Two Main Reasons Why Life is Unfair

Have you ever ask yourself, what do you really want?

The problem we have with Life is that we think Life is unfair. We want a car; Life gives us a motorbike. We want to be rich but we feel Life gives us more debts. So yeah, Life seems unfair.

Our problem is we don’t ask questions. We don’t ask questions to ourselves, a place where Life Is. A body where Life is unfolding. We don’t ask Life what we want! (or God if you like to refer Life as God).

Often when I asked people “What do you want?” – They answered, “I don’t know”.

Imagine Life is giving you I-Don’t-Know. And Life is unfair.

The Lazy Personality

I-Don’t-Know is a pretty lazy personality we embedded in our cells. Instead of taking some moment of silence to feel the question, people jump right into I-Don’t-Know because their mind cannot give them an answer. That’s how lazy we become.

The Art of Asking

Learn to ask yourself questions and give some space to receive the answers. In every question you ask, there are answers. You just have to be patience.

And second, ask in a particular manner. Be specific! Don’t ask I-Want-To-Be-Rich. It’s a general request. But Life gives it to you anyway. If today you earn an extra $10 compared to yesterday, then you are richer than yesterday.

Life is fair. It gives us what we asked. Our problem is, we don’t ask questions and we have no patience for the answers. We hardly ask questions about ourselves. We are afraid to ask questions about societies and beliefs. We don’t want to provoke our thinking mind. We fear the answers. We are not ready to receive. And Life is so unfair .

So when was the last time you ever ask yourself, “What do I  want?”

Q-What do I want


Part 2: Three Powerful Things – Mag June and May 2013

Now let’s go down to June 2013.
The article gives you tips on how you can unleash your true potential. It’s a small act you can give to yourself on daily basis and get your subconscious mind bring the wonders accordingly.

Unleash Your True Potential

And May 2013 article with title, Three Powerful Things to do Before You Sleep

Three Powerful Things To Do Before You Sleep

Three Powerful Things To Do Before You Sleep

Our Upcoming Programs

This is an update for our upcoming programs for December 2012. Please make sure you follow us via our Facebook Page, Twitter or Blog to get instant updates on the programs.

Detachment Program – Starting 1st December 2012.

Starting 1st Dec 2012, we are conducting Detachment Programs for individual who wants to move on but they have no clue the right ways to move on.

If you are stuck with your hurtful past, excessive emotions pain that no longer serve you or negative habit, you can consider this program and detach yourself from the non-beneficial energy. To find out more about this program, please refer Detachment Program.

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Detach Heal and Move On Program by Your Personal Motivator

Detach Heal and Move On Program by Your Personal Motivator

Introduction to Reiki Healing Free Talk – 16th December 2012.

This program will be held on 16th December 2012 at Jalan Meru, Klang. The session starts at 4pm until 6pm. In the session, our Energy Coach, Rose Osman will introduce participants to Reiki Healing and the benefits of Reiki Healing in many ways. There will be healing demonstration for selected participant and Q&A sessions.

Stay tuned for more updates on this.




Step 3: The Practical Steps to Heal From Illness

Step 3: I Can Heal

Don’t just take the words ‘I can heal’ as words of convincing but turn it into a belief too. BELIEF is a powerful force in human life. It works with subconscious mind. Subconscious mind then work directly with the body, mind and emotion. It also means, you can try many techniques of healing or medications but without believing that you can heal, healing becomes impossible to your body.

In part my healing treatment, I would guide my client to create a belief through powerful affirmation I create for them based on their need. The affirmation that they affirm on daily basis will help them reprogram their belief and heal them from within. As I always mentioned to my clients that primary healing start within them and secondary healing comes from the healers and medication. So always, always heal from within.

Tips: Besides create a belief through affirmation; you should avoid reading articles that does not contribute to your healing and beliefs. If you has an illness that scientifically no cure have been found yet (e.g diabetic, SLE), build a belief that you can ‘free’ yourself from the illness on period basis like months basis, yearly basis or entire lifetime

An Affirmation to Heal Anxiety

An Affirmation to Heal Anxiety

Kayla Harrison And Her Powerful Affirmation

I read her victory story from Yahoo news just now and one thing caught my attention; her powerful affirmation that she said to herself for many years. Her affirmation is simple and yet very powerful.

“”Kayla Harrison IS an Olympic champion.” 

And she won first U.S Olympic Judo gold medal.

What she said is a powerful affirmation that light up her spirit. Every time she said it, the creation is in the process. The affirmation creates belief in her entire system. When all her system (body, mind, emotion and spiritual) gets the same direction, they work in harmony. The affirmation is powerful motivation to her and it leads her entirely to win the gold medal. It helped her to visualize the moments she wants and she did it. Look at how powerful an affirmation works on us, even it is just a simple one.

Read her full story and find out how the powerful affirmation had helped her go through all the obstacles she had in life. You will be touched, amazed and inspired by her life story. She’s the success story in my journal today.

Kayla Harrison Olympic 2012 Judo Gold Medalist.

Kayla Harrison Olympic 2012 Judo Gold Medalist.

5 Powerful Wishes You Should Never Wish

Today I decided to share a list of statements that I’ve heard from others, that also make me shake my head instantly to disagree. These statements either you say it as a joke or just a figure of speech, or perhaps you really mean it; no matter what your intentions are, when you say it, you manifest it. When you say it over and over again, you are wishing it with your powerful affirmation. Let’s check it out:

1# “I’m gonna die alone” 
Whenever I hear this statement, my heart will scream “Rephrase! Rephrase!”. It is the worst and the most terrible wish in the world. Most people say it when they breaking up with their lover and the statement is just an expression of broken heart. But ponder this for moment; what if the wish comes true? Look deeper into the meaning of Die Alone. Aren’t it’s ugly, torturing and suffering to the soul? Never wish this to yourself!

2# “No one loves me”
Ah! Another statement of broken heart and right away punish the rest of the love in the world. When a person says this, whoever has love towards him will turn around and walk away. Of course this is a metaphor. The realities are worst. People who love you will stop contacting you, parents started to scold you, friends started to unfriend you and more to list it down. So why wish NO ONE loves you? Look around, loves are always everywhere.

3# “I always attract wrong lover”
Keep on affirm it and you will always end up with a wrong lover in your life. Here some tips for you; avoid this word ‘always’. It’s literally means forever and never stops. So you had a wrong lover before but it didn’t mean you will have another wrong lover in the future. What have went wrong, let it behind but take the lessons wisely. Never ever punish your future lover just because you had the wrong ones before.

4# “I’m always poor and never get rich!”
Aha! There you go! Many people say this to express their frustrations over their financial situations. Its sounds like a pity statement from themselves to the Universe and God. Guess what, when you say it and by all means, you just close the doors to the wealth instantly.

Looks Like a Cool Statement But Sounds Very Wrong to Wish For It

Looks Like a Cool Statement But Sounds Very Wrong to Wish For It

5# “I can easily get sick”
When you say it to your insurance’s agent, you probably have to pay a high premium for the insurance.
When you say it to your doctor, you have to spend more time and money to see your doctor again.
When you say it to the world, all the viruses, the germs, the illnesses are looking at you, waiting to enter your body.
So where is the goodness to you here? Stop saying you can get sick because to get sick is normal. What’s not normal is to get sick easily. Instead, say this; “I can get healthy easily” and it will change health over the time.

When you accidentally say it, there’s always a chance for you to rephrase it. These are the normal and ordinary statements people say to express their feelings about their situations. We are so used to it and didn’t even realize that these statements have power in bringing the reality into our lives. And the worst part is when it gets real because we actually do not even want it to be real at all.

Be aware of your words as it turns into wishes; be conscious of your wishes as it turns into your reality.

Never Give-up in Finding Wealth

Give-up is so much easy to be done compare to the hard work and failures we get in achieving the life we want. It also seems so much easy to leave the burden of failures than carry it throughout the journey to the desire destination. Give-up so we can live in the ‘comfort zone’ like before. Give-up and we will have peace of mind.

If you think exactly like these, beware that Mr. Give-up has just manipulated you!

I almost gave up too. Almost everyone will have their give-up moments. The moments exist for reason; to test our interest, will, desire and belief in the things we want. When moments like this come to us, those who have interest, strong will and desire to achieve the goal and belief everything is possible will be rewarded as promised by God. Those who listen to Mr. Give-up and believe him more than themselves, will lose the wealth and success that earlier was booked to be theirs.

It is sad to see people who choose to give-up easily. We must understand that failures and hard-work is part of success package. No one in the world achieve success, wealth and greatness without going through failures and hard-work.

Here’s the important message about giving up. What people didn’t know is, when they give up, they indirectly send the message of “I am weak” to their minds. Not just that, giving up in many religious means cutting the string between us and God’s Grace.

If you feel give up in finding the wealth and success, look at the picture below. It says three things to me. First is, wealth and success is already there. It just needs us to dig it until we find it. Second is, when we give up, the wealth and success will be meant for someone else. And third; if we give up, we never know how close we are to the wealth and success.  Store the picture in your mind because the picture says it all.

We never knew how close we are to the success. Thank you for cartoonist who drew this photo.

We never knew how close we are to the success. Thank you for cartoonist who drew this photo.

The Power of Believing

Do you know who the navigator of your life is? I have the answer and in fact, we all have the same answer. His name is BELIEF. Navigator is not a driver. Driver can be us or our habits, whereas navigator stays navigator. It shows us the direction of our lives. Where we are heading right now is based on what we believe in.

Beliefs can be good or bad, positive or negative and every individual have beliefs. Regardless what are their beliefs; it is the beliefs that navigate them in life. If you wonder how many beliefs you have, you could take a look at your life right now. Look around your life now, then five years ago and then 10 years ago. Do you still stand on same beliefs?

“I’m officially DISABLED, but I’m truly ENABLED because my lack of limbs” – Nick V said. It is the belief he has for himself that makes him a powerful motivator in the world.

“I’m officially DISABLED, but I’m truly ENABLED because my lack of limbs” – Nick V said. It is the belief he has for himself that makes him a powerful motivator in the world.

Oprah once said; “You don’t become what you want, you become what you believe”. It is true that whatever things you believes in will turn out true in your reality. Beliefs have close relationship with our powerful subconscious mind, Law of Cause and Effects, Law of Attractions and Law of Success. When you choose to believe in something, these powerful elements and laws do and deliver as you wish.

The question here is does your beliefs help you create progress in life? Good beliefs help you growth and bad beliefs gets you nowhere in life. How many good beliefs that you have? If you have no answer, ask the reality of your life right now. The answer is always true right at this very moment.

A friend asked me, what kind of belief is the most powerful? Well, every belief are equally powerful but there is one source that many people forgotten to believe in and this source is the most powerful source of all beliefs. Those who knew the source, work with the source and believe in the source are those who create successful life in many aspects. People who believe in this particular source will often create magic, wonders and miracles in life. Do you know what the source is?

The source is YOU. Start believing in yourself. If you believe you can, You Can is the reality to you. If you believe you are failing, You Fail is the reality to you. Whatever your beliefs are, choose it wisely because no matter what you believe in, it is turning true in your reality.

Do You Take Illness Seriously?

I’ve seen and feel the different between these two affirmations in improving health generally. There are two categories for it:

  • Fixing the illness
  • Improving the health.

When I’ve been given opportunity to perform Reiki Healing to my customers and others, I’ve seen clearly how they expressed their true goal in these two categories. At glance, both of it looks the same (that explain why many people think it just the same) but the result is not the same at all. Often time, people choose to fix their illness instead of improving the health. Allow me to describe the different to you.

Fix the Illness 

Migraine is an Illness

Migraine is an Illness

Fix the illness comes with many meanings. Fix it so the illness gets more appearance. Fix it so the illnesses can growth better. Fix it so the illness is good to be alive. We fix things for one reason; to use it or to wear it. So when we fix illness, we actually want to ‘use’ it and ‘wear’ it.

When we say; fixing the illness, we are focusing on the illness itself. We give energy to the illness to expand. We think we spend times in searching the cure for the illness (nothing is wrong with that) but we actually focus more on the illness. In Law of Attraction, what we focus on, expand…and illness is not an exceptional case.

Improving the Health

Many people didn’t realize that 100% healthy is subjective. I may not be able to jog like others but it doesn’t mean I am not 100% healthy. Health is different from one to another and it change throughout the ages and through external factors like accidents and more. The state of being healthy is subjective. Although being healthy is subjective, improving the health applies to everyone, daily. If you are sick, then you MUST improve your health. If you are healthy, you MUST improve your health too and to sustain your health level.

Unlike fixing the illness, when we are improving the health, we give focus on how to improve the health itself. Instead of focusing and give energy to the illness, we are focusing the methods, tools and tips in improving the health like the lists.

  • Exercise regularly.
  • Eat healthy.
  • Listen to the body in silence.
  • Sleep early at night.
  • Wake up early in the morning.
  • Say right words when it comes to health and illness (See affirmations below)

Different Direction

Yoga improves health

Yoga improves health

Imaging that fixing the illness is an action that leads you to the left and improving your health is an action that leads you to the right, how can it both result in the same direction? Health and all others in our lives are subject to Laws of Life like Law of Attraction and each term we speak has its own energy and vibration. Illness and Health are very much in different energies and vibrations. So when you choose to state your health being, make sure you state it with the vibration of love.

Affirmations in Health and Illness

Since everything is in creation right NOW as we speak, the first thing you should do is to choose the right words to state your health being. The reason is every word has its own energy and vibration. It attracts same elements that have same vibrations and it brings you to the place you wish to be (being healthy or being ill).

If you are person who always says, “I want to fix my ________ (the name of the illness)”, stop right there. Do not give any more energy to the illness itself. Instead say this affirmation daily (day and night) and see the different it does in improving your health mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually:

“I am improving my health and healthiness is flowing in my body now and in harmony”. 



1. This article do not stated that you should skip your medicines as prescribed by your Medical Doctor or suggesting that you should ignore the medical aspect in your life.
2. This article is to improve your health through positive and love affirmations.
3. For more information and consultation in healing, please contact me through my email. Thank you.

Internet Business Class and Wealth with Law of Attraction

Last year few people asked me if I ever thought of doing my own talk. My replied was “The plan is either end of this year (2011) or early next year (2012) depends on how soon the injury heals.” It was a little bit dragged but my dream came true. Last week on 9th June 2012, I had my first class in my hometown, Penang.

The class was more on Internet Business and techniques but I have added a 45 minutes talk on Law of Attraction (specifically on wealth attraction). My objective is to help participants build their own internet business with proper technical steps and roll it together with the laws of life like Law of Attraction and Power of Wishes (affirmations). The modules will help participants build the business in terms of giving actions and receiving the results and wealth.

The idea to start the class came one week before I travel to Penang for vacation. Yes! One week for a class, modules, marketing and arrangement, was indeed one crazy idea. But this was what I told myself when the idea came to me; Let’s Make It Real. Although I’m an optimistic but I’m also a bit of realist. With only one week I had in hand for everything and the place I choose, I don’t expect a crowd of 20-30 participants. My expectation is only 5 to 7 participants. Ask and you shall receive and I eventually scored 5 people for the first class with 2 people to help me on the photo shoots and others. So total people were 7! This is awesome as a start! (Just so you know that one participant didn’t turn up for the class but she is now having online class with me via email)

Here are some photos took by my Graphic Designer, Joe lai (and also a person who had help me bringing this idea into reality, Millions thanks to her) and by my niece, Zahrah who took photos beautifully even she had issues with her Canon DSLR.

Gorgeous Gentlemen for Internet Business Express Course and Wealth with Law of Attraction

Gorgeous Gentlemen for Internet Business Express Course and Wealth with Law of Attraction

There were two guys and two ladies registered for the class. The one that wearing red shirt was the host, Hezreen (below picture). She was the one who been asking for the class since last year and willing to travel to my place just to learn something new. I sensed her dedication was genuine and honest, so I decided to bring the class to her place. I only asked for free drinks for participants, she gave us more than that. What a beautiful soul she is.

Beautiful Ladies in the Internet Business Express Course and Wealth with Law of Attraction

Beautiful Ladies in the Internet Business Express Course and Wealth with Law of Attraction

The lady who sat beside Hezreen is Corina, who have asked me about Internet Business in 2010. Two years later, when I text her about the class, she was excited to participate.

And that’s me. I was giving explanation and differences between Affiliates and Drop Ship. There are huge different between being an affiliates and doing drop ships. In the class I have explained what are their efforts and things they need to do when they choose to be an affiliate, re-sellers or both.

I was explaining the terms of affiliate and re-sellers

I was explaining the terms of affiliate and re-sellers

Standing makes it easy to show a little expression

Standing makes it easy to show a little expression

I love the excitements that they shared with me especially from Hezreen and Corina. Both gentlemen, Rafi and Hafiz (siblings) were calmer and a little shy. Rafi seems a bit excited when it comes to artifacts and Sugar Glider discussion, which he has intention to take it into proper business.

We laughed a lot especially when we discuss about the marketing and wealth in Internet Business

We laughed a lot especially when we discuss about the marketing and wealth in Internet Business

The Wealth with Law of Attractions has given everyone new perspective in creating wealth in life and business. All the participants have no clue what is Law of Attraction and how it works. After few slides on the subject, they started to realize many things that happen to them in terms of financials and money. Hezreen quoted “Ah! No wonder I could only sell a house last month because I’ve said – If I could sell a house is great enough…then I did and I started to get panicked because a house is not great enough”. 

In the same subject, I have given the participants steps in creating wealth with law of attraction including creating positive habit and daily practices, and reprogram wishes within conscious and subconscious mind.

I’m planning to roll the same class again in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and I believe in this, the numbers of participants is now growing. If you interested in learning both of these subjects or either one of it, please contact me via my email or phone numbers.

Last but not least, thank you Allah for making everyone dreams comes true.


Special Thanks:

To all the participants, Hezreen, Corina, Rafi, Hafiz, Lai (who have taken the class online), I would love to say this again; Thank you so much for the supports and willingness to learn new knowledge. I enjoy the knowledge sharing with everyone in the class.

For Hezreen, thank you so much for hosting the class and the efforts. It was beautifully arranged. For Joe Lai and Zahrah, thank you for being there to support me. I could not make this far without your guys help.