What’s Your Personal Brand?

When I was standing in my garden this morning, I tried to recall few people names. The hardest part for me is to remember a person name (forgive me if I can’t remember yours). There were few times, people came to me and asked if I remember them. Sometimes I will try my best to remember; sometimes I just tell them “Forgive me. My memory is not that good“. I’m sure they’ll understand. However, I can easily remember a person traits (It’s funny to think how’s the brain actually work), especially when a person keep repeating same traits.

I have a friend who loves food so much. Every time I spend my time with her, I will get to know more about food. Of course, I remember her name but whenever I think of her, I think of food. If one day I forgot her name, I will remember she loves food. She’s a food lover. That’s her traits. Simon Cowell (Yeah! I remember his name) is a superb critics. That’s his traits. I also know a person who sleeps around with many people. When someone mentioned her name, somebody else will say “Oh the promiscuous woman!”. Promiscuous is her traits.

Personal traits lead to reputation. Both of these elements are link to each other. Both elements create a brand. Personal brand. Not many people aware of their personal brand. To them, brand means product. Think deeper; we are personal product of ours. That’s our brand. People will remember the brand. So imagine if the brand you carry right now is a bad brand!

Some people told me, “I am who I am!”. Nothing is wrong for being who you are. I respect those who stand being themselves. However, one thing I’m sure, no one wants to be remembered as a person who have bad and negative brand. If you have a negative brand, it means the surfaces you show to people around you are negative.

Take some times to evaluate your brand. Standing in front of the mirror for self reflection may not help. You only see yourself from your view. Try to see it from others people shoes. Ask people if you have too. If you do not know what to ask, you can try this question.

When I die, what will you remember most about me?”

You will find the answer in between their lines.

Have You Figured Out What's Your Personal Brand?

Who Would You Die As?

One of the things that make me feel sad is when the world lost great people. I remembered when Heath Ledger passed away on 22 January 2008, I was crying. I was not a big fan but I adored his talent. His death was a lost.

Steve Jobs

Last week on October 5, 2011, world has lost another great person – Steve Jobs. When I read the news in Twitter, I’d felt shock. My memory was flashing back to the day he resigned as a CEO of Apple. It just happened somewhere in August. Then I remembered the day he launched iPod Nano in 2005. The impression he gave when he lifted the iPod Nano from his pocket was truly jaw-drop-amazing. He was a great inventor and visionary. I’m pretty sure the news of his death saddens many people in the world. As much as death brings sadness to people around us, it only takes great momentum to bring sadness to the world. Steve built that momentum in his life.

Steve Jobs was no ordinary man. He created. He invented. He printed his ideas on people lives. He built greatness to the societies around the world. People even lined up to buy his creation. So when he died, his creations still live. His legacy and his invention live.  As long as Apple’s gadgets on the earth, people will remember him. That’s the momentum Steve has built in his life. His death is a lost and his life is a memorable.

Steve has a thought about death, the thought that contributed to his greatness.

“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart…”

Stanford University commencement address, June 2005.

I knew there are some techniques that can change the way you live your life and one of it is imagine the day you die. I have never tried this technique concretely but I always have this thought inside my head – Who I Want to Die As? One of my teacher quoted me this:

“Your life is in front of you and your death is standing behind you. Your right and left sides are the angels who always be with you. Where ever your life goes, death will follow and so does the angels. So choose wisely the places your life should go”.

Admit it that the best life to live is when you know who you are going to die as. No one wants to die during commit a robbery. No one wants to die as Mat-Rempit (a social phenomenon for people who illegally in street racing) and no one wants to die as drug addict. Consciously and spiritually, no one wants to die in a bad reputation generally. Everyone wants to die in noble.

Knowing who-you-will-die-as means you know what you are becoming. It means you know where you are heading your life to. It means you know what you want in your life.

Perhaps, the best way to find out is asking these questions:

  • Who I would want to die as?
  • What legacy I would want to leave to people?
  • What can I contribute to people before I leave?
  • What people should remember about me?

These questions may look simple but the answers could change the way you imagine your life. It might helps you figure out the life you want to live.

Life is short. Either life is easy or hard, it still short. Make something, give something, share something and be something for yourself and people around you so people could acknowledge your existence and remember you when you passed away. Create the momentum of life so it will bounces even when you no longer around. Do something that makes you proud living your years in this world even when you are looking down at it from the heaven.

Remember this, only our body dies but not our history, not our legacy and certainly not our contributions. So who would you die as? To die as person who create greatness around you or as person who will not be remembered at all.

The choice is always yours.

Greed – The Business Enemy

Do you know, in life (not just in business), people we’ve met will always have something to teach us. If you notice it, there will always be someone (either you knew the person or a stranger) came across your path and shared something useful to your life. It happened to me and it happened to everyone around me. And today I would love to share a story about a middle-age man who have shared his priceless advise about business.

I don’t know this man and I never meet him before. I’ve got to know his name through my ex-boss. One day, we agreed to meet this man to discuss about business. He reached exactly on same time as ours. He wore a plain T-shirt and he carried a Management Diary with him. With his glasses and wrinkles on his face, he looked like a man who has countless experiences in life.

After I introduced myself, I’ve got to know that this man is a best friend to my ex-boss. Birds of a feather flock together, so I told myself. After few moments and during our business conversation, he asked if I love doing business. My respond was simple. I love to experience it. Then he looked at me with a pair of honest eyes and he said:

“Always remember this, in business never get greedy. Once you have the greed, you ruin your business. Take only what is yours”

He smiled and I nodded.

The Lesson

Everyone knows that one of the reason people get into business is to make more money. What people don’t really know is how much more is more?  Is more means greed? When he gave me his piece of advice about greed, it made me think that no one can define ‘more’ in exact numbers.

If that is the case, how do we know if we got greed? After gave myself some thoughts, these was what I have in my mind.

1) When you are charging your customer more than you should. To charge your customer more is not greed yet but the next words will ensure you are being greedy. It is when your extra charges are squeezing your customer to bleed.

2) It is when you live on the profit like a king but your employees suffer like a poor man. It is when you benefit 100% of your profit but your staffs are getting nothing. No bonuses. No allowance.

3)  It is when you feel what you have earned has nothing to do with anything in this world. Therefore you refuse to give back to the society.

4) When you choose to destroy your competitors politically rather than promote healthy competitions so you could have more.

In business, greed is an enemy. It takes many ways to ruin your business. It kills healthy competition. It kills relationship between you and your customers. It certainly kills your relationship with your staffs. It makes your competitors lose respect on you. It may not kill your business overnight but it will in a long run.

Before I left, I gave him many thanks for the advise he gave me.  It was a simple advise. Everyone would have known it. Nothing might sound special about it. But when it comes to you in unexpected moment, you got to take it into your brain because teacher like this only present in unorthodox moment…and most probably only once in your life time.

How Can I Stop Being A Complainer?


I’m a complainer. I complained almost on everything. Since I’m getting older, I want to change and become a positive person but I can’t help myself because there’s always a thing for me to complaint. How do I handle this?


When you are in this situation, you have to remind yourself that you are just a human. What you have experienced are just these:

  1. Your goal is to be a better person (like trying to be positive thinker, optimistic and so forth)
  2. Then, there’s always a situation that challenge you (like things that make you complaint)
  3. Result: it put you in the middle of ‘being a person you aim to be’ or ‘being a person you used to be’

In these three stages, it is okay to do the first two. It is okay to aim for something better and then take some challenges. Without challenges, you don’t get result. The only things you shouldn’t do is the third stage (putting yourself in the middle).

The reason I suggest not to go to that stage is because we are all human. As human, we can’t run away from being a complainer or a whiner. Putting yourself in the middle will only confuse you. How can I be positive because I just complained?

Stop asking yourself that question.

Constructive Solution:

Keep think positive even after you complained. That the first thing you should do.
Second is to keep a simple record on your complaint. How many times you complaint per day? And what sort of things you always complaint on?
Then, with this record, you will get clear picture about total complaints you made and how many complaints you want to reduce the next day.

Finally, each complaint reduced is a success to you. Each complaint reduced means you are changing to the person you want to be.


We can write hundreds of pages about ‘complaint’ because complaint makes us feel better at some point.  It also makes us feel good. It’s easy to complaint than to find solution. That’s why people choose to complaint and whine most of the time.

However, if you realize, the feeling good doesn’t last long because the more we complained, the more things happen for us to complaint. That is just a basic knowledge of Law of Attraction.

So if you have to complaint about something, make sure it’s useful to the party you complaint. Otherwise, leave it. It’s good to save your energy for something else.


If you have problems and you don’t have the solution, ask Ladyroses for help.