How to Heal Your Past?

We all have our pasts; the happy ones, the hurtful ones, the joyful or the terror ones. We all been there and experienced it. Sometimes we remember our pasts to the details especially the hurtful ones. How can we not? Why should we forget about our pasts since it was part of the reason of who we are? Even if we could forget who we were in the past, can we forget the memory? We are all human; there is no delete button in our heads. So why are talking about forgetting our past?

My fellow readers, I must say this; Keep the Past. Do not throw it away. Do not deny it. Do not run away from it. Do not go crazy with it too. You must understand that the past, present and future cannot be separated. However, it can be healed.

1. Make Peace with It.

When your past is haunting you right to the present moment, make peace with it. It means making peace with you entirely. It will help you stop sabotage your present moments; the joy that you entitled to achieve.

What happen if you didn’t make peace with it? It makes you think you are living your past. It makes you want to believe that it have created you (therefore you must live with it). By thinking you are living on it, you have added more energy to it. It makes it harder for you to forget it.

Although the past cannot be separate with you, the truth is you are not living it. It only lives the memory Inside Your Mind. So make peace with it. And how can you do that? Read the next one.

2. Acceptance.

Accept whatever that happened to you in the past. Accept the pain and the situation all-together. Accept the shame, the guilt and the resentment. Only by acceptance, you acknowledge that the past is another subject of energy; a totally different from your being. This subject of energy that attached to you is the energy from the memory. By accepting it, you have detached yourself from the energy of the past. You are now looking at it from the eyes of the present YOU instead of the eyes of your past.

Tips: Write a letter to your past. Mention what you are feeling right now about your past. Say what you must with kindness and love. Write it from the heart of a Love being and not from the mind that pass judgement or emotions that get carried away.

3. Forgive Yourself.

Whether things that happened in your past was your mistake or somebody else, give forgiveness to yourself first and then others. Forgiveness is healing. After you have detached yourself from the energy, you should fill the void with love. By filling it with forgiveness, you have already given love to yourself.

Tips: Say I Love You as much as you can. Write and say a simple affirmation such as “I am filling myself with Love and allow forgiveness to heal my past. And so it is. Thank You”

You may ask; what’s the difference it makes, the memory is still there?

The memory doesn’t go away. That’s the fact. What goes away is the energy that attached to the memory. By these processes, the energy gets transmuted. Once it transmuted, whenever you recall the memory or it came back to you in surprise, you will look at it as a witness rather than as a victim. You will face it with love rather than judgement. You can smile at it and not going crazy thinking you are your past. The past no longer sabotage your present moments.

In the other words it gives you Healing.

Make Peace With Past

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Detach Heal and Move On Program by Your Personal Motivator

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The Reversi Game of Life

Life is always hard on us. I agree with the statement and many people do too. But why life is hard on us? If life is so beautiful, why life treats us ‘ugly’? The reason is; to teach us act the opposite acts. If you are:

  • Feeling weak; get up to prove your strengths.
  • Feeling lost; keep moving and ask for direction because new direction is unfolding before you.
  • Feeling empty; fill yourself with love. Not people. Certainly not any materials.
  • Feeling hatred; fill your own self with forgiveness.
  • Feeling lack;, fill yourself with gratitude.
  • Feeling busy; learn to manage time.
  • Emotionally mess; list it on paper. An act of listing ‘cure’ messiness.
  • Feeling sad; fill yourself with patience.
  • Feeling pain; allow healing to fill in.
  • Feeling darkness; learn to be the light.
  • Feeling tied up; learn to let-it-go.

Sometimes all we have to do is the opposite of what have been given to us. Just like the game called Reversi. When life turns into ‘black’, we have to turn it back into ‘white’ and win the game. By doing this, we are not only learning to survive but also learn the value of every act and situation we experienced. This is how to tell ourselves, our minds and our lives that we are getting better than good.

So whenever life is hard on you, please DO whatever it takes to live the life you DESIRE. You deserve it!

Reversi Game in Life

Reversi Game in Life

Why Letting Go With Fire Is Not A Good Idea?

You just broke up with your lover and you have so much anger, fear, frustration and hatred in you. These emotions soon become non-beneficial feelings and situations to you. All you have now is the urge to take the burden away from you. Then you started to grab a piece of paper and write down your feelings. Once you have finished it, you started to burn the piece of paper. Do you do this? Are you familiar with the tips?

I’ve seen this act many times in my life. I thought it was a great steps but I was wrong. Here I am about to tell you that the act of burning it is not a good idea to get rid things and emotions. Here are the reasons why.

1. Fire promotes heat.

Do not burn the non-beneficial feelings or situations with fire. It will only get worst.

Do not burn the non-beneficial feelings or situations with fire. It will only get worst.

When you write the feelings and situations you don’t like on paper, you have transfer the energy onto the paper through your powerful words. When you burn it, the fire increase heat on the words you wrote on the paper. That is why whoever burn their emotions through this process, didn’t really heal from the pain. Instead, they get more heat from it.

2. Fire relate to anger.
How do you feel when you get close to fire? Do you feel uncomfortable burning by the heat? How do you feel when you are standing closer to someone who is angry? Do you feel intensity and uncomfortable? Fire promotes intensity. The words you just burned have increased its intensity and turning into uncomfortable sensation of yours. It also means, if you burning your anger, you only gets more anger later on.

3. Energy Can’t Be Destroyed.
Since energy can’t be destroyed, whatever feelings or situations that you try to burn are still has its energy only in different form. The non-beneficial feelings and situations you thought has been destroyed are in fact still linger in your life.

The right way to get rid things is to transmute the energy you no longer need in harmony ways. Instead of burn it, try burying it. The act of bury means death and to our subconscious mind, it means ‘no longer serve us (the living)’. In fact, the energy you put onto the paper and the paper itself will be transmuted naturally by the nature.

And here’s the important part, it is alright if you need unleash all the non-beneficial feelings on the paper but close your case with gratitude and thank the feelings or situations for their services. This way, you are not just sending it off with anger but you choose to end it with LOVE. The energy of Love (the most powerful energy in the Universe) that you give will heal the energy of anger, fear, frustration or hatred that you released earlier. In the end, it all becomes a HEALING for your emotions.

If bury is too much for you, simply throw it away outside your house for recycle process. And the key words; send it off with LOVE.


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How to Cleanse Jealousy?

I wrote about jealousy yesterday and how to say love to overcome the moment of jealousy. The technique I wrote yesterday applies to ‘now moment of jealousy’. By giving love, it would instantly pressing down the jealousy bar at that moment. It save a person from giving negative energy to himself and to the person or situation that he feels jealous about. And jealousy that he felt a moment ago stop right there.

But what about his history of jealousy? What about the situation or people he felt jealous a year ago or 10 years ago? Every moments of jealousy that we have, especially moments that bring us great intense of feeling has its own curse on us. We may not know how the curse works on us but soon or later we will start to feel unhealthy, stressful and discomfort of emotions.

I knew a woman who lives her life with jealousy. Every time I was around her, I felt headache. I do not know how she gave me headache until I understand energy. From time to time I heard she fall sick, from Cysts to Hypertension and more. Recently I heard she had alternative medical treatment and she had removed ‘curses’ out from her body. Her health started to improve and she feels calm these days. Most important thing is she started to show love towards people around her.

In her case, she took years to realize curses she developed inside her. She had to learn the hard ways but we don’t. We could learn from her. I’ve learned about Jealousy and Curses from a lovely healer. She helped me heal from certain energies and she taught me about the disaster power of jealousy. Later on, I heard more the curses and jealousy from other healers and strangers. With all the knowledge I knew, I would like to share with you on how we should remove the past moments of jealousy.

  • Get Rid of the Dirt With Soap

    Get Rid of the Dirt With Soap

    Choose a moment to do this simple ritual.

  • Sit on a chair and feet touch the ground.
  • Close your eyes and close your palms.
  • Recalling the moments of jealousy you used to have before.
  • Draw (move) these moments from your mind into your palms. (This is an act of relocating the jealousy moments from your mind into a place where you have control over it, which are your hands).
  • Once all the moments of jealousy moved into your palms, open your eyes.
  • Go to the washroom and throw all these moments into a toilet bowl – Do it like your hands are full of dirt.
  • When it’s done, flush it away. Say thank you to these moments for the service and lessons they teach you. (This is an act of removing the moments of jealousy away from you…and with a love manner).
  • Wash your hands with soap. (This is an act of total cleaning your hands from dirt of jealousy).

Last, when one has been removed from your life, one has to be replaced into your life. When you remove jealousy out from your life, replace it back with love. Take a short moment to say prayers, forgiveness and love to yourself, to the people and situation you used to feel jealousy to. This will help you balance your life back and grow love from within.

Note: Some curses need healers to remove it out from the body. If you are sure that you have curses in you, please seek help from healers. 

Practice Forgiveness

Forgiveness is part of loving act and yet it is the hardest thing for many people. When we are in between forgiveness and our egos, we tend to choose egos. What happen when we do not forgive?

Forgiveness is like cutting the strings that attached us to an unnecessary object. When we didn’t cut the strings, where ever we go, we have to pull the object and its weight with us. The unnecessary weights always slow us down, and soon drained out our energy. Not to mention, along the way, we will add more weights and objects behind us. The heavier it be, the unproductive we became.

Forgive is Love.

Forgive is Love

Forgiveness is not easy. It takes practice to forgive. It takes courage to cut the strings. I always suggest practice forgiveness on small matters. Practice it daily. Here some examples. Always starts with yourself, family and then people around you including your neighbours and people in the office.

With own-self:
a) Forgive the madness you can’t take.
b) Forgive for the anger you threw today.
c) Forgive for the failures you made.

The reason is simple; we human are made to express our emotions and make mistakes. So don’t be too hard on ourselves. Forgive ourselves so we could move on and start another new day tomorrow. Forgive ourselves is loving ourselves.

With Family:
a) Forgive your husband for keep forgetting the groceries you ordered.
b) Forgive your kids for the mess they made.
c) Forgive your in-laws for the nagging.

People in the family are the closest people we connected to. It is easier to growth intense connection with our families. Forgiveness will help them and we break the intense chain. Forgiveness is one of the key to a happy family.

Your neighbours and people in the office:
a) Forgive your staffs for the mistakes they made. In case of frequent delay, instead of bragging about it, find out why they delaying it.
b) Forgive your boss about his bossy attitude. Forgiveness helps you move up faster or help you out (from the organization) faster.
c) Forgive your colleagues for the gossips they spread.
d) Forgive your neighbour for the loud music they played.
e) Forgive your neighbour for taking up your parking space.

Find solutions to each problem. Forgiving didn’t mean you have to turn your back, walk away and pretend nothing has happened. That’s not forgiving, that’s self-centred. In order to forgive, we must face the situations, the emotions and the solutions.

Forgive so we could growth love to ourselves and others. Forgive so others could have chance to spread love to us. Forgive and walk light in our lives.

Breaking Up – How to Let Him Go?

You are so in love with him but the relationship ended anyway. No matter how hard you try, he chooses to leave.

And now you are feeling the pain from breaking up with him. You have no choice but to move on. Here are few quick tips to help you go through the healing period.

  • Breaking Up Is Not Easy and Hurtful

    Allow your mind to focus on other matters. Every time when you mind bring you back on him, snap out of it. Say this to yourself “It will pass” (It means him and entirely him)

  • When your mind stop focus on him, your heart will follow. When your mind stop think of him, your sadness, hurt and frustration will stop growing. When it does, you have untied the emotion knot between you and him.
  • Basic Law of Attraction – your mind and emotion attract things into your life. To let him go is to break the attraction. Don’t keep him in your heart and you’ll stop attracting him into your life.
  • Remember, when one door closed, another will open. Take it as opportunity to move on for greater love. Something beautiful is waiting if you allow yourself to move on.
  • Pray for your mind, emotion and soul. Then pray for him (it helps for those who feel revenge). Give forgiveness and you get forgiveness. Set him free and you set yourself free too.
  • Aware of this: You can’t erase him from your memory because that’s not how our brain works.  But you can erase him from your emotion by stop him to growth inside your heart.

So people say “it is times that heal you” and some others say “it is love that heal you”. But for me “It is time, love and your effort that heals you”. So, give yourself some credit for the courage to move on.

How To Earn Better Position?


I’ve been working for the company for 12 years. I started as a clerk and I am now a supervisor for the past five years. My starting salary was $600 and now I’ve only earned $1900 per month. I wanted to move up the career ladder but my immediate superior and the management never give me the opportunity to move up as senior supervisor. According to them, I do not have the qualification to be one of the management team.

For the past few years I’ve only get less than $50 for my yearly increment and I felt totally demotivated.

I want to move up so I could earn more than I am earning now. Tell me how would I do that?


Too Comfort Will Make You Feel Lazy

No one should be working in the same company for more than seven years unless it’s your own company. 12 years is too long for a person to work proactively. The years you’ve spent under the same environment will make you feel too comfort to move with extra energy. No one is moving proactively when they feel too comfort about something.

Working under the same environment will eventually slowing down your progress too. The best way to move up is to change job from time to time. Stay in a company for five years (minimum three years and maximum seven years), then you should look for better job, better position and better pay. That’s the general idea about moving up the career ladder.

In your case, there could be many reasons why your immediate superior or the management do not want to promote you. It could be no position available, wages cost control and more. It can also be the result you gave them for the past few years ago. When an employee shows his has no motivation, it gives an employer excuse not to reward the employee.

Constructive Solution:

Start looking for a new job that can give you better pay and better position.  Send out your resume as much as you can. I believe 12 years experience in the line you work would give you incredible experiences and wider job descriptions. Use these experiences and start writing a solid resume for yourself.

Tips: Hire an expert to write your resume if you do not know how to express your job descriptions on paper. Show your potential employers that you are entitle for better positions based on your working experiences.

Once you get better salary, equip yourself with advance knowledge. Take courses and get certificates, diploma or degree (if you are up to it). With these papers, no one would question your qualification.


New job can offer you new experiences, new cultures and new visions. The differences you’ve learned from companies will turn your career portfolio from bronze to silver and to gold.

Working in new environment will give you the motivation back. Make friends with new faces will give you wider perspective about moving up the career ladder.

Skills and experiences are meant to be shared. If the current employer stop paying attention to your contributions (skills and experiences), find a new employer who are willing to pay their attention to you.

All of these are so much better than figuring out why your increment is always less than $50 per year. Give yourself a chance and start it with a new resume.


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Let It Go

This is not the best way to make decision

Have you ever make decision by pulling off the five petals flower? Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes…? Five petals options no longer challenging because the answer you get is the first answer you mention when you pull the first petal.

Before you go to the florist or pick one of your flowers in the garden, read the rest of this article. Your courage in making decision lies in you and not on the petals. Here is where you can find your courage.

It was a hot day and I’ve been resting in the room when a friend asked if I would like to join her for swimming session. I loved the idea; I went and spent nearly an hour doing pool exercise. She asked if I breathe when I swim. Seriously, I haven’t got to that level yet. I’ve learned to swim by accident. I found out I can float and I’ve learned to move from there but I never got the right way to do the breathing technique. Knowing that, she taught me to breathe and it was a good lesson. As matter of fact, it was priceless.

“In order to breath in, you must first breath out” She explained. “Many people hold their breath. They scare to let it go. They thought if they let it go, they have no more air to breathe.”

It makes sense. Naturally, we breathe out in order to breath in. Naturally, we let it go in order to get fresh air in. Naturally. But we don’t simply let it go when things turn out to be unnaturally to us. Breathing in the water is not nature to us. Hence, we keep the air that precious to us.

In life, the common difficulties we have is when unnatural things require us to make decisions. Unnatural things are things that don’t work naturally such as career, relationship, material progress and more. These things require our effort in order to progress. When we stop building it, it will stop growing. In swimming, if we keep holding on our breath, we will never swim far or in deep pool. We will never be a swimmer. So we have to learn to let go the air and breathe in.

The let-it-go concept actually applies in every aspect of our lives. In relationship, career, business and entire life journey require us to let go something in order to get something.

Take career for instance. Many people choose to stay because getting new job means have to start over again and challenge their comfort zone. They refuse to give chance for better opportunity because they want to believe what they are holding on right now is precious. Those who are willing to let it go will always get better opportunity to growth compare to those who choose to stay.

In relationship, we must learn to let go same argument, same discussions and same routines. I’ve seen couples who have same arguments for many years and it tells me one thing – the problem has never been solved. Let it go by work out the solutions. In order to build deeper love than hate in the relationship, let go the same arguments, same discussion and same routines.

In personal growth, let go of your hate, jealousy, grudge, anger and frustration. Holding to these feeling only makes your life full of these entities. You attract what your feel and your life will be created based on these feeling. Something you certainly do not want in life.

In business, learn to let go same ideas, same concepts, same mindsets and same contracts. Holding on to these things freeze your business from creativity. Your businesses can growth bigger if you allow new ideas, new concepts, new mindsets and new contracts flow in.

Do Your Judgement and Measurement.

People tell me that it is not easy to let it go. What if things don’t turn out the way we want after we let it go? What if things turn out ugly? What if we can’t find peace after let go our conflict feelings? My respond is “Judgement and measurement. Followed by positive thinking and hope”

Do your judgement and measurement before you decide to let go especially things related to materials and physical such as career.  Measurement and judgement is to build your confidence and trust in you. Once you have your judgement and measurement, you can decide to hold it or let it go. Whatever your decision is, you must train to think positive and give hope that things will turn out well. You can leave the last two steps (positive thinking and hope) if you think these is ridiculous. But remember, you are what you thought and feel. After deliver some action (judgement and measurement), you deserve to create the outcome by think positive and give positive hope.

Do not quit from your job because I say so. Quit because you get better job and better opportunity. Do not holding on to it because you think its precious or because you think others will not give you same comfort like you have now. Stay because you can develop and growth. Let it go because you can growth better somewhere else.

Do not quit your relationship because you can’t let go the same arguments. Quit because you have no more love. Stay because both of you can work out the solutions.

Let-it-go takes courage and trust in self. Let-it-go promising wonderful outcome if you never doubt yourself. Let-it-go gives us varieties of experience. Let-it-go opens up opportunities for personal growth and it gives you peace. Let-it-go can give you so much in life.

So. Let. It. Go.

And about the swimming lesson, the technique is simple but challenging. So it is advisable for you to get a coach.


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