How to Increase Your Energy Before You Go To Work?

Have you experience this before you go to work every morning; complaining about the stress your job is giving you and you are feeling heavy about the stress that you are going to experience it again today?

If you are experiencing this, you are not alone because majority of people are experiencing it. Many people experience it for a long period of time. I did experience it many years ago when I was working in logistic company. The hectic of the job, the meetings, the demands from bosses and clients became a gang of stress to me. So I feel you and understand the stress too. But I found the solutions.

Before we get to the solutions, you must first understand what is keeping you running on the same stress and hardly break the chain between you and the stress? The answer is you choose to go to work when your energy is in low vibration. You get the low vibration by thinking the things that already pulling your energy down like the stress, the demands, the arguments, the meetings, the datelines and more.

The solution is not about eliminating all the stress and the source of the stress but to prepare you on energy level and increase your vibration before you face another (or same) stress at your work today. When you face the stress with higher vibrations, you are controlling the stress entirely. Most important thing is the stress has no power over you anymore. The tips is for those who feel they have no enough time to live their morning peaceful life.
Here are the tips:

Sunbathing (Morning Sunlight)

Before you start the car’s engine and heading to your office, spend 5-10 minutes facing the Sun. The best time is when the sun just rose, the colors of the Sun are between orange to yellow and the heat is cozy warmth. Sunlight increase energy level in you. Sunlight generates Vitamin D for your skin.

Relax Your Mind

During sunbathing the morning light, close your eyes and think nothing. Put aside all the meetings and works you have in your mind. Remember you still have another 7-8 hours to think about your work, so quiet the thoughts for 5-10 minutes won’t do you any harm. In the process, take few deep breaths and feel the morning breeze. Let the energy and the peaceful life flow in you beautifully.

Touch the Nature

What I mean by ‘touch the nature’ is connect yourself and your body with the nature by touching them. Here are few simple tips for you; stand barefoot on the soil or touch your plants. Speak your love to them silently and their love will be with you the entire day. All the elements that come from the Earth contain healing energy for you. You need it in overcome the stress later on.


Go to work only when your mind, emotion and physical are fill with your own power. When you go to work without getting ready to face the stress, it will feel like going to war without weapons. You will get weak by the stress and pressure throughout the day. Get yourself ready and program your mind by saying these simple affirmations:

I am power of love. I am power of peace. I am power of harmony and I claim all the power of me. All my works are within my control. I cherish all of it with joy and love.

Throughout the day, these powers become yours. And when stress is visiting you, it has no power over you. When you realize it, you will know how to use the stress and turn it as a force in achieving your goals and works.

Morning sunlight bring peace in you. If you are an empath, feel the peace from the picture.

Morning sunlight bring peace in you. If you are an empath, feel the peace from the picture.

Step 5: The Practical Step to Heal From Illness

Step 5: Trust Your Own Body

Have you ever accidentally cut your finger with knife or got scratches when you fall down on your knee? Does the wound heal by itself? It does. With right amount of time and treatment, it always does.

In healing illness, it is important that you trust your own body that they are working on healing 247. Besides trust, it is advisable that you support the healing by acknowledge the pain with love and less in complaining or whining about the pain. Give right treatments with right medications to your body and the universe inside you just knows what to do. Bottom line is, as long you want to be healed; they will do their best to heal too.

Tips: Check out the photo below and learn how to connect with your body. This way, you can feel the pain at the exact point of your body. With the acknowledgement of the pain, it is easy for you to focus on the healing.

Spot your illness points with these method

Spot your illness points with these method

Step 4: The Practical Steps to Heal From Illness

Step 4: Trust Your Healers

Most of the time, in the process of healing illness, you need secondary party like healers, medical practitioners and medicines to help you healing.  These parties have what you need to heal from illness. However, whether their healing is effective on you or otherwise is depends on your belief and TRUST.

First of all, when you seek healing from secondary parties, you must extend your beliefs in healing to these parties too. It also means, you must belief that their works of healing are effective to you.

Second of all, trust is like a bridge that connects the healing from the secondary party and you. Your body has a powerful defence system and they work under ‘instruction’ of your mind. Without trust, your body will do anything to reject the healing or didn’t take the healing at all. In Reiki and also in many other healing techniques, healing that goes without trust will be dismissed or repelled. Trust must be developed inside your heart and it should be given out by verbal permission like “I give you permission to heal me”. And trust is one way to love.

Tips: Take time to know your healer. Then, be honest with your own self and the healers. If you have no trust, it is okay to inform them that you may not need the healing at this moment.

In order to allow Healers to help you on healing, you must first trust them and their techniques of healing

In order to allow Healers to help you on healing, you must first trust them and their techniques of healing

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Step 2: The Practical Steps to Heal From Illness

*Continue from the previous article

Step 2. Ask for healing and health.

The first effort you must give is to ASK. Yes it is simple but you, your own self must ask for it. Many people these days choose not to ask. And if they asked, they tend to ask a wrong question like “Why me?”

Ask; not a question but an appropriate request. First request that you should ask is from the highest being (Allah, God or any other terms that you use). Then ask it from the healers. Last but not least, ask it from your own body.

Why do we need to ask from these three beings? The answer is simple.

  1. Only God can grant the healing and health.
  2. Healers can’t give you any form healing if you didn’t ask for it. If they do, it gets rejected.
  3. Do you know that you have trillions of cells in your body? Now, all these cells have abilities to heal but their work of healing based on your efforts too. These trillions of cells must know what you want and what you are going to get. Simply ask them to work in harmony with you. In return they shall work wonder.

It is also a simple collaboration between you entirely and what healers have to offer you. Ask for it because without asking for it, no one will know what your needs is. Furthermore, to ask is polite.

Tips: Ask a request like “Dear (name the being), I want to be healed and improve health. Please help”. It is effective compared to “Why me?”

It is a promise to us, ask and you shall receive.

It is a promise to us, ask and you shall receive.