Five Powerful Cleansing Phrases

I wrote this statement in my Yahoo Messenger since two weeks ago and I got many responded from people in the list. Most of the respond were curious about my life. Only one asked me directly “What’s with the status?”

The status goes like this:

I love you. I forgive you. Please forgive me. I am sorry and Thank you.

I love when people curious about these phrases and I explained to them that these are cleansing phrases. These five phrases are commonly use in daily life but many do not aware that these phrases has cleansing power. It cleanses ourselves from the unnecessary thoughts that we restore inside our mind especially our subconscious minds. In another article, it says that:

“You clean yourself from subconscious garbage – programs that run your life without your participation”- Read more here.

This cleansing technique called Ho’oponopono, started in Hawaii, founded by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeon and documented for healing proof by Dr. Hew Len, her student.

How Ho’oponopono actually work?

Dr.Ihaleakala Hew Len

Dr.Ihaleakala Hew Len

Everything in our lives was partly created by us. The creation is not just with our hands and actions but also with our minds. Everything started with our minds. Take a quick moment and check out what were the last things we have in our minds? A world peace? A meal? A solution to confrontation? A gift for the lover? A happy family? A prepared dialogue for argument? Jealousy thoughts? These thoughts and many other thoughts were sent out to the Universe and in the creation process instantly.

According to Dr. Hew Len, who have managed to heal violence patients in Hawaii State Hospital described that he do not heal them, instead he healed part of himself that created them (the patients).

Ho’oponopono and Healing

I practice Ho’oponopono everyday especially at night. Sometimes I just do the cleansing generally but sometimes I specifically focus on a thing. When I dealt with my fear and anger, I specifically use Ho’oponopono to cleanse the relationship, the situation and myself that relate to fear and anger.  Over the time, it has helped me reduce the intensity that fear and anger have towards me. It also help me to cleanse the unnecessary thoughts of anger and fear in this now moment (that I might now aware of it), so it would not emerge uncontrollably in my reality later.

When a person takes responsibility in his creation and aware that as a human, he would not be able to run away from destructive thoughts, Ho’oponopono is one of the best cleansing techniques a human could give to himself and to the rest of the world.

And here’s the best part of Ho’oponopono, it didn’t require meditation or specific ritual to cleanse our minds. It also didn’t tie to any religion specifically. These five phrases can be used anywhere, everywhere, to any situation we like, to people we love or dislike and use it for love. All we need to do is to repeat these phrases many times (many times = mantra).

  • I love you
  • I forgive you
  • Please forgive me
  • I am sorry
  • Thank you

Five beautiful phrases and yet contains powerful love and cleansing materials. Take responsibility that we are creating the life and the world. Put our egos aside, surrender ourselves to God and cleanse ourselves with love. Last, belief that the world and life that comes to us would be better, beautiful and cleaner than before.


Some practice indicated that only four phrases require for cleansing (all above except I forgive you) but some practice indicated that I forgive you is one of the cleansing too, especially in cleansing our egos.

Hooponopono Cleansing

Hooponopono Cleansing

How to Stop The Circle of Road Accidents?

Do you know what the popular news in Malaysia newspapers is? First is the politic and second are the road accidents. More than 10 years ago, Malaysia government and authorities try their best to reduce the road accidents. From one ops (stand for operation) to another, the statistic bars changed from time to time. Sometimes the bar increased, sometimes it decreased but it didn’t solve the whole problem. Question is what’s contributed to the accidents? Was it the drivers’ driving attitude? Was it due to the road conditions? Or perhaps the Ministry of Transportation have failed to take concrete actions to solve the problem? Or maybe it’s a curse for being the best road development in Asia (It was declared by the previous Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir in 1980s).

Many parties blame the drivers for their driving attitudes. I agreed but the whole situations didn’t just come from ‘drivers’ attitudes’. I have a theory on this; A theory where people who believes in the power of subconscious mind and law of attraction would believe in this theory.

Are you willing to create your life with the controlled and edited news?

Are you willing to create your life with the controlled and edited news?

I was one of Malaysian who prefers to read tragedy stories from the newspaper. After I’ve discover how’s the story could affect my entire being, I stopped. But many Malaysian are still excited about this kind of news. There are newspapers that sell death stories and it sold well. The stories would be written in details on how’s the tragedy happened and how’s the family felt including what was the last words from the victims. No doubt, news like this helps selling the papers but readers who eager to read such stories didn’t realize the affects to their subconscious mind.

Here’s how it works on us. It may sounds absurd but look at the pattern closely.

1) First we just read and see the tragedy pictures. Reading is simple but what comes during the reading that’s count.

2) Imagination. 

  • When we read, our brains would imagine.
  • The more details the story, the vivid the imagination.
  • Question is to whom the imaginations belong? Answer is our imaginations belong to our lives, not the victims. Yes, we read the victims stories but the imagination is ours.
  • Every thoughts and imaginations have vibrations and it will be sent out to the Universe instantly.
  • Creating process begin instantly too.

3) Emotion development. 

  • When our brains imagine, our emotions developed.
  • When we read sad, tragic and death story, our emotions turn to be sad too.
  • Every emotion we feel has its own vibrations that will be sent out to the Universe instantly.
  • Creating process begin instantly too.

4) Connection built.

  • When we feel sorry and sad about the victims and the family, we started to express our sympathy.
  • The fastest way to express it by putting ourselves in their shoes.
  • By putting ourselves in their shoes, we started to ask ourselves “What if this happen to my family? What if this happen to me? What would I feel?”
  • Questions open up us to the details of the tragedy. By answering the questions (either verbally, through discussion among friends or just in the mind), we are creating the actual drama in our life.

5) Memorysubconscious mind and Law of Attraction.

  • What we read, imagine, see and hear will instantly store in our minds as memory too.
  • When we started the circle of creating, our subconscious minds take it as true event of our lives (not the victims).
  • What’s in the subconscious mind will eventually appear true in our lives.
  • According to Law of Attraction, Like attract like. Therefore when the vibration of the tragedy are equal as ours manifestation, we are inviting the tragedy into our lives. It may started simple like we are attracted to accidents news or we often see accidents in front of our eyes.

So it is a yes that we are the one creating another road tragedy in life. Road tragedy can be avoided in many ways. When drivers drive with courtesy, accident can be avoided. When drivers drive with zero accident memory in mind, accident can be avoided too. But it’s not entirely the drivers’ attitudes that contribute the tragedy because partly, every one of us is responsible for what we create inside our mind.

Don’t get me wrong here. We can’t create accidents for other people. Our creation is only for ourselves. It means the creation of the tragedy is for the person who creates it. When it happens to the person who creates it, it always becomes news for others who have attracted same frequency. So the circle of the tragedy are likely hard to be completely stop. However, it is possible to reduce the tragedy to the minimum statistic.

What I have in here for the readers is how many of us willing to stop reading the tragedy news? A client of mine said “We would not know what is happening around us if we stop reading news like this”. My explanation is simple, how much worth the news to our lives and our mind? How big is the benefit we get from people’s tragedy? The answer is none.

I prefer to show my respect to the victims and the family by not reading the news (definitely by not sharing the news via social network), instead I would send my prayers for them so they would be able to go through the sadness and grief with peaceful heart. My wish is hopefully all of our awareness could help prevent the road accidents statistic from increasing.  When every one of us has the consciousness on the affects, we would likely stop many negative and bad things from ‘recycle’ process including rapes, child abuse and animal abuse.

It all start from a cause and the cause is us.

A Word Can Change Life

Do you know a word can change your life and a word can make your life turn upside down? We creating our lives through the words we speak, the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel and the action we give right now. Simple isn’t it? However, how many of us aware what’s coming out from our lips? I wasn’t aware either and because of it, my life was turning upside down and it totally affects my health. So here’s the story.

Harmony and Sensitivity, two straight words and everyone know the meaning. These words are the words I used to explain to people about the motivation business I’m doing. People always asked what makes I quit my logistic job and work in the line of motivation? My answer is always “It’s my gift. My purpose lies here”. Then people started to ask if I have psychologist background to conduct motivation session. It always stop me right there because I don’t do entirely psychology stuff but somehow I’ll be able to see their situation and their problems from different perspectives. So how do I do that?

Choose The Right Words To Explain Who You Are

Choose The Right Words To Explain Who You Are

To make them understand easier, I choose the word “sensitivity towards emotion”. It sounds right isn’t it? I wasn’t aware that this word brought madness and tragedy into my life. When I said ‘sensitive’, my subconscious mind makes everything became sensitive to me. It was madness to feel everything around you. It just took me a night out of someone else tragedy to fall sick emotionally, and then physically. Later on it affects my spirituality too.

It took me more than a week to figure out the root of the madness. I realized that sensitivity was outrageous. It completely separates me from being normal and healthy human. Once I figured out the root of the madness, I seek help from my healer. With her help, I rephrased and re-creating myself spiritually and emotionally. This time, I choose “I am harmony” and over the time, it help heals me physically too.

We all create as we speak. What we speak, what we think, what we feel, we are creating it. Soon the words we said moments ago will appear in our lives for real. This is the reason why we should speak positive and loving words. It’s not easy as I wrote it and it takes practice to speak only positive and loving words. The powerful words of “I am” and “You are” should be tied together with positive words and loves. Practice small every day so you could change your life tomorrow.

That’s the story between Harmony and Sensitivity. It just a word that differentiates what is coming into my life and what is not. So choose your word with wisdom especially when you say “I am….”

I Am Harmony

I Am Harmony

Beauty Lies in Every Cleanness

I promote this act of kindness not because I’m a personal motivator. I just believe a small act of kindness make big different to the society. Besides this act of kindness is an act of cleanness to the physical, environment, mind, emotion and soul.

The next visit to the self-service restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, KFC and others similar restaurants, throw our own rubbish before we leave the restaurants. I have some people looked at me when I did that (in Malaysia). It’s not about showing off, it’s about beauty that lies in every cleanness act. Besides, it trains our minds to stay clean.

Rubbish On the Food Tray

Rubbish On the Food Tray

Try to look at these ways:

1) Cleanness and dirtiness is a habit. You actually carry the habit (without you realize it) to the public. And that’s one of the personal brands. Are you a clean person? Turn around and check the table you sat for meals.

2) Act of cleanness is a way to tell our minds that we are a clean person. Our minds memorize what we did. Then it reflects the beauty of it throughout our personalities. The act of cleanness is not just affecting us physically but also mentally and spiritually.

3) What we tell our minds when we leave our rubbish on the table and walk out from the restaurant? We tell our minds this “It is okay not to clean up our mess”. Then it becomes an attitude where, in many occasions, we leave our messes to be cleaned up by somebody else.

4) Let’s reflect this habit of dirtiness and relate it into our lives. See how people really enjoy doing things they like but when problem arise, they walk away and leave the mess behind and hoping somebody else clean it for them. It just the same habit, only in different forms and scenarios.

5) When we clean up the table so others could use a clean table too, we increase our act of kindness and reduce our act of selfishness.

6) Important for the parents: When we throw our own rubbish, we are teaching our children to do the same. Children learn best from their parents. If we leave our rubbish on the table and leave, our children do the same to us when we have our meals at home.

7) This act of cleanness will help the restaurants crews focus on cleaning other places like floors, windows, kitchens and washrooms.

8) When we help our environment stays clean, it helps us stay clean in many ways.

Don’t mind the service tax. We could give it as a service for clean washroom, sit on clean chair or safe playgrounds for the children. It just a small charity if we choose to look at that way. After all, it called Self-Service. It should be self-service until we leave the restaurant.

Things You Should Do Before New Year – Part 1

I have this written in my Facebook Page few days before new year. I decided to publish it in the blog so everyone can refer it from time to time.

#1: Make Spaces.

You can’t bring new things into your lives when you still clinging on the old things. Make spaces is important if you want to live a better life in 2012.


Relationship: If you wish to be in a relationship or married by 2012, make space by having big bed, empty half of the closet (so he/she can put his/her cloths later) and stop dating the person you knew you will not end up your life with.

Emotionally: If you wish to be happy in 2012, make space by letting go the sadness, frustration, anger or hate in your heart. Happiness and love will not rise inside you when their seats in your heart have been filled by sadness and darkness.

Physical material: Let say you want to get new furniture. Make space by give away the old furniture.

Remember, making space is like a universal signal saying “I am ready to have this (name the thing you want)

#2: Get Rid of Negative Energy.

No point carrying the unnecessary energy to 2012. Many people wanted to achieve new goals (material, career, personal growth, relationship) but it seems hard to get it. The reason they fail is because they keep living on the same experiences (especially emotionally) like last year.

Part of the energy comes from within. It also means, we have control over it. This is how you can get rid negative energy before you enter 2012.

No Negative Energy is Allowed Here

  • List down the things that you STILL feeling bad about it on piece of paper. For example all the bad experiences that causes you hate and anger or frustration.
  • Once you done and before you end the letter, you write – “I’m letting you go now for good and I’m thanking you for the service you gave me” (Bad experiences taught us priceless lesson and they were there so we would appreciate good times in life. Bad experiences is not rubbish, hence we thank them for the lessons)
  • Crumple it and throw it somewhere else (outside your house). IMPORTANT: I’ve learnt that NEVER burn the paper. Burning it will only make the negative energy stronger.
  • Once you threw it away, it is time for you to build positive energy. Write down all the positive feelings you want to live with. For example: “I am more loving and harmony
  • Once you done and before you end the letter, you write – “I’m making spaces for you to enter my life. Please welcome in”. Folded and keep it in your sacred place.

NOTE: This is not a ritual from specific religions. This is just a way to make your mind see things clearly. The act of throwing or accepting makes your mind work better. Furthermore, there are many ways to get rid the negative energy. If you need more clarification on this subject, feel free to contact me. Happy throw the negative energy!

Why We Need Closure?


A simple word to the world. So simple that it makes most of us forget how important closure in our lives. The meaning behind it is deeper than any words in the world can describe it. There’s no guidelines how we should perform closure. Closure is very subjective in terms of understanding and manifestation. Everyone carry different way of closure.

I watched Source Code last week and I came back home with thousand questions in my mind. One of the main question is ‘Can we live without closure?’

When Captain Colter Stevens acted by Jake Gyllenhaal requested his service to be terminated and he choose to die, it makes me realize that what we actually need is closure. I have to admit, the movie gave impact to my emotion. I can’t imagine my life or soul being stuck with something, no progress and no moving elsewhere. It will be neither there nor here.

There are many tragedies or events in life that leave many people hang in the middle without closure. For example, a family who lost their child and body was never discovered. When there’s no funeral take place, possibility no closure takes place too. Part of us may want to believe the child died but part of it wants to hope for his return. Another example is a husband who disappears and leaves the wife hanging with uncertainties. The wife can’t move on because no closure takes place in their relationship.

Closure doesn’t relate to death and relationship only. Closure touches us in everything we do. As matter of fact, we do closure almost every day in our lives. Most of the closures we perform are physical and material closure. For instance, you need to submit your sales report by tomorrow evening. You close your report by today and present to your manager by tomorrow. After you have presented to him, he gives you approval on the report. The approval is the closure for you. You can now move on to the next task.

As simple as it may sound, we all need to understand closure in every aspect. We know we can handle physical closure. As long we are train to do better, we can perform physical closure easily. How about emotion closure and spiritual closure? Do we perform better in these two areas?

What is emotion and spiritual closure?

I’ll start with a question. Do you feel doubts and uncertain about something in your life? Take a moment to feel your emotion. If you have a doubts and uncertain feeling about something in your life, it means you have not do any closure on the matter yet.

Letter of resignation

When I was working few years back, I’ve been transferred to handle a new project far from my home town. I moved to the city of Kuala Lumpur and started to work on the project. The first month, my life was in the hotel room at night and in the warehouse from morning to late night. After weeks, I started to feel uncomfortable living in the hotel room. I want a place to settle down. The company I worked with is a very great company but due to this new project, the management stop focusing on their employees’ need. As much as I want to settle down, I refuse to do so until the management give me a transfer letter. It took them months to provide me one. I have no choice to settle down myself. Part of it has been closure to me. The other part has been dragged for months, waiting for them to provide me a transfer letter.

I knew I can’t wait for a letter to give me closure. I knew I should create my own closure. One day, I decided to quit and give closure to it. I cried when I decided to leave but deep inside me I know the closure is important for my life. It does not give me happiness at the time but it gave me peace.

When it comes to emotion and spiritual, most of us didn’t realize it existence until we’ve been force to give comfort to it. We do not know how important closure to our emotion and spiritual until we’ve been force to act on it. This is the part where many of us don’t know that emotion and spiritual closure are as important as physical closure.

Why do we need closure?

Find your closure like closing an opened door

Once you find closure, it will give you comfort to your emotion. It makes you complete. It gives peace to your mind and soul. Even the closure is a physical or material closure. Any closure always gives us peace of mind.

Second, matter without closure is like an open door. When we see it open, we tend to walk through it in and out, back and forth. In life, it gives us more matter to opt. The more we have on our list, the harder it feels to give closure.

Third, closure also means ‘done‘ and ‘finished’. As human, we crave for progress in life. We always want to move on. Closure gives us green light to move on. We certainly can’t move on when we never done or never finished. We will hang in the middle, neither there nor here.

Even though closure doesn’t promise us happiness as achievement, but closure promise us completeness. Peaceful. Achieved. Satisfaction. Closure helps us move on and create progress in life. We all need closure. Find out if something in your life need a closure. Get it done and move on. Happiness will come along.

Last, find the closure in everything you do and enjoy the completeness and peaceful feeling you’ll get as a reward.

Feel the completeness after the closure

The Universe in Us

Do you know what’s inside you are doing? Do you have a clue what is happening right now inside the cells in your body? Do you know what your lung cells were doing right now? You have no idea isn’t it? No worries. I’m no biology nerd and I have no idea what they were doing too. However, one thing I knew for sure that inside our bodies there are systems that works in harmony.

Sounds crazily positive? The answer is – this is what our bodies do. Every cell, every nerve is working in harmony. We don’t have to be a biologist to feel that. Try these three for a minute or two and you will feel the universe inside you is working in harmony.

Our Heart. Every Beats Give Us Life

The Heart

Close your eyes and listen to your heartbeat. Imagine your heart is beating (it’s not that hard to imagine it. Youtube it if you never seen a heart beats). Feel the sensation of every beats. Touch the left part of your chest like you are touching your heart. While doing that, realize this: These cells (in form of heart) are the reason you are still here, alive. These cells serve you right now without question and it doesn’t care who you are. Therefore, embrace it while it still beating.

The Brain

Close your eyes and imagine your brain. Imagine every thoughts you have are like lights moving from one part to another. Imagine every cell and neuron is transmitting knowledge and information. These cells are the reason you are still here, thinking and alive. You are no retard because these cells serve you well. It moves your entire body, it make sure your heart beats and it ensure the system inside you is working in harmony without you have to control it.

These cells (in form of brain) was place on top of our head as a sign of respect, therefore these cells is working with respect. It serves us with respect. As a return, respect them by generates good and beautiful thoughts.

The Brain and Mind That Control Our System

The Lungs

Now imagine your lungs. These cells serve you breathing. When you were sleeping, it still serves you. Place your hands on your chest and feel the air moving inside and out. Embrace these cells because they serve you without you have to carry a tank of oxygen everywhere you go.

The Lungs That Help Us Breathing

We can imagine and feel every part of our bodies and how they serve us without judging us at all! All these cells collaborate with each other’s without we have to control them every seconds. It’s like the external universe where the sun, the moon, the winds, the clouds, the stars and everything else are working accordingly without our control. So, the systems inside us represent a universe too.

These days, the lifestyle is making us busy and paying attention on the external instead of the internal. It makes us forget that what’s inside us that give us the freedom to explore the external universe. If any of these cells or any part of the universe inside us stops working, we will be stop living too. If any part of these system shutting down or fail to work, we will physically fail to live too.

How to Love Them?

It would be beautiful to embrace every cell, every nerve and every working system we have inside us. Embrace them by listening to them. Love them by pay attention to them. Send prayers and gratitude to them for working in harmony. Feed them with good things, good foods and good thoughts (for the brain). Most important thing, never judge them especially when we get sick. Never call them by the sickness. Believe in them because they know their work. They know what God make them to do. Believe that they are trying their best to heal the sickness in us.

For them, who never judge us even for a second…and for them that work with love and in harmony for us, I believe we should do the same too.

Emotions of Love and Hate

There is an invisible element ‘located‘ in the middle of our body and it never appear physical, only can be explained through actions and words. The element we called it ‘Emotion’ are given to us and it cannot be separated from us.  We use emotion everyday in our lives especially for communication. As much as emotion is a tool to connect within ourselves or others, it also can be a tool that destroys our lives.

Since it cannot be separated from us, therefore the only matter is whether we make it grow or we only use it at the right time. There are emotions that give us peace and happiness in life when we outgrew them. There are also emotions that destroy our lives if we allow it become a master of all emotions.

In building our Personal Brand, we must know how to use the emotions, how to master it and what would be our main emotion that can represent us as a person. Before we know the technicality of mastering the right emotion, we must know these emotions are separated into two groups: Positive Emotions and Negative Emotions (refer pictures A and B)

Picture A: Positive Emotions

The ultimate Positive Emotions is Love, whereas the ultimate Negative Emotions is Hate. It is important for us to reach the ultimate positive emotion (Love) and avoid the ultimate negative emotion (Hate). And it is easy to reach Love than Hate.

Picture B: Negative Emotions

Picture B: Negative Emotions

When we use the positive emotions, it means we have outgrown love in us. Passion, enthusiasm, satisfaction, gratitude, joy, hope and excitement appear because we have love. Once we feel these positive emotions, we reach the Love.

As for negative emotions, we can’t throw it away but we can control it. Every negative emotions can bring us to feel hate, especially when we use it every day. For example, if a person can’t control her anger, soon or later she will reach the point where she feels hate at almost everything in her life. She will get angry at almost everything in her life. It also goes this way: when these negative emotions appear, it doesn’t mean we are full of hate (not yet because hate take times to grow). It just means we are lack of Love.

When there is love, hate will go away. 

In Law of Attraction (as describe in The Power book by Rhonda Byrne) it is important for us to live our daily lives at least 51% of it fill with positive emotions. It is called – Tipping Point. Of course it is impossible to live at 100% of joy and excitement everyday without a slight irritation, fear or worry. Therefore, it is okay to feel the negative emotions but only to use it as a quick respond of the event that occurs in our lives. It means, when someone throw a stone at you and you believe you should get angry because it is hurting you, be angry then…but only to pick up the stone and put it aside and not carry the stone and be angry at it every day for the rest of your life.

Note: Source of list of emotions is from the book – The Power by Rhonda Byrne.


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Are You Running On Same Circle?

John Doe have been in his third relationship since 17 years ago. He divorced twice and his third marriage doesn’t seem give any different to him. According to him, he married a woman who carried same trait as his ex-wives. She loves to nag.

Somewhere in Asia, Jane Doe, an owner of a medium size company described her only problem in the organization – spending more time training newcomers than expanding her business. She realized the pattern since two years ago and she’s still training newcomers.

What Would You Feel If You Are Running in Same Circle?

What can you tell from both stories? The answer is they are running on same circle. It gets them nowhere so far and they keep coming back to same matter. If you realize, it took them years to figure it out and yet, they still running on same circle. Aren’t we all are too? So how do we know if we are running on the same circle?

It takes effort to see our lives from different point of view. Not many people love to evaluate their own life. For some reasons, we always thought we are right, therefore we do not need to evaluate ourselves and our lives. We insist that nothing is wrong with us and it always others that do wrong.

If you never mirror yourself, you can start doing it now. It is not to find blame but to improve your life. It is not to self-demoralize but to create progress in life. It is important to know if you running in same circle over these years. If you do, you can figure out how to break the point of the circle and create progress in life.

Spot the Circle.

1) Facing Same Problems

  • It’s easy to find out. List down things you always complaint about in a small book. Bring the book everywhere you go and jot down every single complaint you made. After a week, look back and figure this out: – What are the same complaints you made?
  • Get help from your closest friends. Ask them what are the things you always complaint about? Write it down too.

2) Same Pattern of life.

  • Ask yourself this question: – What are the newest things you have done recently? 

3) Getting Bored.

  • How many times you get bored in a week or in a month?
  • Can you remember when was the last time you told someone that you are feeling bored and tired with your life?

Once you have answered these questions, let’s go for the solutions.


1) Solving the Same Problems.

Solving Problems Will Make You Go Forward

Same complaints you made define what’s in your life. You don’t like it. You want to get rid of it. Somehow you believe you can’t because you thought the problem comes from others. Therefore, you make complaint. The more you complaint about certain problem, the more it define how deep it affect your life. Remember, no one complaint about anything if it doesn’t affect her emotionally or mentally.

Understand and accept the problems are the key to the solution. Never run away from it. When it comes to solve our problem, always open up our mind. It might not always be somebody else mistakes. It can easily be ours wrongdoing too. Get ready to accept it. This will also explain why all the previous solutions don’t work and still making us running on same circle. It makes thing easier to fix when we know the real source of the problem.

2) Create New Pattern in Life.

It’s easy to create new pattern in life. Learn new things. Do something you never do before. There are plenty of things you can do in life to fill up the enjoyment in you. When I insist people to learn new things, they always snap at it by saying “I don’t enjoy doing it” or “I don’t have time“. We all know it just an excuses. You wouldn’t know if you don’t enjoy it unless you experience it.

3) Create Progress.

Our soul, mind and body know how to tell us if we do not make progress in life. One of it is they give us these feelings, bored and uneasy. When they eager to create progress but we are doing the contradictory, they will start to shout inside us. That is how we get the uneasy feeling in us. When we didn’t know what is happening, it will make us feel bored with our lives.

Creating progress by progress will make you feel alive. I never heard people who make progress in life feel bored. All I know, they always move forward. After one progress, they create another new one. As far as I concern, they have happy souls with strong mentality. When our soul, mental and body are on same track, we will never get bored.

Finding Peace in You

If you start to feel bored, find a quiet place and feel what’s inside your heart. Talk to yourself. Figure out what makes you bored. Make a progress out of your boredom. Knowing what makes you feel bored is a progress itself. Last, find total closure and create more progress.

Stop running in the same circle. It gives you nothing but boring life. Just like what have been quoted by Robin Sharma “Many people live the same year 80 times and call it a life”. Make a progress and make one now!


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The Power of Gratitude

I thought about this last night and planning to share it with my all my readers. I believe it is worth to live by this knowledge, to acknowledge the beautiful gift we all have in us. And this gift is our brains. Brain that works wonder and create imagination beyond anything in the world.

Before I went to bed last night, I had said this:

“Thank you God for the healthy mind I have and for the vision I able to imagine. Thank you for letting me create the path I want through this element – thoughts”

And I opened my eyes. Something hit my mind, and it makes me wonder. How does this work for Down syndrome people? How they see their life? For all we know, Down syndrome described as ‘… associated with some impairment of cognitive ability and physical growth…’-Wikipedia

Special People

Focus on this word: Cognitive. It means ‘…the scientific term for “the process of thoughts”…’ – Wikipedia.

Down syndrome people are unable to process thoughts, scientifically. If this is true, these special people are unable to create a vision like we do. They go as far as their mind can bring them, which is limited. They have a life but, they are unable to create it as far as we all do. While we imagine the life we want, they might not be able to do so. While we are allowed to create a vision and imagination through our thoughts, these special people have their limit to do so.

Thinking of it, wouldn’t you feel lucky that you have been given the greatest gift in life? A gift than allow you to create your life, the gift that allow you to adapt and expand every knowledge you receive, the gift than allow you to pick choices, the gift we all call “mind”? And yet, many of us do not use their mind and thoughts to create a better life through their beautiful imagination.

Why these people didn’t notice the power of their mind? The answer is no one will ever notice it until they say and feel gratitude. Mind is physically invisible. We always take invisible element less serious. Anything we can’t see in our life is frequently less serious compare to the things we can see and touch. That’s the reason we are always feeling our life small and nothing. That’s the reason we didn’t notice the gift of our mind.

Gratitude can offer you many things. It makes you see small things in the big picture. It makes you see the invisible, visible. It always makes you notice all the smaller things in life such as our toes, our eyebrows, our heartbeat, our brain and its ability to generate thoughts and imagination, our tiny little cells that work best for us and many more. Gratitude makes us feel that we actually have more. Gratitude makes us feel rich. It makes our life richer, bigger and more beautiful than before.

Most important, gratitude cost you nothing. It’s free. Use it day and night and you will see, your so-called small life will turn bigger than before.

And that’s the power that lies behind gratitude.


This article was written in previous blog – May 2011