Attracting Money – The Fun Way

I was performing short meditation this morning and visualize wealth (especially money) in many ways. Few minutes later, I giggled while my whole body still on meditation post. A scene of money appeared in my mind and it filled me with joy. Remembering back the scene makes me feel hilarious, joy, abundance and happy.

Throw the Money You Have Into The Air and Feel The Joy Doing It

Few nights ago, my soul mate took few hundred dollars from her wallet and threw it to the air. Before she throws it, she nudged me softly and she said “Look!” and she threw it to the air.

Then I took my turn. I collected back the money and threw it again and we do it for another round. Not just that. Shortly after I collected the money, I placed it on the bed and lie on it. I even rolled over it like a sea-seal having fun rolling on the floor.

We were laughing. It was joyful and the feeling I had came to me back this morning during meditation. I realized that I don’t have to wait for million dollars of money to throw it to the air or sleep on it. All we need were few papers to experience the ‘money fall from the sky’. It was the feeling that counts and what I felt was priceless.

This is what I’ve learnt. When you think of money, you must think, visualize and feel the joy of it. Don’t think about your debts or the figure you have on the paper. Think and feel the emotion of joy. Feel the abundance. Feel like it flows freely in your life. Feel like it showers into your life like a pouring rain.

If you are feeling down because you have debts to pay or you don’t get the money you want, try this method. Grab the money you have in your wallet or your drawer and create the fun in your own way. Play game with it. Hold the money like it’s more than you wants. Act like you can buy anything you want with it. Do things you imagine to do with lots of cash in hand. Create the scene you wish to feel with the money.

Lastly, feel the joy and abundance throughout the game. And enjoy yourself.

Imagine the Money Come Into Your Life Like a Pouring Rain

Quick Tips – How to Build Your Love Life?

Do you feel it’s hard to get someone to share love with? Or have you been lonely for many years or always in and out of relationship? Life is meaningless if you didn’t share love with others (especially someone right).

So here are the quick tips to fix that situation:

1) To get love from others, you must first give love to yourself.

There are many ways to share love within you. One of it is to respect your own self. Never say negative things about yourself. For example “I’m not smart”, “I’m weak” or “I’m a loser”. Give yourself credit even if you make mistakes.

Spread Love with Your Smile

2) The easiest way to share your love is through your smile. Smile improves your look from inside.

You walk on the street feeling down and you caught someone smiling at you. The smile he shared when you are feeling down is not coincidence. Universe is sending you message and love to make you feel better. Smile gives love and love eases pain. So why not be the one who give the smile and ease somebody bad day. After all, smile reflects your inner beauty.

3) The energy you send out to people around you is IMPORTANT.

You get what you give. It applies to energy too. It’s a law of action and reaction. Careful of the energy you send out to others. Here’s a simple example:-

If you keep complaining about loneliness, you are sending negative energy instead of love (positive energy). When you send out the negative energy, people will walk away from it.

4) Go easy on communication.

Love growth through communication too. Say things that pleasant for people to communicate more with you. Avoid sensitive discussion or subject that hurts people feeling. If you go hard on communication, you will find it’s hard for people to love you. Communication takes two ways to growth. People listen to you when you explaining your life, you should do the same when people explaining theirs.

5) Start knowing yourself.

It is great to know yourself from A to Z. When you know YOU, you can help others know YOU too. Ask yourself question: How far do you know yourself? What you don’t like and what you like? Remember this; people get to know you the way you get to know yourself.

6) Never lie about YOU.

No matter how good a person at lying, the body languages and energy always speak differently. If someone caught you lying, you can say ‘bye-bye” to love and relationship.

7) Avoid seeking sympathy.

Here’s another simple example:- “I being dumped and since then I always get sick”. You may get the sympathy but not the love.

8′) Yourself first.

Give priority to yourself first doesn’t mean you are being selfish. At right situation like loving, self-protection and respect, you must give priority to yourself. Love yourself before others can love you. Save yourself before others can save you. Lead your own self before others can follow you. If you ignore the priority of yourself, others will ignore you.


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Breaking Up – How to Let Him Go?

You are so in love with him but the relationship ended anyway. No matter how hard you try, he chooses to leave.

And now you are feeling the pain from breaking up with him. You have no choice but to move on. Here are few quick tips to help you go through the healing period.

  • Breaking Up Is Not Easy and Hurtful

    Allow your mind to focus on other matters. Every time when you mind bring you back on him, snap out of it. Say this to yourself “It will pass” (It means him and entirely him)

  • When your mind stop focus on him, your heart will follow. When your mind stop think of him, your sadness, hurt and frustration will stop growing. When it does, you have untied the emotion knot between you and him.
  • Basic Law of Attraction – your mind and emotion attract things into your life. To let him go is to break the attraction. Don’t keep him in your heart and you’ll stop attracting him into your life.
  • Remember, when one door closed, another will open. Take it as opportunity to move on for greater love. Something beautiful is waiting if you allow yourself to move on.
  • Pray for your mind, emotion and soul. Then pray for him (it helps for those who feel revenge). Give forgiveness and you get forgiveness. Set him free and you set yourself free too.
  • Aware of this: You can’t erase him from your memory because that’s not how our brain works.  But you can erase him from your emotion by stop him to growth inside your heart.

So people say “it is times that heal you” and some others say “it is love that heal you”. But for me “It is time, love and your effort that heals you”. So, give yourself some credit for the courage to move on.

Emotions of Love and Hate

There is an invisible element ‘located‘ in the middle of our body and it never appear physical, only can be explained through actions and words. The element we called it ‘Emotion’ are given to us and it cannot be separated from us.  We use emotion everyday in our lives especially for communication. As much as emotion is a tool to connect within ourselves or others, it also can be a tool that destroys our lives.

Since it cannot be separated from us, therefore the only matter is whether we make it grow or we only use it at the right time. There are emotions that give us peace and happiness in life when we outgrew them. There are also emotions that destroy our lives if we allow it become a master of all emotions.

In building our Personal Brand, we must know how to use the emotions, how to master it and what would be our main emotion that can represent us as a person. Before we know the technicality of mastering the right emotion, we must know these emotions are separated into two groups: Positive Emotions and Negative Emotions (refer pictures A and B)

Picture A: Positive Emotions

The ultimate Positive Emotions is Love, whereas the ultimate Negative Emotions is Hate. It is important for us to reach the ultimate positive emotion (Love) and avoid the ultimate negative emotion (Hate). And it is easy to reach Love than Hate.

Picture B: Negative Emotions

Picture B: Negative Emotions

When we use the positive emotions, it means we have outgrown love in us. Passion, enthusiasm, satisfaction, gratitude, joy, hope and excitement appear because we have love. Once we feel these positive emotions, we reach the Love.

As for negative emotions, we can’t throw it away but we can control it. Every negative emotions can bring us to feel hate, especially when we use it every day. For example, if a person can’t control her anger, soon or later she will reach the point where she feels hate at almost everything in her life. She will get angry at almost everything in her life. It also goes this way: when these negative emotions appear, it doesn’t mean we are full of hate (not yet because hate take times to grow). It just means we are lack of Love.

When there is love, hate will go away. 

In Law of Attraction (as describe in The Power book by Rhonda Byrne) it is important for us to live our daily lives at least 51% of it fill with positive emotions. It is called – Tipping Point. Of course it is impossible to live at 100% of joy and excitement everyday without a slight irritation, fear or worry. Therefore, it is okay to feel the negative emotions but only to use it as a quick respond of the event that occurs in our lives. It means, when someone throw a stone at you and you believe you should get angry because it is hurting you, be angry then…but only to pick up the stone and put it aside and not carry the stone and be angry at it every day for the rest of your life.

Note: Source of list of emotions is from the book – The Power by Rhonda Byrne.


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How Can I Stop Being A Complainer?


I’m a complainer. I complained almost on everything. Since I’m getting older, I want to change and become a positive person but I can’t help myself because there’s always a thing for me to complaint. How do I handle this?


When you are in this situation, you have to remind yourself that you are just a human. What you have experienced are just these:

  1. Your goal is to be a better person (like trying to be positive thinker, optimistic and so forth)
  2. Then, there’s always a situation that challenge you (like things that make you complaint)
  3. Result: it put you in the middle of ‘being a person you aim to be’ or ‘being a person you used to be’

In these three stages, it is okay to do the first two. It is okay to aim for something better and then take some challenges. Without challenges, you don’t get result. The only things you shouldn’t do is the third stage (putting yourself in the middle).

The reason I suggest not to go to that stage is because we are all human. As human, we can’t run away from being a complainer or a whiner. Putting yourself in the middle will only confuse you. How can I be positive because I just complained?

Stop asking yourself that question.

Constructive Solution:

Keep think positive even after you complained. That the first thing you should do.
Second is to keep a simple record on your complaint. How many times you complaint per day? And what sort of things you always complaint on?
Then, with this record, you will get clear picture about total complaints you made and how many complaints you want to reduce the next day.

Finally, each complaint reduced is a success to you. Each complaint reduced means you are changing to the person you want to be.


We can write hundreds of pages about ‘complaint’ because complaint makes us feel better at some point.  It also makes us feel good. It’s easy to complaint than to find solution. That’s why people choose to complaint and whine most of the time.

However, if you realize, the feeling good doesn’t last long because the more we complained, the more things happen for us to complaint. That is just a basic knowledge of Law of Attraction.

So if you have to complaint about something, make sure it’s useful to the party you complaint. Otherwise, leave it. It’s good to save your energy for something else.


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