Lessons from A Crow

Crow, a common black bird on this beautiful Earth. The appearance of this bird always misunderstood by many people. Manipulated in the movies, many people tend to believe that whenever crows is nearby, dark forces is nearby too. Whether this is true or otherwise, crows are unique on its own. In the spirituality of Native America, Crows represent justice, spiritual strengths and more. And there is another kind of more.

On one fine morning, when I was reading a book, I’ve got visited by a crow. Her appearance was obvious, near and loud. I put down my book and observe this unique creature. In less than a minute, she has already taught me something beautiful about life.

The Lessons:

1. When the world mentally labeled that white is clean and pure, whereas black is dirty and dark, crows don’t care about these labels. They simply didn’t get identify with it. They accept the way they are and live the life by being themselves.

Lesson: Acceptance and detachment. When you accept yourself and detach from labels made by the mind, you get to connect with your true-self. And it is easier to be your true self without any mind label identification.

2. Have you seen any crow hidden behind the tree because she’s not as colorful as other birds? Have you seen any crow that feels so shy and hide her loud voice? Crows are one of the birds that appear in front of you with high self-esteem. One of the evidence is their appearance rather louder than silence. What are they telling us about self-esteem?

Lesson: Be loud and be bold about yourselves. Even if you feel that you are lack compare to others, even if you feel less pretty compare to others and many more of lack, accept it because it will help you increase your self-esteem.


The Crow, a black bird with a high self-esteem

The Crow, a black bird with a high self-esteem

Accept whoever you are because acceptance is beautiful life in making. Never hide yourself. Face the world with all the self-esteem you have. Throughout the time, it will increase and become stronger inside you.

And always be proud of yourself! Expose your talents, your skills, your voice, your opinions, your knowledge about life from the world. Do it with kindness and love. What the world need right now is people who can fit the puzzle of life correctly by being themselves.

Remember this; when the crows not trying to be others, it gives a sense of beauty in the world of birds. The world has colorful birds and also just one color bird; the black crow. This is not sacrifice. This is the acceptance of being. And YOU are unique. We are unique. Only by being yourself, you are helping others being theirs. All of it will fit the puzzle of life beautifully.

Photo Credit: Linus Galleries.
Artist: Cassie Walker.

Why Live In Hurry?

Only human living in hurry. We get hurry to work, to eat, when we are driving, making decisions, talking, pass judgement toward self and others..and yet we wonder where is love in life? Why are we have not been given miracle and healing in life? Ever ponder why life passes by so slow and yet we miss it?

I’ve learned from these mulberries in my garden. They take weeks to grow as it is. They breathe in harmony and yet they grow on productivity. Their moments of transformation are beautiful.

Let’s take life slowly today and yet live in productivity by achieve something better than yesterday. Good morning beautiful souls.

(Note: I’m posting from my mobile.  Hence I choose to write it as short as I can)


Simple Ways to Live Your Life to the Fullest

Live Your Life to the Fullest. This quote normally written clearly on a poster with a picture of a man who stood at the edge of a cliff, looking at the world with all the joy written on his face and body (particularly the hands because it normally rose up to the sky saying – Yeah I did it!!!). At a glance, Life lived to the fullest can be a simple meaning; be happy, be healthy or achieve your dreams. But what if you are not happy? What if you are failing to achieve your dreams? What if you are experiencing anxiety almost every day? What if you’ve been told that you have depression? How would you live your life to the fullest in these cases?

First of all, be present. No exception.

Second of all, understand that living your life means many things. It can be done in many ways. Don’t just stuck with the idea of success is the only thing relate to the quote. It’s certainly not about collecting material possessions to really live your life to the fullest.  Here are the examples:

  • If you hurt, feel the pain because pain is part of the life. 
  • If you are happy, feel the joy because you earned it. 
  • If you are alone, embrace the quietness of life.
  • If you with your love ones, pay attention to them. 
  • If you are working, deliver your best.
  • If you are resting, listen to your body.
  • If you are drinking coffee, enjoy the aroma. 

Whatever you are doing right now, do it consciously. Whatever you are experiencing right now, feel it consciously. Focus to the present because this is LIFE. Your life. You are breathing through the moments of your own. Life lived to the fullest in this way. You live to the fullest in this way.

And in each moment of living, say your gratitude because you are living YOUR LIFE to the fullest and most important, because you have been given opportunity to have a life.

Live Your Life. Don't just Exist.

Live Your Life. Don’t just Exist.