How to Start Reading Habit?

Do you know that books can help you transform your life, see new perspectives in life and help you on your imagination? Yes, books not only give you the knowledge but words written in it can be powerful tools for you in making progress in your life.

Start your reading habit with 15 to 30 minutes first. Read a book and not a newspaper. Then make a habit to read at least 1 hour a day. If you cannot do a straight reading for an hour, divide it into 2 sessions of 30 minutes reading for each book. In my case, I read in the morning (I prefer to go for a self-help book) and in the evening (I prefer novels or biography). If I need to work away from home, I read in the car or after I had my breakfast (after the meals but before the coffee or tea in the cup finish).

Pick at least two books to read; 

1. Books that can help you make progress in life. For example; Self-help, financial, relationship, business etc.
2. Books that can help you work out with your imagination: For example: novels, fictions etc.

I would also love to recommend you to read biography/autobiography books. The reason is; you will see life from a different set of eyes and walk in the person’s shoes (having said that, pick the books wisely). My favourites were The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind and Richard Branson; Losing My Virginity.

Happy Reading to you!

Books for The Week.

Books for The Week.

The Two People Who Celebrate New Year

It’s officially the last day of 2012! I hope you do have a great year in 2012. Before you go out there tonight to celebrate the New Year, please read the entire article.

Now, do you realize that people who celebrate the New Year are categorized into two groups? The first one is those who just want to party (drinks, dance and things I shall not mention in here). The other one are those who sums up the life they have spent in the past 364 days in a moment before New Year.

Yes! The Question (as always), which one is you?

Although both categories seem similar in a way that both celebrate the New Year event, but there is one distinction; acknowledgement of successes they achieved throughout the year of 2012.

The first one spends the moments with the crowds, do what the crowds do and live life to the fullest for a few hours. They become happy because everybody around is happy. Some become happy because they get to drink and scream Happy New Year! And so the rest is unknown.

The second one spends the moments with one extra thing is the list; celebration of successes they achieved in the past 365 days. Yes they celebrate it and perhaps scream the same three words but they take a moment to acknowledge their self efforts in making their life better. The moment of acknowledgement always comes with gratitude, a key towards beautiful life. And so the rest is in the process of unfolding more beauties in life.

Understand these two groups, one wakes up in the morning living the same 1st January every year. The other one wakes up in the morning to a new life. If you may, be the one that wakes up to a new life.

If you have not achieved your dream in 2012, you can still celebrate one thing left: your awareness of transforming your life. Start with a question to yourself: Do you want to do the same thing in 2013, just like the 2012, 2011, 2010? Do you want to live the same year for 50 years? If you say yes, happy boring life to you.

Happy New Year 2013 to all of you; beautiful souls. Remember to rewards YOU for the successes and Thank YOU for the experiences you got into in 2012. May 2013 unfold the beauty of life to you.

Happy New Year 2013.

Happy New Year 2013.

How Ego Looks Like?

Ego; always appear big and smug. At least that’s how we portray an ego. Last month I’ve seen ego in different dress. Ego no longer appear big and smug, instead it appear like a child that need care from the mother. Sometimes it appears like a loving soul. And yesterday I’ve learn that ego has taken its place into a new level.

Ego can dress up in anything it wants. Often, we are fool by our own ego. It makes us feel good about ourselves and not about others. It always wants us to prove that we are right to others. In healing, healers who have not realize the existence of their ego when perform healing to others, will result as an ineffective healing. Beware of ego that comes with healing will create non-beneficial attachment between healer and the other person. Besides healing (in life generally), ego always make us feel stand out. No doubt ego has its positive role in personal development. However ego that appears in many dresses can be confusing and easily lead us to the situation we do not want.

Ego is good in acting too. It can appear as care, humble, self-control, self-defense and many more. The only way to know whether we didn’t act based on ego is to check out intention. Basic question to ask ourselves is “Am I trying to prove that I am right?”, because right or wrong is subjective whether it’s in the past, now and future. The answer will undress the ego and don’t be surprised that the actual appearance of the ego could be ignorance, arrogant or even selfish.

Whatever you do in life, always remember this; ego never looks ugly. That’s the reason we always put ego in front of us, even worst represent us. Ego best place is behind us, the place that could balance the strengths and the weaknesses that we have. Never place ego in front of us because we could be easily blinded by the beauty of it dresses and acts.

Beware of The Ego

Beware of The Ego

The Power of Believing

Do you know who the navigator of your life is? I have the answer and in fact, we all have the same answer. His name is BELIEF. Navigator is not a driver. Driver can be us or our habits, whereas navigator stays navigator. It shows us the direction of our lives. Where we are heading right now is based on what we believe in.

Beliefs can be good or bad, positive or negative and every individual have beliefs. Regardless what are their beliefs; it is the beliefs that navigate them in life. If you wonder how many beliefs you have, you could take a look at your life right now. Look around your life now, then five years ago and then 10 years ago. Do you still stand on same beliefs?

“I’m officially DISABLED, but I’m truly ENABLED because my lack of limbs” – Nick V said. It is the belief he has for himself that makes him a powerful motivator in the world.

“I’m officially DISABLED, but I’m truly ENABLED because my lack of limbs” – Nick V said. It is the belief he has for himself that makes him a powerful motivator in the world.

Oprah once said; “You don’t become what you want, you become what you believe”. It is true that whatever things you believes in will turn out true in your reality. Beliefs have close relationship with our powerful subconscious mind, Law of Cause and Effects, Law of Attractions and Law of Success. When you choose to believe in something, these powerful elements and laws do and deliver as you wish.

The question here is does your beliefs help you create progress in life? Good beliefs help you growth and bad beliefs gets you nowhere in life. How many good beliefs that you have? If you have no answer, ask the reality of your life right now. The answer is always true right at this very moment.

A friend asked me, what kind of belief is the most powerful? Well, every belief are equally powerful but there is one source that many people forgotten to believe in and this source is the most powerful source of all beliefs. Those who knew the source, work with the source and believe in the source are those who create successful life in many aspects. People who believe in this particular source will often create magic, wonders and miracles in life. Do you know what the source is?

The source is YOU. Start believing in yourself. If you believe you can, You Can is the reality to you. If you believe you are failing, You Fail is the reality to you. Whatever your beliefs are, choose it wisely because no matter what you believe in, it is turning true in your reality.

What is Affirmation Program?

In this simple article, I would love to explain why I have added affirmation writing as part of the healing programs. Here are the explanations:

1. Every creation is happening NOW, not in the past and not in the future but it happens NOW.

2. Every creation begins through these ways:

  • The power of our thoughts and imaginations (Mind)
  • The power of our emotions
  • The power of our words.

3. What we have in our minds and emotions, we always affirm it through our words.

4. As we speak (affirm), we create.

5. As we create, God, through His wonderful creation, The Universe will bring the creation into our lives accordingly.

Basically creation of our lives always comes from our mind, emotions and our own words. It is as simple as speak good words and good things will come into our lives. So with the negative words and it happen in the same process.

Affirmation Writing Is Part of Our Healing and Motivation Programs

Affirmation Writing Is Part of Our Healing and Motivation Programs

How Affirmation Helps?

Affirmation is a specific, constructive and powerful words that build to suits your need; mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When a person read the affirmation, he is creating the life wholly. When a person read the affirmation repeatedly, he is storing the powerful words into his conscious and subconscious mind.

The fastest result is getting your mind, emotion and words work in loving and positively powerful ways. Affirmations create powerful beliefs in your system entirely (We don’t get what we want but we get want we belief – Oprah). The long term result is self transformation that leads to meaningful and healthy life.

Affirmation writing is powerful and yet it can be tricky too. Just like mantras (doa) and prayers, wrongful wishes can lead to inconvenience results. Although some affirmation sounds positive enough to everyone but it may not suits the person need at that particular level. Hence, I would suggest that you get a right person to help you create powerful affirmation in transform your life entirely. In healing and health, affirmations create powerful result to the healing system.

If you interested in transform your life, health, relationship and anything you desire, we could write a powerful affirmation for you. For more information, please contact us via our email. Thank you.

Affirmation Writing is Powerful in Creating Life Entirely

Affirmation Writing is Powerful in Creating Life Entirely

Reiki Have Found Me

In the past two months, I’ve learned many new knowledge especially on emotion, mind and physical healing. I’ve learned that in the world where we live, there are many more things live with us. I’ve learned that the world is ‘opening up’ and more similar circumstances will be experienced by many people regardless religions and race.

I took opportunity to learn a proper system of self healing and healing in energy so I could help people effectively and help myself effectively too. When I was looking for the right knowledge of this, Usui Reiki found me through a friend of mine (who is a Master Reiki). Without hesitation, I took the course and have obtained 2nd degree so far.

Get Your Emotion Burden Heal By Reiki Technique

Get Your Emotion Burden Heal By Reiki Technique

Reiki heals at the level of energy, wherever the energy is. Reiki not just provide healing for physical illness but also emotion. During this past two months journey, many people I’ve met have mentioned the natural of healing I have with me. I took their words and allow myself to discover my true-self. What I have seen and experiences are far greater than what I have expected. Since this is who I am now, I’m not going to waste it. Knowledge taste best when we practice it. Therefore, I’m going to do the same with the Reiki knowledge I have with me.

When I come back soon, my consultation will cover Emotional Healing for those who wants to be heal emotionally and effectively via Reiki. Physical healing can be done too but upon consultation only.

So far, I have gave Reiki healing to animals (my favourite; bird and fish…looking forward to heal cats and others), to few people I knew and proven their illness is reducing and to situations too.

Bottom line is, I have better healing system to work with and to use in helping people transform their energy, heal and build better life. So see you soon!

Healing Through Reiki

Healing Through Reiki

Old Me or New Me?

I have wrote this article in 2010 and posted in my old blog. Since my website is suspended due to hosting unprofessional conduct, I am posting the article again here. I will make some changes but the points remain unchanged.


Dated: Dec 9 2012. 

Have you notice that year 2011 is just three weeks away? Counting days and mark the calendar. If you happen to visit book store, look at diaries section. Diaries and planning books are selling well. Everybody loves the smell of new diary, new planning book. Whoever has bought it, probably has written the names, contacts and birthday. Everybody can easily get excited by New Year and new books. That’s one good spirit!

Anyway, it’s three more weeks to go. Before you write anything on the new book, let’s turn back for a while and ask ourselves this question:

Have I seen myself change since January 2010?

If you do, what have you changed since January 2010? Was it a good change? Was it a bad change? Was it successful changes? Take a moment and write down your answer.

Do Not Fear Changes

I have a friend who has changed her temper, from someone who gets angry easily to someone who looks calm most of the time. Another friend of mine has changed her career line from graphic designing to production and process. It’s a tough change for her because she do not favour interaction with people, but she cope well. I have changed too. I made the biggest changes in my life this year. Unbelievable and I loved it.

Changes are good. It should be good. Changes make you learn new things, adapt new things. Is there any bad changes? Yes it is. If a friend of mine change her temper to something worst like throwing a chopstick to the Restaurant Manager for serving her something she did not order, I would say she have a bad changes.

If you have not made any changes yet, you can start now. If you feel that you end the year without anything change, wake up now and make some change. By the time we walk into 2011, you have already accelerate. Here some guidelines so you know your changes are on the right track.

1) Intention Is Not The Result.

Get this right; good intention doesn’t guarantee good result if we do it the wrong ways. We have to do it the right ways in order to get good results. For instance, you have an intention to change from a drunken man to a person who pray and build relationship with God. If the way you do it is staying at home, lock yourself from society, your friends and pray like nobody business, you are doing it in the wrong ways. Changes we made should be balanced emotionally, spiritually and socially. That will lead to better result.

2) Feel the energy

Good changes will release positive energy. We can feel it. People around us can feel it. They will attracted to our new energy. They like it. We will feel welcome everywhere we go. If people didn’t like our new energies, it could mean two things:

  • The people are not in same vibration as ours.
  • Something is wrong with our changes.

If this is happening to you, figure it out the reasons behind it.3) Do it moderately.

When we feel the energy kicks in, the enthusiasm is rising high, take a deep breath and plan our changes slowly. Everything in this world should be done moderately. Slow and consistent. Small wave shape nice beach compare to big raging wave. Our bodies can adapt slow and consistent changes. So do people around us. It gives us balance and balance is good.

4) Ask people around you

People see more than we see ourselves. We focus is inside but people see the surface. Ask them if you look good as new you. Ask them if your changes give them comfort. Emotionally comfort. The best is to ask your closest friends.

5) Society Gain.

Leave the Changes We Made for the Society to Benefit

We change from time to time to progress ourselves. Progress brings us closer to our purposes of life. By all means, each purpose must benefit the society. The changes we made come with momentum. So make sure the momentum will give good impact to the society and benefit them. If it is good for the society, it is good for you.

Make a good change today. Start small and it will ends big. Be someone better today for tomorrow. Create positive energy and spread it around. Share it with people. By the end of the day, you get to be remembered by yourself and people around you. And by the end of next year, you can close your 2011 book happily before you begin to mark your birthday on your new 2012 book.

Beauty Lies in Every Cleanness

I promote this act of kindness not because I’m a personal motivator. I just believe a small act of kindness make big different to the society. Besides this act of kindness is an act of cleanness to the physical, environment, mind, emotion and soul.

The next visit to the self-service restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, KFC and others similar restaurants, throw our own rubbish before we leave the restaurants. I have some people looked at me when I did that (in Malaysia). It’s not about showing off, it’s about beauty that lies in every cleanness act. Besides, it trains our minds to stay clean.

Rubbish On the Food Tray

Rubbish On the Food Tray

Try to look at these ways:

1) Cleanness and dirtiness is a habit. You actually carry the habit (without you realize it) to the public. And that’s one of the personal brands. Are you a clean person? Turn around and check the table you sat for meals.

2) Act of cleanness is a way to tell our minds that we are a clean person. Our minds memorize what we did. Then it reflects the beauty of it throughout our personalities. The act of cleanness is not just affecting us physically but also mentally and spiritually.

3) What we tell our minds when we leave our rubbish on the table and walk out from the restaurant? We tell our minds this “It is okay not to clean up our mess”. Then it becomes an attitude where, in many occasions, we leave our messes to be cleaned up by somebody else.

4) Let’s reflect this habit of dirtiness and relate it into our lives. See how people really enjoy doing things they like but when problem arise, they walk away and leave the mess behind and hoping somebody else clean it for them. It just the same habit, only in different forms and scenarios.

5) When we clean up the table so others could use a clean table too, we increase our act of kindness and reduce our act of selfishness.

6) Important for the parents: When we throw our own rubbish, we are teaching our children to do the same. Children learn best from their parents. If we leave our rubbish on the table and leave, our children do the same to us when we have our meals at home.

7) This act of cleanness will help the restaurants crews focus on cleaning other places like floors, windows, kitchens and washrooms.

8) When we help our environment stays clean, it helps us stay clean in many ways.

Don’t mind the service tax. We could give it as a service for clean washroom, sit on clean chair or safe playgrounds for the children. It just a small charity if we choose to look at that way. After all, it called Self-Service. It should be self-service until we leave the restaurant.

Emotions of Love and Hate

There is an invisible element ‘located‘ in the middle of our body and it never appear physical, only can be explained through actions and words. The element we called it ‘Emotion’ are given to us and it cannot be separated from us.  We use emotion everyday in our lives especially for communication. As much as emotion is a tool to connect within ourselves or others, it also can be a tool that destroys our lives.

Since it cannot be separated from us, therefore the only matter is whether we make it grow or we only use it at the right time. There are emotions that give us peace and happiness in life when we outgrew them. There are also emotions that destroy our lives if we allow it become a master of all emotions.

In building our Personal Brand, we must know how to use the emotions, how to master it and what would be our main emotion that can represent us as a person. Before we know the technicality of mastering the right emotion, we must know these emotions are separated into two groups: Positive Emotions and Negative Emotions (refer pictures A and B)

Picture A: Positive Emotions

The ultimate Positive Emotions is Love, whereas the ultimate Negative Emotions is Hate. It is important for us to reach the ultimate positive emotion (Love) and avoid the ultimate negative emotion (Hate). And it is easy to reach Love than Hate.

Picture B: Negative Emotions

Picture B: Negative Emotions

When we use the positive emotions, it means we have outgrown love in us. Passion, enthusiasm, satisfaction, gratitude, joy, hope and excitement appear because we have love. Once we feel these positive emotions, we reach the Love.

As for negative emotions, we can’t throw it away but we can control it. Every negative emotions can bring us to feel hate, especially when we use it every day. For example, if a person can’t control her anger, soon or later she will reach the point where she feels hate at almost everything in her life. She will get angry at almost everything in her life. It also goes this way: when these negative emotions appear, it doesn’t mean we are full of hate (not yet because hate take times to grow). It just means we are lack of Love.

When there is love, hate will go away. 

In Law of Attraction (as describe in The Power book by Rhonda Byrne) it is important for us to live our daily lives at least 51% of it fill with positive emotions. It is called – Tipping Point. Of course it is impossible to live at 100% of joy and excitement everyday without a slight irritation, fear or worry. Therefore, it is okay to feel the negative emotions but only to use it as a quick respond of the event that occurs in our lives. It means, when someone throw a stone at you and you believe you should get angry because it is hurting you, be angry then…but only to pick up the stone and put it aside and not carry the stone and be angry at it every day for the rest of your life.

Note: Source of list of emotions is from the book – The Power by Rhonda Byrne.


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How To Earn Better Position?


I’ve been working for the company for 12 years. I started as a clerk and I am now a supervisor for the past five years. My starting salary was $600 and now I’ve only earned $1900 per month. I wanted to move up the career ladder but my immediate superior and the management never give me the opportunity to move up as senior supervisor. According to them, I do not have the qualification to be one of the management team.

For the past few years I’ve only get less than $50 for my yearly increment and I felt totally demotivated.

I want to move up so I could earn more than I am earning now. Tell me how would I do that?


Too Comfort Will Make You Feel Lazy

No one should be working in the same company for more than seven years unless it’s your own company. 12 years is too long for a person to work proactively. The years you’ve spent under the same environment will make you feel too comfort to move with extra energy. No one is moving proactively when they feel too comfort about something.

Working under the same environment will eventually slowing down your progress too. The best way to move up is to change job from time to time. Stay in a company for five years (minimum three years and maximum seven years), then you should look for better job, better position and better pay. That’s the general idea about moving up the career ladder.

In your case, there could be many reasons why your immediate superior or the management do not want to promote you. It could be no position available, wages cost control and more. It can also be the result you gave them for the past few years ago. When an employee shows his has no motivation, it gives an employer excuse not to reward the employee.

Constructive Solution:

Start looking for a new job that can give you better pay and better position.  Send out your resume as much as you can. I believe 12 years experience in the line you work would give you incredible experiences and wider job descriptions. Use these experiences and start writing a solid resume for yourself.

Tips: Hire an expert to write your resume if you do not know how to express your job descriptions on paper. Show your potential employers that you are entitle for better positions based on your working experiences.

Once you get better salary, equip yourself with advance knowledge. Take courses and get certificates, diploma or degree (if you are up to it). With these papers, no one would question your qualification.


New job can offer you new experiences, new cultures and new visions. The differences you’ve learned from companies will turn your career portfolio from bronze to silver and to gold.

Working in new environment will give you the motivation back. Make friends with new faces will give you wider perspective about moving up the career ladder.

Skills and experiences are meant to be shared. If the current employer stop paying attention to your contributions (skills and experiences), find a new employer who are willing to pay their attention to you.

All of these are so much better than figuring out why your increment is always less than $50 per year. Give yourself a chance and start it with a new resume.


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