealth with Law of Attraction

Beautiful Ladies in the Internet Business Express Course and Wealth with Law of Attraction

The lady who sat beside Hezreen is Corina, who have asked me about Internet Business in 2010. Two years later, when I text her about the class, she was excited to participate.

And that’s me. I was giving explanation and differences between Affiliates and Drop Ship. There are huge different between being an affiliates and doing drop ships. In the class I have explained what are their efforts and things they need to do when they choose to be an affiliate, re-sellers or both.

I was explaining the terms of affiliate and re-sellers

I was explaining the terms of affiliate and re-sellers

Standing makes it easy to show a little expression

Standing makes it easy to show a little expression

I love the excitements that they shared with me especially from Hezreen and Corina. Both gentlemen, Rafi and Hafiz (siblings) were calmer and a little shy. Rafi seems a bit excited when it comes to artifacts and Sugar Glider discussion, which he has intention to take it into proper business.

We laughed a lot especially when we discuss about the marketing and wealth in Internet Business

We laughed a lot especially when we discuss about the marketing and wealth in Internet Business

The Wealth with Law of Attractions has given everyone new perspective in creating wealth in life and business. All the participants have no clue what is Law of Attraction and how it works. After few slides on the subject, they started to realize many things that happen to them in terms of financials and money. Hezreen quoted “Ah! No wonder I could only sell a house last month because I’ve said – If I could sell a house is great enough…then I did and I started to get panicked because a house is not great enough”. 

In the same subject, I have given the participants steps in creating wealth with law of attraction including creating positive habit and daily practices, and reprogram wishes within conscious and subconscious mind.

I’m planning to roll the same class again in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and I believe in this, the numbers of participants is now growing. If you interested in learning both of these subjects or either one of it, please contact me via my email or phone numbers.

Last but not least, thank you Allah for making everyone dreams comes true.


Special Thanks:

To all the participants, Hezreen, Corina, Rafi, Hafiz, Lai (who have taken the class online), I would love to say this again; Thank you so much for the supports and willingness to learn new knowledge. I enjoy the knowledge sharing with everyone in the class.

For Hezreen, thank you so much for hosting the class and the efforts. It was beautifully arranged. For Joe Lai and Zahrah, thank you for being there to support me. I could not make this far without your guys help.

When Balance Finds You

Since 2012, every event that occurred in my life have taught me lessons and helped me growth beautifully from inside. I’ve learned that love is not something we get but it is something we give unconditionally. It becomes a practice to me and I must admit, it is not easy to give love especially in the most inconvenient situations like arguments. So practice made perfect.

God always have better plans for us and I do believe that. First He taught me to learn to Love myself and my own body. In that period, I discover that every human has a power of healing provided they allow the healing process to take place. Then He taught me to love people through healing process. Since then, I started to discover my potentials and gifts but I wasn’t entirely sure about it. So He sent me people who came into my life and shared with me their experiences. Not just that, they were the ones who pointed out my potentials as a natural healer.

I pondered few times about being a healer, regardless naturally or otherwise and I noticed that many people have turned to be healers. The question is why? What is happening and why people suddenly changed their paths to be healers? After a while, the answer came (check out the poster below).

Love is indeed a healing factor itself. It all started when Love arises in me and I felt the balance of life deep within. It just a matter of how to live the balance after so many attachments I have in my life. Once the balance set it, many things came along including love, wealth, health and more. Balance is something we cannot run away from it and it is a MUST to learn how to live with it. So when balance finds you, get ready mentally, emotionally and spiritually because your life is turning beautifully as it should.

Since I have learned Usui Reiki, I’m going to give systematic healing and guide people to stay balance in their life with Love. And this is me coming back to the business with more systematic ways. Hello to you again and the sun is shining now. I promised myself to come out and play and here I am now ready to guide you with beautiful programs and live life wealthy, healthy and in beautiful loving ways.

Please refer the changes made here.

Be The Balance Factor With Love

Be The Balance Factor With Love

The Beauty of Imperfection

Do you remember when was the last time you wish you can be like the person you admired? Do you remember when was the last time you wish you have some kind of unique abilities or creativity? Do you remember when was the last time you say “I accept who I am” especially in the moments of failures?

Do you do this to yourself?

Do you do this to yourself?

When it comes to weaknesses, almost everyone wish that they can be different and better. We accept who we are when we score high in life but not when we fail. We pat and cherish ourselves when we achieve success but, do we do the same when we fail? Have you ever pat your own shoulder and say “It’s okay. We do great” when you actually in the moment of failure? We tend to give ourselves self-discrimination when we dealing with failure. I have to say it is a normal reaction that we adapt from the society (cherish the success and boo the failures) but it is not normal to be applied on ourselves.

As a human, we always seek equality from others but rarely from ourselves. We desire equal and respect from others but we rarely give the same to ourselves. Try to look back and remember what have we done to ourselves especially when we fail in achieving our dreams? Many of us would criticize own-self.

  • “What is wrong with me?”
  • “How can I failed?”
  • “Am I a loser?”
  • “Am I weak?”
  • “Why am I so blind?”

If you always ask yourself these questions, please stop and think this way instead. Failure is not entirely means we are weak. Failure is just another life teacher who is there to teach us the right way to the success. Weaknesses on the other hand are very general in meaning. A person can be weak at expressing emotion but great at expressing mind objectively. If the person choose to work as actor, he would fail but not if he’s the person who solve problems on financial. Hence, I don’t see weaknesses as weak but I see it as imperfection.

What’s the different between weaknesses and imperfections?

A weakness is the reflection of the imperfection. When we use our imperfections to score in life, we tend to bring weaknesses to the surface. When weaknesses emerge, we claim it as failure. That is why people often see failures as negative. But the truth that failure is nothing but a success guru in life.

Why are we imperfect? 

Imperfection is the balance factor in life. Imperfection is like pieces of puzzles that fit one another. Without imperfection, you and I are the same in everything. When everyone is the same, we do no longer need each other to live and that is not the purpose of life. Every human are made to be with everyone.

Perfection means all the space are equally filled and progress no longer need in life. Imperfection, on contrary offers space to growth. As a human, we are made to growth and to progress and we progress better in imperfection. The reason is because our desire to achieve perfection from the imperfection. That force of desire motivates us.

Imperfection is Beauty

Imperfection is Beauty

What’s the benefit of imperfection?

Imperfection allows us to discover ourselves deeper. Going through the challenges and failures will make us know self abilities and talents. Knowing our imperfection can help us build our strengths too. It is alright to be imperfect. We should not feel different from others because everyone has their own imperfection.

In marriage and others relationships, imperfection offers opportunity of learning and helping each other. I always remind couples that imperfection is beauty in relationship. Never see imperfection as the gap, instead see it as opportunity to growth together. This concept of imperfection applies in life too. I learned a lot from others because my imperfection didn’t give me the knowledge by itself. My imperfection helps me to connect with others as much as my strength connects me with other.

When some people use imperfection to achieve their goals, I would suggest you to use your strengths for this matter. Your strengths will help you outgrowth your abilities and talents easier. However, do not leave your imperfection behind. Your imperfections would often offer you spaces to growth especially on new things and new knowledge. In achieving goals, you may use your imperfection to oversee the failures in advance.  This method will help you reduce the failure and give more space to success.

The song I attached together with this article is dedicated to those who often see themselves as weak and fail to achieve in life. My message is your imperfection is one of the key to your success. Leverage from it. And rise whoever you are because your success is waiting for you!


Disclaimer: I do not owned the video and the production of it. Thank you.

Old Me or New Me?

I have wrote this article in 2010 and posted in my old blog. Since my website is suspended due to hosting unprofessional conduct, I am posting the article again here. I will make some changes but the points remain unchanged.


Dated: Dec 9 2012. 

Have you notice that year 2011 is just three weeks away? Counting days and mark the calendar. If you happen to visit book store, look at diaries section. Diaries and planning books are selling well. Everybody loves the smell of new diary, new planning book. Whoever has bought it, probably has written the names, contacts and birthday. Everybody can easily get excited by New Year and new books. That’s one good spirit!

Anyway, it’s three more weeks to go. Before you write anything on the new book, let’s turn back for a while and ask ourselves this question:

Have I seen myself change since January 2010?

If you do, what have you changed since January 2010? Was it a good change? Was it a bad change? Was it successful changes? Take a moment and write down your answer.

Do Not Fear Changes

I have a friend who has changed her temper, from someone who gets angry easily to someone who looks calm most of the time. Another friend of mine has changed her career line from graphic designing to production and process. It’s a tough change for her because she do not favour interaction with people, but she cope well. I have changed too. I made the biggest changes in my life this year. Unbelievable and I loved it.

Changes are good. It should be good. Changes make you learn new things, adapt new things. Is there any bad changes? Yes it is. If a friend of mine change her temper to something worst like throwing a chopstick to the Restaurant Manager for serving her something she did not order, I would say she have a bad changes.

If you have not made any changes yet, you can start now. If you feel that you end the year without anything change, wake up now and make some change. By the time we walk into 2011, you have already accelerate. Here some guidelines so you know your changes are on the right track.

1) Intention Is Not The Result.

Get this right; good intention doesn’t guarantee good result if we do it the wrong ways. We have to do it the right ways in order to get good results. For instance, you have an intention to change from a drunken man to a person who pray and build relationship with God. If the way you do it is staying at home, lock yourself from society, your friends and pray like nobody business, you are doing it in the wrong ways. Changes we made should be balanced emotionally, spiritually and socially. That will lead to better result.

2) Feel the energy

Good changes will release positive energy. We can feel it. People around us can feel it. They will attracted to our new energy. They like it. We will feel welcome everywhere we go. If people didn’t like our new energies, it could mean two things:

  • The people are not in same vibration as ours.
  • Something is wrong with our changes.

If this is happening to you, figure it out the reasons behind it.3) Do it moderately.

When we feel the energy kicks in, the enthusiasm is rising high, take a deep breath and plan our changes slowly. Everything in this world should be done moderately. Slow and consistent. Small wave shape nice beach compare to big raging wave. Our bodies can adapt slow and consistent changes. So do people around us. It gives us balance and balance is good.

4) Ask people around you

People see more than we see ourselves. We focus is inside but people see the surface. Ask them if you look good as new you. Ask them if your changes give them comfort. Emotionally comfort. The best is to ask your closest friends.

5) Society Gain.

Leave the Changes We Made for the Society to Benefit

We change from time to time to progress ourselves. Progress brings us closer to our purposes of life. By all means, each purpose must benefit the society. The changes we made come with momentum. So make sure the momentum will give good impact to the society and benefit them. If it is good for the society, it is good for you.

Make a good change today. Start small and it will ends big. Be someone better today for tomorrow. Create positive energy and spread it around. Share it with people. By the end of the day, you get to be remembered by yourself and people around you. And by the end of next year, you can close your 2011 book happily before you begin to mark your birthday on your new 2012 book.

Why People Afraid of Changes?

“Change is hardest at the beginning. Messiest in the middle. And best at the end” – Robin Sharma

Throughout these many years, I’ve seen many changes in my life. Somehow, many are still in the process. Robin Sharma was right about the change and I admitted that certain parts of my changes are still at the messiest stage. My beginning was a lost direction. I know my destination but along the way, I tend to lose the direction. It was hard, undeniable but it’s achievable. I have achieved many things since I quit my job and I taste the best at the end of my journey.

Any person who have changed will say the same thing, it always the hardest at the beginning. Look at drug addicts who want to change and be cleaned from drugs. Look at people who quit their jobs and started their own businesses. Nothing is easy in the beginning. It takes great force to push a ball and make it roll by itself later. The great force is always the hardest.

Many people refuse changes because of it. They didn’t find or they didn’t understand the great force in them. Here is another list of reasons why many people refuse to change their lives and pursuing their dreams…and of course I also mean people who realize they need changes but they were too afraid to make one.

  • Egocentric – Basically ego doesn’t want us to live on somebody else idea. Ego doesn’t want us to change because somebody says “you need to change your life to something better”. People who are egocentric will always respond; “I prefer to stay like this because I don’t want to give so much hope that in the end, I’ll get frustrated and hurt if things doesn’t work out the way I want”. But think again, who actually hurts? The ego or the person?
  • Afraid of the unknown – Future is always an unknown element, but we are still getting there, didn’t we? If many people realize this, they will not be afraid to achieve the dreams and life they want. The unknown doesn’t mean dark and empty. The unknown always comes with great experiences and goldmine for people who are not afraid of it.
  • Trust Yourself Because It’s Essential in Life

    Lack of self-trust – Many people trust others more than themselves. We spend lots of time for others and TV and these are the times that we lost on building trust in ourselves. Why self-trust is so important? First, who would you trust to give you the great life and great wealth if not yourself? Second, the great force that started the ball to roll is the self-trust.

  • Limited knowledge – Many people claim that they have no enough knowledge to pursue their dreams. The fact is knowledge didn’t go into our brains in one night. Knowledge is something we get from time to time. Knowledge never stops coming into our lives. If we want to wait for the ‘enough knowledge’ in order to start pursuing our dreams, we will never reach any dreams at all. From my experiences, get the basic knowledge about the dream and the great life that you want to pursue. The basic will help you from drowning. The rest, you will learn throughout the journey.
  • Care on people thoughts – Many people care so much on what others think about their dreams. When I decided to quit my job and pursuing my dreams, few people criticized me. Of course, they were talking about the reality checks while I was talking about achieving my dreams. I don’t blame them for their opinions. Whether reality hurts or otherwise, it is always up to us to see the way we want it.

The Quote Says It All

If you find the right path in your life and you realize that only changes would help you achieve your dreams and great life, DO IT.

Don’t doubt, don’t listen to critics and don’t judge your dreams. List down your risks and gather your life gears. It will get messy from time to time. No dreams are easily achieved and it happens that way so we could taste the best when we reach at the destination of our dreams.

The Beauty of Help

Help is simply means giving. Help is the fastest way to build relationship between yourself and others.  Helping others is like building the bridge that connects us to the things we like and we want.

Here’s are the beauties of helping others regardless human, animals or the rest of the world.

  1. If you help people achieve their dreams, your dream runs to you.
  2. If you help people walk out from poverty, wealth will storm into your life.
  3. If you help people overcome their fear with love, braveness is your legacy.
  4. If you help people understand the value of forgiveness, hate stays away from you.
  5. If you help people find love, love will always find you.
  6. If you help people outgrowth happiness in their lives, happiness is growing a life in you.
  7. If you help people build success from their failures, success growth from your failures.
  8. If you help people and environment stay clean, beauty and health live in you.
  9. If you help people expand their knowledge, knowledge is expanding in your mind.
  10. If you help people find lights, darkness stays absent from your life.

There are always opportunities to help people, animal and the rest of the world around you. So give help to whoever you can without question their backgrounds, colours, mentalities and personalities because help is also means giving love to the world.

Hand Reaching for Hand