Human Design – Dilemma of the Undefined Throat.

text15.pngDo you ever feel the pressure to communicate or act on your feeling but you couldn’t get the right person to do with?It feels like a lump of energy in your chest and throat, stuck in there and unable to transform into words. That’s how I feel.text15.pngBeing an Undefined Throat with only Gate 31 activated is not easy to simply say what I want to say. Now, remember that Gate 31 is not an outlet for emotions. Gate 31 is an outlet for leadership when it is recognised and elected to be one.

That means the outlet for my feeling and moodiness need to be channeled through others or during transit. And that’s not easy. Both Gate 22 and 36 is part of Manifested channel. The expression that released either brings me some peace or anger.

Anger is common because of my Not-Self conditioning. As a matter of fact, I got angry two days ago, I noticed that it is quite difficult for me to share how I feel unless I meet the right people who can pull the feelings out from me.

Often, I tell people how I feel but I take time to explain the reasons behind those feelings (if reasons ever needed). Trust is part of the communication too (Gate 31.6). Apart from that, while waiting to share my feelings, silent is the best way to reflect on those feelings too. Furthermore, I have an Undefined Solar Plexus (emotions). Reflecting is good to know whether I’m experiencing my own feelings or others.

It’s all a matter of dealing with the pressure of an Undefined Throat. And the pressure to communicate or act on feelings is REAL. On the other hand, GRACE is all about timing.


What is Human Design?
Human Design system is Self-Knowledge that shows your unique blueprint through a Rave chart called the Bodygraph. It also explains everything about you in a logical way. It shows the conscious and unconscious side of you, your characteristics, your roles in this life and much more.

Human Design shows your Genetic Code and WHO YOU ARE through Definition. With this knowledge, you are able to tap into your own power and begin to heal through alignment of your soul, mind and body.

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Love and Pain Through the Morning Breeze.

There was a depressing feeling visited me two days ago. I was lying on the bed and there was a pressure wanting to flow but couldn’t and it has no direction to go too.

I picked a book from the office and I went to the living hall. I sat on the couch with the wooden door wide open and I let the afternoon breeze flew in. I didn’t concentrate on the book that much. My awareness was shifting between the book and the depression. The day went like that until I feel tired at night.

There is something beautiful in this process when we allow it to be. After a day feeling depressed, I realised a pattern and possible a trauma that probably still living inside of me. I feel so much Love today and so much pain at the same time. These two seems like dancing in perfect rhythm, not separating.

My body feeling sore. Gently, I moved my body through yoga, stretching through the pain. Morning breeze showered me with unconditional Love, which helped me feel calm. Through the day, I’m seeing more of the trauma, more of the emotional pain that I went through for many years.

Pain and trauma takes time to heal. If you ever go through the same thing, where pain manifested as pain-body, where the pressure feels too much for you… do know that you are not alone. It’s okay to feel the pain. Do know that it comes with Love, just like every shadow has light shining from the other side.

Stay strong! Be gentle with yourself.
I Love YOU, wherever you are ❤

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Is Human Design Nine-Centered Our New Operating System?

Being an Undefined Throat, there is so much pressure to explain Seven-Centered and Nine-Centered in the layman’s term. This came out just nice today.

Ponder on these…

What happens when our body is upgrading to a new Operating System but the mind still running on an old operating system? Why the old system affecting the mind so much? Why does the upgraded system happen within the body?

Remember this, the only way for us to scrap the old operating system and start living on the new ones, is through the Inner Authority. Enjoy the video. Share it if you find it helpful.

Love you.

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Human Design – Projector’s Awareness and Transformations.

Photo was taken in Penang, 2015.

Sometimes the mind would like to know if we can still attain success, satisfaction, peace or surprises even without following our Strategy and Authority. Do we really need Strategy and Authority?

We often forget that we do live our design, it is part of us all the time. This body is Life. Especially whenever we don’t use our mind to make decisions, we say we use guts feeling, intuition and whatnot. Perhaps before Human Design (HD), the Authority and Design may not be something we aware of. That’s the difference. Of course, Projectors can be successful and Generator feels satisfied without they aware of it. In fact, I used my intuition before I learned HD (I’m a Splenic Authority). HD just give me some confirmation that I can rely on my intuition all the time.

To live our design is a natural aspect of our lives. The only difference with Human Design is, it expands our awareness, it gives back our Authority to the body, and it gives the opportunity to flow in this life with awareness and less resistance. I have my success before HD (which through invitation) and after HD (which through invitation). I also had my failures too (initiating job interview, accepting the wrong invitation). The only difference now and then is awareness, healthy body and relaxation.

Awareness is the key as a Nine-Centred Being, especially as a Projector. Of course, we can’t help overthinking it, therefore, let the mind make the comparison but don’t get attached to it. Just live, be aware and let the body make its own decision.

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Splenic Talk – Projector The New Leaders!

Cheryl and I are going to introduce ourselves and share the information about our mini-course for Projector.

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The Incompetent – Gate 18.4

I’m adding this in my blog as a reference for a video “Life Is A Joke – Funny Realisation”, that I posted on my Facebook Page and a forum.

18.4 The Incompetent 

When we get to the fourth line, we get to the beginning of the upper trigram. This line is called “The Incompetent”. The nature of fourth lines is to externalize, which means that these lines are very fixed on a specific aspect. In some way, this is very reminiscent of the way in which the second line works.

Difficulties as a result of inadequacies that cannot be resolved because of inadequacies.

What this generally means for these people is that they will have a specific thing they want to correct. There are all kinds of other things they are able to correct in their life, but the one thing that they really want to correct, they can’t because they are inadequate to do that. By the way, the moment that they meet somebody that has the 48 and they get into contact with The Well, this can relieve inadequacy. The fear of inadequacy is in the 48th gate, which is the next step in this stream.

Remember that we are looking at gates that are potentials in a four gate stream. Here we have the potential of this awareness. The thing to recognize is that the awareness alone, this one thing that they cannot correct because of inadequacy, can come into contact with the necessary depth. That is always possible. All lines can ultimately be the exact mirrors of what they say.

Earth exalted: Given this negative position, survival through suffering. The inability to correct and its potential for suffering. These are people that say, “I just cannot make it better,” and they really suffer. “I can’t fix it. I can’t correct it. I can’t come up with a solution to this problem. I can’t do anything about it.”

Mercury in detriment. Indecision and anxiety and no escape from misfortune.
The demands of correction and its potential to generate anxiety. This constant anxiety comes from having this one thing that you can’t correct. (yep! that describes me)

When you see this line, be very careful about that. Don’t see that as meaning that they are incompetent with everything. That is not true. So often, when people see this line, they think that it is saying that they are incompetent to correct their general process. This is not true. Everything about the fourth line is about being fixed. You have to ask these people, “What is this one thing that you want to fix, that you can’t?” and see that isolated from the rest which you can work with.

The inability to correct and its potential for suffering; or The demands of correction and its potential to generate anxiety. One can become very anxious if there is this one thing that one cannot fix. This is the difficulty of the fourth line.

The fourth line can recognize incompetence everywhere because they know what it is like for them. This is true for every line that you read and think, “Oh, my god, these poor people.” The lines have their positive and negative and every line is a duality. These are processes that we go through. And whatever line you have, it is yours. Enjoy it. – Ra Uru Hu.

Source: Line Companion Book.


I post the video link as soon as it up to the public.


The Beauty of Correct Struggle

There is an aspect of struggle in our individual process. Everyone without exception; has our moments of struggle. This struggle is meant to be transmuted into empowerment; provided we choose the right struggles.

For Projector, an invitation into a right struggle can change his/her entire life. Same goes for Generator, MG, Manifestor and Reflector. When you respond to the right struggle (e.g Generator), this energy will drive you towards your purposes. Other than that, it just going to be an endless struggle of frustration, bitterness, anger and disappointment.

The Channel of Struggle (A Design of Stubbornness) resides in two gates. Gate 38; the gate of a fighter where it has the drives to be the warrior of ‘its way’. When meeting up the gate 28; the risk taker, we are going to have the potential awareness of our purposes and fights. Without one of it, the struggle is incomplete for transmutation and empowerment. And yet, all of us has our chance to transform the struggle.

Struggles - Which One Do You Choose

The Duality of Struggle. Photo by Rose Osman. Location IKANO


This week can be tough because Gate 38 is having its pressure. The Tension we feel in the air is the pressure fighting for purposes. This is also an opportunity to start reflecting whether this struggle that we are facing is the right ones for us. If any of this struggles bring out the not-self theme (anger, bitterness, frustration, disappointment), then be conscious that this struggle is not serving our purposes.

Be kind to yourself, to your body this week and be kind to others. Everyone is fighting their own struggles and mostly through the conditioning of Not-Self. Embrace your struggles, let go the one that doesn’t serve you good and get ready to be showered with transformation in the next few days.

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The Passenger, The Driver and The Vehicle – Who Is Incharge?

It’s a powerful illustration here. We are the passenger of consciousness. What it means here is we have no choice on how Life flow and play through us. All we can do is becoming conscious of each flow. Remember that the good and bad is how our mind labels it. The is a reason for the label and judgement but do not settle for just this or that.

Carry the car

Carrying The Vehicle? Credit to the artist.

A passenger needs a driver. Our driver is the magnetic monopole that resides in our G Center (sternum area – Gate 2-the direction of Self). Magnetic monopole drives us along our specific geometry; not others. Each geometry will cross path with the others. If we live correctly through strategy and authority, we have the awareness to discern who are the right people that cross path our geometry. The rest is just background and stages.

The car you see is our unconscious body; our vehicle. To live in the 3D dimension is to agree to the law of matter, which the body comes as a package. In 3D dimension, time and direction are part of the law. The body gives us the capacity to move in space within this dimension. So every single decision we made, we are moving from one point to another. Even at the cellular level, every decision we made, the cells, the electricity, the electromagnetic, the fluid in our body moves. Imagine when we choose to be with people we shouldn’t be or choose to be in a wrong environment..the whole effects of the direction itself could result in disaster.

The body (the vehicle) is always ready and are doing its job based on what is given through genetic imprint during our birth. Magnetic monopole knows because there is a force pull it along the geometry. So what causes us all the chaos in life?

The personality, the unconscious mind that creates the Not-Self in us. The mind thinks it can control the life and when it lost the control, it blames, it project faults on others and so on. Human Design original context is written to make us aware of our Not Self and the mind doesn’t like that. The mind doesn’t want us to know that it cannot govern our life and body. The mind is designed to inspire and to be concepts for others. Never to use on ourselves.

Open Centers Keynotes.

Credit fo Jovian Archive Media Inc. Original photo here

Let go the need to control the body and surrender as a passenger. Instead of trying to be the driver that doesn’t know how or where to drive, be a conscious passenger who learns to enjoy every ride. The magic of surrendering only can be seen when the passenger is relaxed and let go the need to control.

If you desire to change the world, begin with yourself. An awaken manifestor could change the collective from anger to peace. An awaken generator and MG could change the consciousness field into satisfaction. Imagine, would people begin war if they feel satisfied with Life? An awaken projector and reflector could change the entire collective energy especially in guiding the energy. Follow your strategy and authority and see how it can transform your life, spirituality and mind. Let go the need to make decisions with the mind and it will release the burden that our brain feel.

And remember that the mind can do so much (no doubt) but everything is manifesting through our body until we leave this dimension of matter.

So yeah, we stuck in this no-choice body, no-choice genetic rules, no-choice because all are governed by laws of the universe. What do we do?

We surrender.