Step 7: The Practical Steps to Heal From Illness

Step 7: Always Avoid the Opposite

Law of Attraction simple rules: Your action must not contradict your desire. If your desire is to be healthy again, therefore, in every action you make; you must avoid the opposite acts of health. Here are the few simple examples.

a) Avoid Mention Your Illness
Sometimes we are tempted to speak of the illness to others for many reasons. One of the common reasons is seeking understanding from people around us.  However, if you have to speak of your illness, speak only one and that’s it. Practise ‘no repetition’ in explaining your illness to others.

The reason is; when you speak of your illness, you are giving your attention and focus to your illness. The energy and vibration that you put on your illness plus what others may have for you (like sympathy, sadness) only contributes more power towards your illness.

Tips: Speak only about health. If you need to speak about your illness and how bad it has ruined your life and your motivation, find a right person to talk too. By all means, find a person who will not help you contribute more unnecessary energy towards your illness. This may sound a little weird but this is how many people feed their illness and help it growth unintentionally.

b) Avoid Unhealthy Habit

Any habit that opposite from the health must be avoided. If you are a smoker, try to quit smoking. If you are an alcohol drinker, drink lesser or quit drinking. If you a person who like to sleep till the afternoon, change the habit to wake up early in the morning because morning life unfold countless healing for you.

Tips: For smoker who wanting to stop smoking; advisable is not to quit cold turkey. Instead reduce the cigarette intake on daily basis. The most important thing is every effort counts. Small effort counts too.

c) Avoid Give-up

Giving up will unfolds all the opposite energies of healing and health. A person who gives up will start to eat unhealthy, do unhealthy activities, live unhealthy habits and many more. Give up is the biggest switch that turn off your health and any healing on you. Avoid give up at any costs and give love for your health no matter what.

Tips: When you started to feel give up, please talk to the people who can light up your courage again.  Most of the time, give up just play games of emotions with you. So it is important to channel the energy into love and bring back the courage in you.

Never Give Up and Your Courage is Waiting to Growth from Within

Give up is the opposite of Courage in health and healing


Step 2: The Practical Steps to Heal From Illness

*Continue from the previous article

Step 2. Ask for healing and health.

The first effort you must give is to ASK. Yes it is simple but you, your own self must ask for it. Many people these days choose not to ask. And if they asked, they tend to ask a wrong question like “Why me?”

Ask; not a question but an appropriate request. First request that you should ask is from the highest being (Allah, God or any other terms that you use). Then ask it from the healers. Last but not least, ask it from your own body.

Why do we need to ask from these three beings? The answer is simple.

  1. Only God can grant the healing and health.
  2. Healers can’t give you any form healing if you didn’t ask for it. If they do, it gets rejected.
  3. Do you know that you have trillions of cells in your body? Now, all these cells have abilities to heal but their work of healing based on your efforts too. These trillions of cells must know what you want and what you are going to get. Simply ask them to work in harmony with you. In return they shall work wonder.

It is also a simple collaboration between you entirely and what healers have to offer you. Ask for it because without asking for it, no one will know what your needs is. Furthermore, to ask is polite.

Tips: Ask a request like “Dear (name the being), I want to be healed and improve health. Please help”. It is effective compared to “Why me?”

It is a promise to us, ask and you shall receive.

It is a promise to us, ask and you shall receive.

The Lesson of Intuition and Happiness

One of the many things I’ve learned (still learning) is about listening to my intuition. It is one of many gifts given by The Almighty to us. Intuition is there not to appear as right or wrong (although we use these terms a lot), but rather to appear as a significant signs about what is coming, aligning, approaching or attaching to our being. What is appear to be right or wrong is just how we perceive it. After all, right or wrong is just another lesson to learn.

I remember she read this book. I don't exactly remember the author or the book title but I remember the cartoon.

I remember she read this book. I don’t exactly remember the author or the book title but I remember the cartoon.

So today I had opportunity to listen when my intuition was talking to me. The earlier plan I had was to drive back home from the hospital and not to stop by at any shopping malls. However, it didn’t happen the way I planned it because few hundred meter from a shopping mall, I had a huge attraction to visit a book store located in the mall. What I did was; I listened to my intuition.

About less than 30 minutes, I reached the book store and started to look for Reiki Healing book. I couldn’t find the book I want so I decided to ask the customer services and I found the reason I was there.

It was not the book I’m looking for but it was my long lost friend. She stood there screaming my name and I responded by screaming her name! The last time I saw her was in 1999. I told her that she kept coming into my thoughts recently and I do wish and imagine that I meet her again. Not just that, I explained the belief she has about happiness back in 1998 sounded crap to me at that time but now I was doing the same thing she did in 1998. I valued the experiences that I had with her even we are just a friend. I saw how she built her happiness from a book by Andrew Matthews. I witnessed her morning routine (exercise and jogging). I stared at her when she talked about happiness. Oh yes, once upon a time, I was very ordinary and skeptical about people being happy.

I’m glad that I found her. I hope she forgive me for being a skeptic before. As I always say, everyone we meet is a teacher. She was a teacher to me back in 1998/99 and she is a teacher to me today. The lesson I’ve learned from her is be happy, the rest is just life.

The Power of Believing

Do you know who the navigator of your life is? I have the answer and in fact, we all have the same answer. His name is BELIEF. Navigator is not a driver. Driver can be us or our habits, whereas navigator stays navigator. It shows us the direction of our lives. Where we are heading right now is based on what we believe in.

Beliefs can be good or bad, positive or negative and every individual have beliefs. Regardless what are their beliefs; it is the beliefs that navigate them in life. If you wonder how many beliefs you have, you could take a look at your life right now. Look around your life now, then five years ago and then 10 years ago. Do you still stand on same beliefs?

“I’m officially DISABLED, but I’m truly ENABLED because my lack of limbs” – Nick V said. It is the belief he has for himself that makes him a powerful motivator in the world.

“I’m officially DISABLED, but I’m truly ENABLED because my lack of limbs” – Nick V said. It is the belief he has for himself that makes him a powerful motivator in the world.

Oprah once said; “You don’t become what you want, you become what you believe”. It is true that whatever things you believes in will turn out true in your reality. Beliefs have close relationship with our powerful subconscious mind, Law of Cause and Effects, Law of Attractions and Law of Success. When you choose to believe in something, these powerful elements and laws do and deliver as you wish.

The question here is does your beliefs help you create progress in life? Good beliefs help you growth and bad beliefs gets you nowhere in life. How many good beliefs that you have? If you have no answer, ask the reality of your life right now. The answer is always true right at this very moment.

A friend asked me, what kind of belief is the most powerful? Well, every belief are equally powerful but there is one source that many people forgotten to believe in and this source is the most powerful source of all beliefs. Those who knew the source, work with the source and believe in the source are those who create successful life in many aspects. People who believe in this particular source will often create magic, wonders and miracles in life. Do you know what the source is?

The source is YOU. Start believing in yourself. If you believe you can, You Can is the reality to you. If you believe you are failing, You Fail is the reality to you. Whatever your beliefs are, choose it wisely because no matter what you believe in, it is turning true in your reality.

Do You Take Illness Seriously?

I’ve seen and feel the different between these two affirmations in improving health generally. There are two categories for it:

  • Fixing the illness
  • Improving the health.

When I’ve been given opportunity to perform Reiki Healing to my customers and others, I’ve seen clearly how they expressed their true goal in these two categories. At glance, both of it looks the same (that explain why many people think it just the same) but the result is not the same at all. Often time, people choose to fix their illness instead of improving the health. Allow me to describe the different to you.

Fix the Illness 

Migraine is an Illness

Migraine is an Illness

Fix the illness comes with many meanings. Fix it so the illness gets more appearance. Fix it so the illnesses can growth better. Fix it so the illness is good to be alive. We fix things for one reason; to use it or to wear it. So when we fix illness, we actually want to ‘use’ it and ‘wear’ it.

When we say; fixing the illness, we are focusing on the illness itself. We give energy to the illness to expand. We think we spend times in searching the cure for the illness (nothing is wrong with that) but we actually focus more on the illness. In Law of Attraction, what we focus on, expand…and illness is not an exceptional case.

Improving the Health

Many people didn’t realize that 100% healthy is subjective. I may not be able to jog like others but it doesn’t mean I am not 100% healthy. Health is different from one to another and it change throughout the ages and through external factors like accidents and more. The state of being healthy is subjective. Although being healthy is subjective, improving the health applies to everyone, daily. If you are sick, then you MUST improve your health. If you are healthy, you MUST improve your health too and to sustain your health level.

Unlike fixing the illness, when we are improving the health, we give focus on how to improve the health itself. Instead of focusing and give energy to the illness, we are focusing the methods, tools and tips in improving the health like the lists.

  • Exercise regularly.
  • Eat healthy.
  • Listen to the body in silence.
  • Sleep early at night.
  • Wake up early in the morning.
  • Say right words when it comes to health and illness (See affirmations below)

Different Direction

Yoga improves health

Yoga improves health

Imaging that fixing the illness is an action that leads you to the left and improving your health is an action that leads you to the right, how can it both result in the same direction? Health and all others in our lives are subject to Laws of Life like Law of Attraction and each term we speak has its own energy and vibration. Illness and Health are very much in different energies and vibrations. So when you choose to state your health being, make sure you state it with the vibration of love.

Affirmations in Health and Illness

Since everything is in creation right NOW as we speak, the first thing you should do is to choose the right words to state your health being. The reason is every word has its own energy and vibration. It attracts same elements that have same vibrations and it brings you to the place you wish to be (being healthy or being ill).

If you are person who always says, “I want to fix my ________ (the name of the illness)”, stop right there. Do not give any more energy to the illness itself. Instead say this affirmation daily (day and night) and see the different it does in improving your health mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually:

“I am improving my health and healthiness is flowing in my body now and in harmony”. 



1. This article do not stated that you should skip your medicines as prescribed by your Medical Doctor or suggesting that you should ignore the medical aspect in your life.
2. This article is to improve your health through positive and love affirmations.
3. For more information and consultation in healing, please contact me through my email. Thank you.

Internet Business Class and Wealth with Law of Attraction

Last year few people asked me if I ever thought of doing my own talk. My replied was “The plan is either end of this year (2011) or early next year (2012) depends on how soon the injury heals.” It was a little bit dragged but my dream came true. Last week on 9th June 2012, I had my first class in my hometown, Penang.

The class was more on Internet Business and techniques but I have added a 45 minutes talk on Law of Attraction (specifically on wealth attraction). My objective is to help participants build their own internet business with proper technical steps and roll it together with the laws of life like Law of Attraction and Power of Wishes (affirmations). The modules will help participants build the business in terms of giving actions and receiving the results and wealth.

The idea to start the class came one week before I travel to Penang for vacation. Yes! One week for a class, modules, marketing and arrangement, was indeed one crazy idea. But this was what I told myself when the idea came to me; Let’s Make It Real. Although I’m an optimistic but I’m also a bit of realist. With only one week I had in hand for everything and the place I choose, I don’t expect a crowd of 20-30 participants. My expectation is only 5 to 7 participants. Ask and you shall receive and I eventually scored 5 people for the first class with 2 people to help me on the photo shoots and others. So total people were 7! This is awesome as a start! (Just so you know that one participant didn’t turn up for the class but she is now having online class with me via email)

Here are some photos took by my Graphic Designer, Joe lai (and also a person who had help me bringing this idea into reality, Millions thanks to her) and by my niece, Zahrah who took photos beautifully even she had issues with her Canon DSLR.

Gorgeous Gentlemen for Internet Business Express Course and Wealth with Law of Attraction

Gorgeous Gentlemen for Internet Business Express Course and Wealth with Law of Attraction

There were two guys and two ladies registered for the class. The one that wearing red shirt was the host, Hezreen (below picture). She was the one who been asking for the class since last year and willing to travel to my place just to learn something new. I sensed her dedication was genuine and honest, so I decided to bring the class to her place. I only asked for free drinks for participants, she gave us more than that. What a beautiful soul she is.

Beautiful Ladies in the Internet Business Express Course and Wealth with Law of Attraction

Beautiful Ladies in the Internet Business Express Course and Wealth with Law of Attraction

The lady who sat beside Hezreen is Corina, who have asked me about Internet Business in 2010. Two years later, when I text her about the class, she was excited to participate.

And that’s me. I was giving explanation and differences between Affiliates and Drop Ship. There are huge different between being an affiliates and doing drop ships. In the class I have explained what are their efforts and things they need to do when they choose to be an affiliate, re-sellers or both.

I was explaining the terms of affiliate and re-sellers

I was explaining the terms of affiliate and re-sellers

Standing makes it easy to show a little expression

Standing makes it easy to show a little expression

I love the excitements that they shared with me especially from Hezreen and Corina. Both gentlemen, Rafi and Hafiz (siblings) were calmer and a little shy. Rafi seems a bit excited when it comes to artifacts and Sugar Glider discussion, which he has intention to take it into proper business.

We laughed a lot especially when we discuss about the marketing and wealth in Internet Business

We laughed a lot especially when we discuss about the marketing and wealth in Internet Business

The Wealth with Law of Attractions has given everyone new perspective in creating wealth in life and business. All the participants have no clue what is Law of Attraction and how it works. After few slides on the subject, they started to realize many things that happen to them in terms of financials and money. Hezreen quoted “Ah! No wonder I could only sell a house last month because I’ve said – If I could sell a house is great enough…then I did and I started to get panicked because a house is not great enough”. 

In the same subject, I have given the participants steps in creating wealth with law of attraction including creating positive habit and daily practices, and reprogram wishes within conscious and subconscious mind.

I’m planning to roll the same class again in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and I believe in this, the numbers of participants is now growing. If you interested in learning both of these subjects or either one of it, please contact me via my email or phone numbers.

Last but not least, thank you Allah for making everyone dreams comes true.


Special Thanks:

To all the participants, Hezreen, Corina, Rafi, Hafiz, Lai (who have taken the class online), I would love to say this again; Thank you so much for the supports and willingness to learn new knowledge. I enjoy the knowledge sharing with everyone in the class.

For Hezreen, thank you so much for hosting the class and the efforts. It was beautifully arranged. For Joe Lai and Zahrah, thank you for being there to support me. I could not make this far without your guys help.

What is Affirmation Program?

In this simple article, I would love to explain why I have added affirmation writing as part of the healing programs. Here are the explanations:

1. Every creation is happening NOW, not in the past and not in the future but it happens NOW.

2. Every creation begins through these ways:

  • The power of our thoughts and imaginations (Mind)
  • The power of our emotions
  • The power of our words.

3. What we have in our minds and emotions, we always affirm it through our words.

4. As we speak (affirm), we create.

5. As we create, God, through His wonderful creation, The Universe will bring the creation into our lives accordingly.

Basically creation of our lives always comes from our mind, emotions and our own words. It is as simple as speak good words and good things will come into our lives. So with the negative words and it happen in the same process.

Affirmation Writing Is Part of Our Healing and Motivation Programs

Affirmation Writing Is Part of Our Healing and Motivation Programs

How Affirmation Helps?

Affirmation is a specific, constructive and powerful words that build to suits your need; mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When a person read the affirmation, he is creating the life wholly. When a person read the affirmation repeatedly, he is storing the powerful words into his conscious and subconscious mind.

The fastest result is getting your mind, emotion and words work in loving and positively powerful ways. Affirmations create powerful beliefs in your system entirely (We don’t get what we want but we get want we belief – Oprah). The long term result is self transformation that leads to meaningful and healthy life.

Affirmation writing is powerful and yet it can be tricky too. Just like mantras (doa) and prayers, wrongful wishes can lead to inconvenience results. Although some affirmation sounds positive enough to everyone but it may not suits the person need at that particular level. Hence, I would suggest that you get a right person to help you create powerful affirmation in transform your life entirely. In healing and health, affirmations create powerful result to the healing system.

If you interested in transform your life, health, relationship and anything you desire, we could write a powerful affirmation for you. For more information, please contact us via our email. Thank you.

Affirmation Writing is Powerful in Creating Life Entirely

Affirmation Writing is Powerful in Creating Life Entirely

How to Stop The Circle of Road Accidents?

Do you know what the popular news in Malaysia newspapers is? First is the politic and second are the road accidents. More than 10 years ago, Malaysia government and authorities try their best to reduce the road accidents. From one ops (stand for operation) to another, the statistic bars changed from time to time. Sometimes the bar increased, sometimes it decreased but it didn’t solve the whole problem. Question is what’s contributed to the accidents? Was it the drivers’ driving attitude? Was it due to the road conditions? Or perhaps the Ministry of Transportation have failed to take concrete actions to solve the problem? Or maybe it’s a curse for being the best road development in Asia (It was declared by the previous Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir in 1980s).

Many parties blame the drivers for their driving attitudes. I agreed but the whole situations didn’t just come from ‘drivers’ attitudes’. I have a theory on this; A theory where people who believes in the power of subconscious mind and law of attraction would believe in this theory.

Are you willing to create your life with the controlled and edited news?

Are you willing to create your life with the controlled and edited news?

I was one of Malaysian who prefers to read tragedy stories from the newspaper. After I’ve discover how’s the story could affect my entire being, I stopped. But many Malaysian are still excited about this kind of news. There are newspapers that sell death stories and it sold well. The stories would be written in details on how’s the tragedy happened and how’s the family felt including what was the last words from the victims. No doubt, news like this helps selling the papers but readers who eager to read such stories didn’t realize the affects to their subconscious mind.

Here’s how it works on us. It may sounds absurd but look at the pattern closely.

1) First we just read and see the tragedy pictures. Reading is simple but what comes during the reading that’s count.

2) Imagination. 

  • When we read, our brains would imagine.
  • The more details the story, the vivid the imagination.
  • Question is to whom the imaginations belong? Answer is our imaginations belong to our lives, not the victims. Yes, we read the victims stories but the imagination is ours.
  • Every thoughts and imaginations have vibrations and it will be sent out to the Universe instantly.
  • Creating process begin instantly too.

3) Emotion development. 

  • When our brains imagine, our emotions developed.
  • When we read sad, tragic and death story, our emotions turn to be sad too.
  • Every emotion we feel has its own vibrations that will be sent out to the Universe instantly.
  • Creating process begin instantly too.

4) Connection built.

  • When we feel sorry and sad about the victims and the family, we started to express our sympathy.
  • The fastest way to express it by putting ourselves in their shoes.
  • By putting ourselves in their shoes, we started to ask ourselves “What if this happen to my family? What if this happen to me? What would I feel?”
  • Questions open up us to the details of the tragedy. By answering the questions (either verbally, through discussion among friends or just in the mind), we are creating the actual drama in our life.

5) Memorysubconscious mind and Law of Attraction.

  • What we read, imagine, see and hear will instantly store in our minds as memory too.
  • When we started the circle of creating, our subconscious minds take it as true event of our lives (not the victims).
  • What’s in the subconscious mind will eventually appear true in our lives.
  • According to Law of Attraction, Like attract like. Therefore when the vibration of the tragedy are equal as ours manifestation, we are inviting the tragedy into our lives. It may started simple like we are attracted to accidents news or we often see accidents in front of our eyes.

So it is a yes that we are the one creating another road tragedy in life. Road tragedy can be avoided in many ways. When drivers drive with courtesy, accident can be avoided. When drivers drive with zero accident memory in mind, accident can be avoided too. But it’s not entirely the drivers’ attitudes that contribute the tragedy because partly, every one of us is responsible for what we create inside our mind.

Don’t get me wrong here. We can’t create accidents for other people. Our creation is only for ourselves. It means the creation of the tragedy is for the person who creates it. When it happens to the person who creates it, it always becomes news for others who have attracted same frequency. So the circle of the tragedy are likely hard to be completely stop. However, it is possible to reduce the tragedy to the minimum statistic.

What I have in here for the readers is how many of us willing to stop reading the tragedy news? A client of mine said “We would not know what is happening around us if we stop reading news like this”. My explanation is simple, how much worth the news to our lives and our mind? How big is the benefit we get from people’s tragedy? The answer is none.

I prefer to show my respect to the victims and the family by not reading the news (definitely by not sharing the news via social network), instead I would send my prayers for them so they would be able to go through the sadness and grief with peaceful heart. My wish is hopefully all of our awareness could help prevent the road accidents statistic from increasing.  When every one of us has the consciousness on the affects, we would likely stop many negative and bad things from ‘recycle’ process including rapes, child abuse and animal abuse.

It all start from a cause and the cause is us.

A Word Can Change Life

Do you know a word can change your life and a word can make your life turn upside down? We creating our lives through the words we speak, the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel and the action we give right now. Simple isn’t it? However, how many of us aware what’s coming out from our lips? I wasn’t aware either and because of it, my life was turning upside down and it totally affects my health. So here’s the story.

Harmony and Sensitivity, two straight words and everyone know the meaning. These words are the words I used to explain to people about the motivation business I’m doing. People always asked what makes I quit my logistic job and work in the line of motivation? My answer is always “It’s my gift. My purpose lies here”. Then people started to ask if I have psychologist background to conduct motivation session. It always stop me right there because I don’t do entirely psychology stuff but somehow I’ll be able to see their situation and their problems from different perspectives. So how do I do that?

Choose The Right Words To Explain Who You Are

Choose The Right Words To Explain Who You Are

To make them understand easier, I choose the word “sensitivity towards emotion”. It sounds right isn’t it? I wasn’t aware that this word brought madness and tragedy into my life. When I said ‘sensitive’, my subconscious mind makes everything became sensitive to me. It was madness to feel everything around you. It just took me a night out of someone else tragedy to fall sick emotionally, and then physically. Later on it affects my spirituality too.

It took me more than a week to figure out the root of the madness. I realized that sensitivity was outrageous. It completely separates me from being normal and healthy human. Once I figured out the root of the madness, I seek help from my healer. With her help, I rephrased and re-creating myself spiritually and emotionally. This time, I choose “I am harmony” and over the time, it help heals me physically too.

We all create as we speak. What we speak, what we think, what we feel, we are creating it. Soon the words we said moments ago will appear in our lives for real. This is the reason why we should speak positive and loving words. It’s not easy as I wrote it and it takes practice to speak only positive and loving words. The powerful words of “I am” and “You are” should be tied together with positive words and loves. Practice small every day so you could change your life tomorrow.

That’s the story between Harmony and Sensitivity. It just a word that differentiates what is coming into my life and what is not. So choose your word with wisdom especially when you say “I am….”

I Am Harmony

I Am Harmony

The Disaster Power of Jealousy

I was sitting in the coffee place and I overheard conversations from two people who sat at the next table. The topic that they discussed was ‘Jealousy’. She expressed her jealousy over her colleague who just been promoted to the higher level. She explained that she deserve the promotion because she’s the senior. And she carried on expressing her jealousy with greatest energy that she contributed through her frustration, anger and jealousy.

Her friend was nodding her head as a sign of agreement. At one time, I almost agree the way her friend handle her frustration and jealousy but before I could say “Thank God”, her friend voiced out.

“I’m jealous too that my cousin’s marriage happier than mine!”

Woman and jealous colleagues

I believe above situation are everywhere. In these days, jealousy has become too common to express and to spread it. There are many disaster point carry by jealousy compare to the goodness. Many people believe that jealousy is a MUST in relationship. If you think the same way too, I’m sorry to say that your belief is not entirely correct.

Jealousy act like a fire. Small fire benefits us and it keeps us warm. Big fire burn houses and it could even burn the entire forest. In terms of energy, the bigger the jealousy we have in our emotions, the greater the energy become. Jealousy always ties together with other emotions like frustration and anger. If we add up all the energy, it will become disaster.

Choose Love, Not Jealousy. Why?

  • The energy of Jealousy is as equal as the energy of Curse. When you feel jealous over people or situations, your jealousy will turn into curse on yourself. This curse will harm you in many ways including physical health, discomfort of emotions and create clouds in your mind.
  • When you express jealousy, you are spreading negative energy to the surrounding. This act will attract same energy to come back to you.
  • Jealousy means lack of love. When you express jealousy, you are pressing down the love energy in you and increasing frustration and anger energy in you.
  • In attracting things you want in life including happy relationship and career success, giving jealousy over this matter will only push your dream away. This is how it works; happy relationship and career success comes in positive energy. Anything that involves love and joy is positive. When you are in negative energy and vibration, would positive energy come to you? No.

If the two women who sat at the next table realize the wonder of love energy, they would not put their jealousy on the higher ground. If you are in the situation like these two women, perhaps you could try below methods. It will help you increase your love energy and decrease jealousy energy. The transformation of the energy will soon help you see the frustrated situation from the positive point of view.

Jealousy for People Happiness

a) When someone receive a promotion in the organization and you don’t like it, instead of feeling jealous, say this:

“I am happy that she’s happy with the promotion. I am giving my love through my congratulation words so she would have the positive energy to carry the duty. I am grateful and honor to see the transformation in me*, in her and in the organization. I am love and love is bringing me the position I desire”

*your transformation is from jealousy to love

b) When someone live a happy relationship or marriage and you don’t like it. Instead of feeling jealous, say this:

“I am happy that the couple are making the world full of love and happiness. I am giving my love to them so they can walk their journey with more love. I am grateful to fill my life with love energy. I am love and love is bringing me the relationship/marriage I desire”

When you are able to put yourself in love energy, you will set yourself free from curse, hate, anger and frustration. When you are able to see things with love, you will realize that every one of us have our glory moments in life. It just happens that some people get their glory sooner than us.  Each one of us have ‘the right timing’ in life. Everyone have their journey, joy and pain. So why choose jealousy when we could speed things up with love? Why choose to be separate from their joy and positive energy when we could be part of it?

Let’s choose love. Say no to jealousy today.