Internet Business Class and Wealth with Law of Attraction

Last year few people asked me if I ever thought of doing my own talk. My replied was “The plan is either end of this year (2011) or early next year (2012) depends on how soon the injury heals.” It was a little bit dragged but my dream came true. Last week on 9th June 2012, I had my first class in my hometown, Penang.

The class was more on Internet Business and techniques but I have added a 45 minutes talk on Law of Attraction (specifically on wealth attraction). My objective is to help participants build their own internet business with proper technical steps and roll it together with the laws of life like Law of Attraction and Power of Wishes (affirmations). The modules will help participants build the business in terms of giving actions and receiving the results and wealth.

The idea to start the class came one week before I travel to Penang for vacation. Yes! One week for a class, modules, marketing and arrangement, was indeed one crazy idea. But this was what I told myself when the idea came to me; Let’s Make It Real. Although I’m an optimistic but I’m also a bit of realist. With only one week I had in hand for everything and the place I choose, I don’t expect a crowd of 20-30 participants. My expectation is only 5 to 7 participants. Ask and you shall receive and I eventually scored 5 people for the first class with 2 people to help me on the photo shoots and others. So total people were 7! This is awesome as a start! (Just so you know that one participant didn’t turn up for the class but she is now having online class with me via email)

Here are some photos took by my Graphic Designer, Joe lai (and also a person who had help me bringing this idea into reality, Millions thanks to her) and by my niece, Zahrah who took photos beautifully even she had issues with her Canon DSLR.

Gorgeous Gentlemen for Internet Business Express Course and Wealth with Law of Attraction

Gorgeous Gentlemen for Internet Business Express Course and Wealth with Law of Attraction

There were two guys and two ladies registered for the class. The one that wearing red shirt was the host, Hezreen (below picture). She was the one who been asking for the class since last year and willing to travel to my place just to learn something new. I sensed her dedication was genuine and honest, so I decided to bring the class to her place. I only asked for free drinks for participants, she gave us more than that. What a beautiful soul she is.

Beautiful Ladies in the Internet Business Express Course and Wealth with Law of Attraction

Beautiful Ladies in the Internet Business Express Course and Wealth with Law of Attraction

The lady who sat beside Hezreen is Corina, who have asked me about Internet Business in 2010. Two years later, when I text her about the class, she was excited to participate.

And that’s me. I was giving explanation and differences between Affiliates and Drop Ship. There are huge different between being an affiliates and doing drop ships. In the class I have explained what are their efforts and things they need to do when they choose to be an affiliate, re-sellers or both.

I was explaining the terms of affiliate and re-sellers

I was explaining the terms of affiliate and re-sellers

Standing makes it easy to show a little expression

Standing makes it easy to show a little expression

I love the excitements that they shared with me especially from Hezreen and Corina. Both gentlemen, Rafi and Hafiz (siblings) were calmer and a little shy. Rafi seems a bit excited when it comes to artifacts and Sugar Glider discussion, which he has intention to take it into proper business.

We laughed a lot especially when we discuss about the marketing and wealth in Internet Business

We laughed a lot especially when we discuss about the marketing and wealth in Internet Business

The Wealth with Law of Attractions has given everyone new perspective in creating wealth in life and business. All the participants have no clue what is Law of Attraction and how it works. After few slides on the subject, they started to realize many things that happen to them in terms of financials and money. Hezreen quoted “Ah! No wonder I could only sell a house last month because I’ve said – If I could sell a house is great enough…then I did and I started to get panicked because a house is not great enough”. 

In the same subject, I have given the participants steps in creating wealth with law of attraction including creating positive habit and daily practices, and reprogram wishes within conscious and subconscious mind.

I’m planning to roll the same class again in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and I believe in this, the numbers of participants is now growing. If you interested in learning both of these subjects or either one of it, please contact me via my email or phone numbers.

Last but not least, thank you Allah for making everyone dreams comes true.


Special Thanks:

To all the participants, Hezreen, Corina, Rafi, Hafiz, Lai (who have taken the class online), I would love to say this again; Thank you so much for the supports and willingness to learn new knowledge. I enjoy the knowledge sharing with everyone in the class.

For Hezreen, thank you so much for hosting the class and the efforts. It was beautifully arranged. For Joe Lai and Zahrah, thank you for being there to support me. I could not make this far without your guys help.

Things You Should Do Before New Year – Part 2

Here’s the second part of Things You Should Do Before New Year. Get your part 1 here.

#3: Celebrate Your 2011 Success.

Celebrate Your Success the Way You Like

There’s no point chasing for success if you don’t even celebrate it when you achieve one. Celebration is like a reward to yourself and to all your efforts. When you celebrate it, you affirm your success (even a little one). Affirm your success help you build better self-confidence for your life journey.

Take a pen and write down the success you have achieve in the past 12 months. No matter how big or how small the success to you, if you think it’s worth to celebrate, right it down.

Then, make a celebration the way you like (I had mine yesterday in Baskin & Robbins). Read the success note (Declaration of your success) to your family or your friends or your love ones. It’s important to share the success with them because they are part of it directly or indirectly.

#4: Planning Your 2012 Journey

Almost everyone do this every year. The easiest part is to plan ‘material wish-list’. Everyone could write down what they want to buy or get in next year. The hardest part is to plan for personal and spiritual growth.

In life, journey covers the physical aspect (material, business, and career), mental aspect and spiritual aspect. When you plan your journey for coming year, make sure you didn’t left any aspect out of it. Here’s simple example for you.

Physical aspect – Besides planning to buy new stuff (like a car or camera or hp), you should plan on how far your career should go in 2012. What do you want to achieve in your career? How much salary are you looking to settle in 2012? What type of projects you wish to participate next year? You can ass financial aspect under this section too.

Mental aspect – If you can’t see the world with your own eyes, see it through others people eyes. Gain experiences through words written in the paper. Ask yourself, what area of life or knowledge you wish to explore in 2012? Economic? Autobiography? Motivation? Fiction or Non-Fiction? Once you know, right down how many books you wish you read in 2012.

Spiritual aspect – Spiritual can be explored through prayers and meditation. How far you willing to spend your time in 2012 for prayer or meditation? Write down what’s the impact you want to happen in your life if you pray or meditate? For example, if you are a temper person, the goal is to make you a calm person.

Every plan must come with goal. When you write the plan, make sure you write the goal next to it.

#5: Imagine and Clarify Your Move.

Your Imagination Must Get You A Feeling That You Already Have It

Imagination and Clarification is important. Without imagination, you are blindly living your life. Without clarify the move is like you walk to your destination without any signboards to lead you. Both Imagination and Clarify is also important to your subconscious mind. Remember, what you see in your mind, what you feel, what you say and affirm will be carried out by your subconscious mind as an order.

When you have the plans and goals, see clearly through your mind that you ARE achieving it. The vision must clear. Then affirm it by say it to yourself (Say it repeatedly like the mantra I showed you, which would be better. Avoid using “I will” because things are happening now, not yesterday and not in future)

Example: You want a new car. Your vision should be cleared that you ARE driving your new car. You ARE paying for the car with feeling gratitude and wealthy (This is very important part. If you feel burden, you are giving out signal contradict to your goal. Hence you might not be able to achieve the goal). You ARE looking fantastic when you driving your new car. That’s imagination. So feel it too.

Clarify your move is knowing and affirming what you are doing to achieve it. Your action throughout the journey must not contradict your desire. Clarify will help you stay on the right track to achieve your goals.

Take 30 minutes before you sleep tonight and tomorrow night to imagine and clarify your move for 2012. Make it simple, clear and have fun with your imagination.

If you require details on every step, please contact Ladyroses. I wish you Happy 2012. May all your goals and dreams come true in 2012.

Things You Should Do Before New Year – Part 1

I have this written in my Facebook Page few days before new year. I decided to publish it in the blog so everyone can refer it from time to time.

#1: Make Spaces.

You can’t bring new things into your lives when you still clinging on the old things. Make spaces is important if you want to live a better life in 2012.


Relationship: If you wish to be in a relationship or married by 2012, make space by having big bed, empty half of the closet (so he/she can put his/her cloths later) and stop dating the person you knew you will not end up your life with.

Emotionally: If you wish to be happy in 2012, make space by letting go the sadness, frustration, anger or hate in your heart. Happiness and love will not rise inside you when their seats in your heart have been filled by sadness and darkness.

Physical material: Let say you want to get new furniture. Make space by give away the old furniture.

Remember, making space is like a universal signal saying “I am ready to have this (name the thing you want)

#2: Get Rid of Negative Energy.

No point carrying the unnecessary energy to 2012. Many people wanted to achieve new goals (material, career, personal growth, relationship) but it seems hard to get it. The reason they fail is because they keep living on the same experiences (especially emotionally) like last year.

Part of the energy comes from within. It also means, we have control over it. This is how you can get rid negative energy before you enter 2012.

No Negative Energy is Allowed Here

  • List down the things that you STILL feeling bad about it on piece of paper. For example all the bad experiences that causes you hate and anger or frustration.
  • Once you done and before you end the letter, you write – “I’m letting you go now for good and I’m thanking you for the service you gave me” (Bad experiences taught us priceless lesson and they were there so we would appreciate good times in life. Bad experiences is not rubbish, hence we thank them for the lessons)
  • Crumple it and throw it somewhere else (outside your house). IMPORTANT: I’ve learnt that NEVER burn the paper. Burning it will only make the negative energy stronger.
  • Once you threw it away, it is time for you to build positive energy. Write down all the positive feelings you want to live with. For example: “I am more loving and harmony
  • Once you done and before you end the letter, you write – “I’m making spaces for you to enter my life. Please welcome in”. Folded and keep it in your sacred place.

NOTE: This is not a ritual from specific religions. This is just a way to make your mind see things clearly. The act of throwing or accepting makes your mind work better. Furthermore, there are many ways to get rid the negative energy. If you need more clarification on this subject, feel free to contact me. Happy throw the negative energy!