Beauty Lies in Every Cleanness

I promote this act of kindness not because I’m a personal motivator. I just believe a small act of kindness make big different to the society. Besides this act of kindness is an act of cleanness to the physical, environment, mind, emotion and soul.

The next visit to the self-service restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, KFC and others similar restaurants, throw our own rubbish before we leave the restaurants. I have some people looked at me when I did that (in Malaysia). It’s not about showing off, it’s about beauty that lies in every cleanness act. Besides, it trains our minds to stay clean.

Rubbish On the Food Tray

Rubbish On the Food Tray

Try to look at these ways:

1) Cleanness and dirtiness is a habit. You actually carry the habit (without you realize it) to the public. And that’s one of the personal brands. Are you a clean person? Turn around and check the table you sat for meals.

2) Act of cleanness is a way to tell our minds that we are a clean person. Our minds memorize what we did. Then it reflects the beauty of it throughout our personalities. The act of cleanness is not just affecting us physically but also mentally and spiritually.

3) What we tell our minds when we leave our rubbish on the table and walk out from the restaurant? We tell our minds this “It is okay not to clean up our mess”. Then it becomes an attitude where, in many occasions, we leave our messes to be cleaned up by somebody else.

4) Let’s reflect this habit of dirtiness and relate it into our lives. See how people really enjoy doing things they like but when problem arise, they walk away and leave the mess behind and hoping somebody else clean it for them. It just the same habit, only in different forms and scenarios.

5) When we clean up the table so others could use a clean table too, we increase our act of kindness and reduce our act of selfishness.

6) Important for the parents: When we throw our own rubbish, we are teaching our children to do the same. Children learn best from their parents. If we leave our rubbish on the table and leave, our children do the same to us when we have our meals at home.

7) This act of cleanness will help the restaurants crews focus on cleaning other places like floors, windows, kitchens and washrooms.

8) When we help our environment stays clean, it helps us stay clean in many ways.

Don’t mind the service tax. We could give it as a service for clean washroom, sit on clean chair or safe playgrounds for the children. It just a small charity if we choose to look at that way. After all, it called Self-Service. It should be self-service until we leave the restaurant.

How to Stop My Nagging Mother?


I have a mother who likes to nag. What can I do to stop her from nagging? She nags almost about everything including money, her life, her marriage, her children. She just can’t stop it. I am tired with her attitude. What should I do?


Listen to her nag. Let me rephrase. Pay attention to her. People nag because they wanted to be heard. They need someone to pay attention to them. They feel that they have been left alone emotionally. They get emotionally insecure. Therefore nagging is one of the way to get an attention.

In your case, she seek attention from the family member preferably someone she believe closer to her emotionally. I know this can be torturing to listen to her nag but the moment you sit with her and start pay your attention, she will stop it slowly.

Give her time to realize that you are with her emotionally. Once she’s emotionally secure, she will stop nags and only communicate with you with love.

Constructive Solution:

Since I do not have much info about the whole situation, therefore I will share my experiences as constructive solution.

I tried this many times. Once I heard the nagging, I asked her if she wants a coffee. I made her coffee. I sat with her and listen to her. Sometimes I throw a little argument to show her that I am listening to her. Most of the time, I just agreed with her. The result was astonishing. There were times we wake up in the middle of the night and sat at the dining table and talk about the life without a nag.

It works for me and it works for my friends. So I believe it should work well on you too.

Remember this: Sit. Drink. Communicate and Love. It’ll do you wonder.


As much as we need love from our mothers, they need love from their child too. When we were babies, we cry to seek attention from our parents. When we were kids, we roll on the floor just to get attention from our parents. When we were adult, we walk away when they seek attention from us.

Think about it; where’s the love that we should return back to them?

It’s all about love and attention. When you give one, you will get it back even more.

Listen Can Do Wonders. Stop Listening Bring Disaster in Relationship. Picture are from Google Images


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