Step 1: The Practical Steps to Heal From Illness

Have you ever wonder why after you have tried many healing techniques and medicines but you still stuck with the illness? In pursuing healing, the most important thing is the focus you have on the healing itself and not on the illness. To heal, you must do many things and leave many other things too. I’m not just referring to your body but also your mind, emotion, soul and your lifestyle.

The fact is you can try as many healing techniques or medicines in the world but whether it is works on you or otherwise, it all depends on YOU.

For the next few days, I will share with you practical steps and criteria you can focus and improve in order to help your body heal faster. Let’s start with the most powerful ones.

1. Complete Desire to Heal
The most and foremost point of all, you must want to be healed and you must crave deeply for good health again. There are two points here; heal and health (now that you know why I have the word COMPLETE in the title). Heal and health comes together but they walk separately. If you have desire only on the healing but you doesn’t care on the health, your healing is going to work slower.

Here are differences between heal and health. To heal involves many parties and efforts like healers, medicines, treatments and so forth, whereas to improve health requires your own efforts only. Desire to heal comes from the emotion and mind, whereas health involves action. To have both give balance in your healing. So it is always advisable that you work on both of these areas.

Find your way to heal your illness by build up a desire to heal and to improve health

Find your way to heal your illness by build up a desire to heal and to improve health


*If you require healing (not just physical healing but non-physical too), please contact me via email for further information. Mean time, stay healthy and stay love.

Reiki Have Found Me

In the past two months, I’ve learned many new knowledge especially on emotion, mind and physical healing. I’ve learned that in the world where we live, there are many more things live with us. I’ve learned that the world is ‘opening up’ and more similar circumstances will be experienced by many people regardless religions and race.

I took opportunity to learn a proper system of self healing and healing in energy so I could help people effectively and help myself effectively too. When I was looking for the right knowledge of this, Usui Reiki found me through a friend of mine (who is a Master Reiki). Without hesitation, I took the course and have obtained 2nd degree so far.

Get Your Emotion Burden Heal By Reiki Technique

Get Your Emotion Burden Heal By Reiki Technique

Reiki heals at the level of energy, wherever the energy is. Reiki not just provide healing for physical illness but also emotion. During this past two months journey, many people I’ve met have mentioned the natural of healing I have with me. I took their words and allow myself to discover my true-self. What I have seen and experiences are far greater than what I have expected. Since this is who I am now, I’m not going to waste it. Knowledge taste best when we practice it. Therefore, I’m going to do the same with the Reiki knowledge I have with me.

When I come back soon, my consultation will cover Emotional Healing for those who wants to be heal emotionally and effectively via Reiki. Physical healing can be done too but upon consultation only.

So far, I have gave Reiki healing to animals (my favourite; bird and fish…looking forward to heal cats and others), to few people I knew and proven their illness is reducing and to situations too.

Bottom line is, I have better healing system to work with and to use in helping people transform their energy, heal and build better life. So see you soon!

Healing Through Reiki

Healing Through Reiki