Bubbles of Thoughts

If everything in this world exists to tell and teach us something about life, there must be something about the ocean bubbles too. Why are they here? Of course, it is a process of momentum by the waves but why bubbles; an existence of a short-lived life?

Try this perspective;

Let say the ocean bubbles, every of it represent our thoughts. It comes and go in one seconds. It is rare to see ocean bubbles last for a minute. When a bubble appear and disappear, another bubbles take turns. On the beautiful shores around the world, there are countless of bubbles. Perhaps millions or billions, come and go.

Our thoughts work the same way too. Given all the human in this world right now processing thoughts, it could be billions of thoughts appearing right now. Just like the ocean bubbles appearing right now. And as I write this, new thoughts appeared and go, new bubbles appeared and go too.

The similarity is thoughts exist less than seconds too (perhaps less than one second). And the existence of the thoughts never die, just like the existence of the bubbles. Thoughts in general are countless in numbers. That is why we always complaint that we have so many things in our minds. Although they come and go like the bubbles, but their abstract appearance like monkey swings from one branch to another is considered messy most of the time. Hence, we get discomfort by too many thoughts.

So what can we do? We certainly can’t stop the thoughts from coming into our minds, just like the shore can’t stop the bubbles from appearing. However, there is a thing we can do.

Do nothing.

Let the thoughts come and go as it is. Just like the sandy shores let the foam of bubbles come and go as it is. Have you seen any shores in this world hold the bubbles and wait for another momentum so the size of the bubbles become bigger? No. The shores allow the waves work as it is and allow the bubbles appear as it is. We should do the same thing too. Let the thoughts appear as it is. Don’t hold on the thoughts and make it bigger by adding energy to it (by thinking more about it).

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are important thoughts and these thoughts need to be expanded by put it into a plan and actions, healing and creating. It is a process we call manifesting. But think of it wisely, how many thoughts that come to you today are important?  Let say out of thousands thoughts? And really, you must know it. The reason we get mentally tired and miserable because we try to live by all the thoughts! On every thoughts that appeared, we tried to analyze it. We tend to judge it. We try to understand it.

Part of the beautiful beach and shore is the bubbles that appeared after the sound of waves hit the floor. Part of the beautiful mind is our thoughts that appear after one another. Let it be as it is. Let it swing in your mind. Don’t pay attention to it unless it is really important to be manifested into your life. If you do this long enough (on daily practice) you will notice that the thoughts didn’t really have power over you. It just thoughts. You will also notice that they didn’t appear quite frequently as they used to be. You will be surprised that important thoughts will appear visible in your mind compared to unimportant thoughts. Then remarkable ideas and creative thoughts are easily access at this point.

If we didn’t pay attention to our thoughts, where else can we pay attention to?

Life. Pay attention to life entirely. Pay attention to your body by feeling it. Pay attention to the life around you by feeling it. Feels it in your heart and every part of your body. Use all your senses but not your mind. Pay attention to your breathing and you will notice that life breathe as you breathe.

This method of shifting your consciousness has been taught beautifully by Eckhart Tolle in his book The Power of Now.

You have the power to stop from getting miserable with the thoughts that comes into your mind. Let it be. If it is yours and it’s important to be manifested, you just know what you need to do. Otherwise, be harmony like the bubbles and the shores. Accept one another as it is. Accept the thoughts that comes into your mind with love. They will do nothing harm to you and you will not feel mentally tired easily.

If You Must.

For some people, they want to be identified by their thoughts. They take serious note on what is going on inside their mind. They simply need to know what are the things that bothering their minds. Some people needs clarity. It is alright if you must know. Here some simple tips on how you can untangle the messy chains of thoughts in your mind.

Write all the thoughts that appear in your mind in one piece of paper. Spend five minutes for this task. You will be surprised that thousand thoughts you claimed swinging in your mind are actually less than 10 thoughts counted in number. This happen because only important thoughts scream the most. Once you know what kind of thoughts that bothering your mind, you can start taking necessary actions to solve and heal the matter. You can use the same method if you have too many ideas in your mind that you need to manifest the thoughts into reality.

Bubbles of Thoughts

Bubbles of Thoughts

How to Heal Your Past?

We all have our pasts; the happy ones, the hurtful ones, the joyful or the terror ones. We all been there and experienced it. Sometimes we remember our pasts to the details especially the hurtful ones. How can we not? Why should we forget about our pasts since it was part of the reason of who we are? Even if we could forget who we were in the past, can we forget the memory? We are all human; there is no delete button in our heads. So why are talking about forgetting our past?

My fellow readers, I must say this; Keep the Past. Do not throw it away. Do not deny it. Do not run away from it. Do not go crazy with it too. You must understand that the past, present and future cannot be separated. However, it can be healed.

1. Make Peace with It.

When your past is haunting you right to the present moment, make peace with it. It means making peace with you entirely. It will help you stop sabotage your present moments; the joy that you entitled to achieve.

What happen if you didn’t make peace with it? It makes you think you are living your past. It makes you want to believe that it have created you (therefore you must live with it). By thinking you are living on it, you have added more energy to it. It makes it harder for you to forget it.

Although the past cannot be separate with you, the truth is you are not living it. It only lives the memory Inside Your Mind. So make peace with it. And how can you do that? Read the next one.

2. Acceptance.

Accept whatever that happened to you in the past. Accept the pain and the situation all-together. Accept the shame, the guilt and the resentment. Only by acceptance, you acknowledge that the past is another subject of energy; a totally different from your being. This subject of energy that attached to you is the energy from the memory. By accepting it, you have detached yourself from the energy of the past. You are now looking at it from the eyes of the present YOU instead of the eyes of your past.

Tips: Write a letter to your past. Mention what you are feeling right now about your past. Say what you must with kindness and love. Write it from the heart of a Love being and not from the mind that pass judgement or emotions that get carried away.

3. Forgive Yourself.

Whether things that happened in your past was your mistake or somebody else, give forgiveness to yourself first and then others. Forgiveness is healing. After you have detached yourself from the energy, you should fill the void with love. By filling it with forgiveness, you have already given love to yourself.

Tips: Say I Love You as much as you can. Write and say a simple affirmation such as “I am filling myself with Love and allow forgiveness to heal my past. And so it is. Thank You”

You may ask; what’s the difference it makes, the memory is still there?

The memory doesn’t go away. That’s the fact. What goes away is the energy that attached to the memory. By these processes, the energy gets transmuted. Once it transmuted, whenever you recall the memory or it came back to you in surprise, you will look at it as a witness rather than as a victim. You will face it with love rather than judgement. You can smile at it and not going crazy thinking you are your past. The past no longer sabotage your present moments.

In the other words it gives you Healing.

Make Peace With Past

The Reversi Game of Life

Life is always hard on us. I agree with the statement and many people do too. But why life is hard on us? If life is so beautiful, why life treats us ‘ugly’? The reason is; to teach us act the opposite acts. If you are:

  • Feeling weak; get up to prove your strengths.
  • Feeling lost; keep moving and ask for direction because new direction is unfolding before you.
  • Feeling empty; fill yourself with love. Not people. Certainly not any materials.
  • Feeling hatred; fill your own self with forgiveness.
  • Feeling lack;, fill yourself with gratitude.
  • Feeling busy; learn to manage time.
  • Emotionally mess; list it on paper. An act of listing ‘cure’ messiness.
  • Feeling sad; fill yourself with patience.
  • Feeling pain; allow healing to fill in.
  • Feeling darkness; learn to be the light.
  • Feeling tied up; learn to let-it-go.

Sometimes all we have to do is the opposite of what have been given to us. Just like the game called Reversi. When life turns into ‘black’, we have to turn it back into ‘white’ and win the game. By doing this, we are not only learning to survive but also learn the value of every act and situation we experienced. This is how to tell ourselves, our minds and our lives that we are getting better than good.

So whenever life is hard on you, please DO whatever it takes to live the life you DESIRE. You deserve it!

Reversi Game in Life

Reversi Game in Life

How to Increase Your Energy Before You Go To Work?

Have you experience this before you go to work every morning; complaining about the stress your job is giving you and you are feeling heavy about the stress that you are going to experience it again today?

If you are experiencing this, you are not alone because majority of people are experiencing it. Many people experience it for a long period of time. I did experience it many years ago when I was working in logistic company. The hectic of the job, the meetings, the demands from bosses and clients became a gang of stress to me. So I feel you and understand the stress too. But I found the solutions.

Before we get to the solutions, you must first understand what is keeping you running on the same stress and hardly break the chain between you and the stress? The answer is you choose to go to work when your energy is in low vibration. You get the low vibration by thinking the things that already pulling your energy down like the stress, the demands, the arguments, the meetings, the datelines and more.

The solution is not about eliminating all the stress and the source of the stress but to prepare you on energy level and increase your vibration before you face another (or same) stress at your work today. When you face the stress with higher vibrations, you are controlling the stress entirely. Most important thing is the stress has no power over you anymore. The tips is for those who feel they have no enough time to live their morning peaceful life.
Here are the tips:

Sunbathing (Morning Sunlight)

Before you start the car’s engine and heading to your office, spend 5-10 minutes facing the Sun. The best time is when the sun just rose, the colors of the Sun are between orange to yellow and the heat is cozy warmth. Sunlight increase energy level in you. Sunlight generates Vitamin D for your skin.

Relax Your Mind

During sunbathing the morning light, close your eyes and think nothing. Put aside all the meetings and works you have in your mind. Remember you still have another 7-8 hours to think about your work, so quiet the thoughts for 5-10 minutes won’t do you any harm. In the process, take few deep breaths and feel the morning breeze. Let the energy and the peaceful life flow in you beautifully.

Touch the Nature

What I mean by ‘touch the nature’ is connect yourself and your body with the nature by touching them. Here are few simple tips for you; stand barefoot on the soil or touch your plants. Speak your love to them silently and their love will be with you the entire day. All the elements that come from the Earth contain healing energy for you. You need it in overcome the stress later on.


Go to work only when your mind, emotion and physical are fill with your own power. When you go to work without getting ready to face the stress, it will feel like going to war without weapons. You will get weak by the stress and pressure throughout the day. Get yourself ready and program your mind by saying these simple affirmations:

I am power of love. I am power of peace. I am power of harmony and I claim all the power of me. All my works are within my control. I cherish all of it with joy and love.

Throughout the day, these powers become yours. And when stress is visiting you, it has no power over you. When you realize it, you will know how to use the stress and turn it as a force in achieving your goals and works.

Morning sunlight bring peace in you. If you are an empath, feel the peace from the picture.

Morning sunlight bring peace in you. If you are an empath, feel the peace from the picture.

5 Things You Should Avoid In The Morning

Do you know that morning is the most powerful time of the day for every human? You must have heard breakfast is the most important meals of the day, morning sun gives you Vitamin D, doors of wealth opened up in the morning, birds start their life when the sun rise, your throat chakra and relate to the thyroid system energized well in the morning especially before the sun rise and if you exercise in the morning, you would feel productive throughout the day.

Morning life does not just give you all above. It gives power to your mind and emotions. Activities that you do in the morning have great affect to your body, mind and emotion. Many people didn’t realize how some unnecessary rituals in the morning could affect your being throughout the day. Here are the lists of the unnecessary things you should avoid early in the morning.

1. Reading tragic news.
If you enjoy reading newspaper early in the morning, avoid reading tragic and death story like accidents. Story like this sell the newspaper but didn’t give contribution to the victims and to the readers except the power to create more accidents through the imagination. Not just that, each story creates sadness and this feeling will be remembered as part of the feeling you own to yourself. Bit by bit of this feeling will be carried throughout the day and contributed as unnecessary feelings to your emotion. Read inspiring story or business news instead.

2. Sleeping.
Every great people in the world do not spend their morning with sleeping. Instead, they work their masterpieces during the morning hours. Great people and achievers know that morning has power that gives them momentum to keep moving. If you have a dream to achieve, first thing first; wake up early in the morning and turn your dream into reality. If you really need to catch some sleep, take a nap for 20 minutes in the early afternoon.

3. Drinking Coffee
I used to disagree to this because I love coffee in the morning. But here’s the fact, coffee dehydrate the body. When your body feel dehydrate, you started to feel sleepy and tired. In keeping you moving throughout the morning, coffee is not the best drink to have. The best drink is plain water. Water help stimulate the power and life you get from the morning energy. Second of all, coffee is best to be enjoyed slowly and when you feel sleepy in the afternoon. So go for the coffee after your lunch break, not early in the morning.

4. Complaining. 
Anything that you can wait from complaining, it’s worth the wait! Do not spend your morning energy on complaining especially on the unnecessary things like complaining about your boss, complaining about the traffic jammed, complaining about the foods you have for breakfast and so forth. Complaining drains your energy easily. Complaining stops wealth from coming to you. If you really have to say something, say it in a request manner, not complaining.

5. Talk About Yesterday’s Unfortunate Events.
People who talk about yesterday’s unfortunate events will always have problem to move forward in life. What had happened in yesterday, stay in yesterday. Do not waste your beautiful morning life on things that already happened in the past. Morning gives new life to every creature in the Universe including You. It gives you opportunity to start new every single day. Start it with lots of smile. If you have to resolve a conflict or problem that tie to the unfortunate event, do it positively and not emotionally. It helps you cut the cord between you and the unfortunate events easily.

It is priceless to enjoy the green scenery that comes together with the morning sun

It is priceless to enjoy the green scenery that comes together with the morning sun

Breaking Up – Why and The Healing.


Breaking up from a relationship is painful. What are the best things can be done to heal? Should we try to get back together? Can love growth again after brake up?


Yes breaking up is painful but sometimes it could be just the surface of the emotion. Not all breaks up cases are painful to the three elements (mind, emotion and soul). Understand that relationship is not just physical and emotion connection between two people but also soul connection between two souls. It hurts for the physical and emotional being when two people are breaking up but it may not hurt the soul being. This however, depends on the reason for breaking up.

Sometimes break up helps to restore the harmony between two souls. When the relationship is creating gap and the only things that filling the gap is argument, hate, anger, frustration, then break up probably the good thing to do.

If one of the soul change his/her course of love, break up is the best thing to save self from prolonged pain

If one of the soul change his/her course of love, break up is the best thing to save self from prolonged pain

First we have to understand why we are breaking up and what can be the goodness we get from it. I experienced a case where a couple who were married for two years find themselves cursing each other every day and creating more agony than happiness. When both of them choose not to give up their ego and growth love in their marriage, break up is the only way to save their emotions and friendship. However, they remained for another year and they end up divorced in the ugliest way. The result was a war between these two souls. It takes them years to forgive each other. They could save their souls from the pain if they allow breaks up when they are still in state of respect to each other. This is the goodness that many people missed when they see break up is bad decision to make.

My advice is not to let both souls (you and him) go to that path of anger and hate. If a couple believe that happiness and love is still in the relation, then work something out to growth the love back. Love and happiness is not just a belief. It’s a work, progress and action.

Constructive Solution:

Should we try to get back together?

This will always be the best thing to do but with a condition: both of you must let go the ego and the past first. These two elements could block your love from growing again. Love taste best when both couple living in NOW moments and not the past.

Can love growth again after brake up? 

Loves always growth. Love is already in us. If we allow it to growth, it wills growth. Forgiveness is the best act that helps love growth. Forgive yourself for the things that happened. Forgive him for the things that happened. Then move on and love again.

What are the best things can be done to heal? 

  1. Forgive.
  2. Stay in the state of love especially to yourself. Give love to all the things around you and you will get love back. This act is to avoid anger, hate and despair taking over your emotion.
  3. Do things you never have chances to do before. Find yourself back from the activities you desire to do.
  4. Belief that only time, love and your effort to heal will heal you.
Break up not always a bad decision. Sometimes break up is the best thing to save self from prolonged pain. See the whole situation in the bigger picture and decide if break up is good or bad for both souls. That would help both souls stay connect and respect each other. Most important it save self from anger and hate.


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Why We Need Closure?


A simple word to the world. So simple that it makes most of us forget how important closure in our lives. The meaning behind it is deeper than any words in the world can describe it. There’s no guidelines how we should perform closure. Closure is very subjective in terms of understanding and manifestation. Everyone carry different way of closure.

I watched Source Code last week and I came back home with thousand questions in my mind. One of the main question is ‘Can we live without closure?’

When Captain Colter Stevens acted by Jake Gyllenhaal requested his service to be terminated and he choose to die, it makes me realize that what we actually need is closure. I have to admit, the movie gave impact to my emotion. I can’t imagine my life or soul being stuck with something, no progress and no moving elsewhere. It will be neither there nor here.

There are many tragedies or events in life that leave many people hang in the middle without closure. For example, a family who lost their child and body was never discovered. When there’s no funeral take place, possibility no closure takes place too. Part of us may want to believe the child died but part of it wants to hope for his return. Another example is a husband who disappears and leaves the wife hanging with uncertainties. The wife can’t move on because no closure takes place in their relationship.

Closure doesn’t relate to death and relationship only. Closure touches us in everything we do. As matter of fact, we do closure almost every day in our lives. Most of the closures we perform are physical and material closure. For instance, you need to submit your sales report by tomorrow evening. You close your report by today and present to your manager by tomorrow. After you have presented to him, he gives you approval on the report. The approval is the closure for you. You can now move on to the next task.

As simple as it may sound, we all need to understand closure in every aspect. We know we can handle physical closure. As long we are train to do better, we can perform physical closure easily. How about emotion closure and spiritual closure? Do we perform better in these two areas?

What is emotion and spiritual closure?

I’ll start with a question. Do you feel doubts and uncertain about something in your life? Take a moment to feel your emotion. If you have a doubts and uncertain feeling about something in your life, it means you have not do any closure on the matter yet.

Letter of resignation

When I was working few years back, I’ve been transferred to handle a new project far from my home town. I moved to the city of Kuala Lumpur and started to work on the project. The first month, my life was in the hotel room at night and in the warehouse from morning to late night. After weeks, I started to feel uncomfortable living in the hotel room. I want a place to settle down. The company I worked with is a very great company but due to this new project, the management stop focusing on their employees’ need. As much as I want to settle down, I refuse to do so until the management give me a transfer letter. It took them months to provide me one. I have no choice to settle down myself. Part of it has been closure to me. The other part has been dragged for months, waiting for them to provide me a transfer letter.

I knew I can’t wait for a letter to give me closure. I knew I should create my own closure. One day, I decided to quit and give closure to it. I cried when I decided to leave but deep inside me I know the closure is important for my life. It does not give me happiness at the time but it gave me peace.

When it comes to emotion and spiritual, most of us didn’t realize it existence until we’ve been force to give comfort to it. We do not know how important closure to our emotion and spiritual until we’ve been force to act on it. This is the part where many of us don’t know that emotion and spiritual closure are as important as physical closure.

Why do we need closure?

Find your closure like closing an opened door

Once you find closure, it will give you comfort to your emotion. It makes you complete. It gives peace to your mind and soul. Even the closure is a physical or material closure. Any closure always gives us peace of mind.

Second, matter without closure is like an open door. When we see it open, we tend to walk through it in and out, back and forth. In life, it gives us more matter to opt. The more we have on our list, the harder it feels to give closure.

Third, closure also means ‘done‘ and ‘finished’. As human, we crave for progress in life. We always want to move on. Closure gives us green light to move on. We certainly can’t move on when we never done or never finished. We will hang in the middle, neither there nor here.

Even though closure doesn’t promise us happiness as achievement, but closure promise us completeness. Peaceful. Achieved. Satisfaction. Closure helps us move on and create progress in life. We all need closure. Find out if something in your life need a closure. Get it done and move on. Happiness will come along.

Last, find the closure in everything you do and enjoy the completeness and peaceful feeling you’ll get as a reward.

Feel the completeness after the closure

How to Stop My Nagging Mother?


I have a mother who likes to nag. What can I do to stop her from nagging? She nags almost about everything including money, her life, her marriage, her children. She just can’t stop it. I am tired with her attitude. What should I do?


Listen to her nag. Let me rephrase. Pay attention to her. People nag because they wanted to be heard. They need someone to pay attention to them. They feel that they have been left alone emotionally. They get emotionally insecure. Therefore nagging is one of the way to get an attention.

In your case, she seek attention from the family member preferably someone she believe closer to her emotionally. I know this can be torturing to listen to her nag but the moment you sit with her and start pay your attention, she will stop it slowly.

Give her time to realize that you are with her emotionally. Once she’s emotionally secure, she will stop nags and only communicate with you with love.

Constructive Solution:

Since I do not have much info about the whole situation, therefore I will share my experiences as constructive solution.

I tried this many times. Once I heard the nagging, I asked her if she wants a coffee. I made her coffee. I sat with her and listen to her. Sometimes I throw a little argument to show her that I am listening to her. Most of the time, I just agreed with her. The result was astonishing. There were times we wake up in the middle of the night and sat at the dining table and talk about the life without a nag.

It works for me and it works for my friends. So I believe it should work well on you too.

Remember this: Sit. Drink. Communicate and Love. It’ll do you wonder.


As much as we need love from our mothers, they need love from their child too. When we were babies, we cry to seek attention from our parents. When we were kids, we roll on the floor just to get attention from our parents. When we were adult, we walk away when they seek attention from us.

Think about it; where’s the love that we should return back to them?

It’s all about love and attention. When you give one, you will get it back even more.

Listen Can Do Wonders. Stop Listening Bring Disaster in Relationship. Picture are from Google Images


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Are You Running On Same Circle?

John Doe have been in his third relationship since 17 years ago. He divorced twice and his third marriage doesn’t seem give any different to him. According to him, he married a woman who carried same trait as his ex-wives. She loves to nag.

Somewhere in Asia, Jane Doe, an owner of a medium size company described her only problem in the organization – spending more time training newcomers than expanding her business. She realized the pattern since two years ago and she’s still training newcomers.

What Would You Feel If You Are Running in Same Circle?

What can you tell from both stories? The answer is they are running on same circle. It gets them nowhere so far and they keep coming back to same matter. If you realize, it took them years to figure it out and yet, they still running on same circle. Aren’t we all are too? So how do we know if we are running on the same circle?

It takes effort to see our lives from different point of view. Not many people love to evaluate their own life. For some reasons, we always thought we are right, therefore we do not need to evaluate ourselves and our lives. We insist that nothing is wrong with us and it always others that do wrong.

If you never mirror yourself, you can start doing it now. It is not to find blame but to improve your life. It is not to self-demoralize but to create progress in life. It is important to know if you running in same circle over these years. If you do, you can figure out how to break the point of the circle and create progress in life.

Spot the Circle.

1) Facing Same Problems

  • It’s easy to find out. List down things you always complaint about in a small book. Bring the book everywhere you go and jot down every single complaint you made. After a week, look back and figure this out: – What are the same complaints you made?
  • Get help from your closest friends. Ask them what are the things you always complaint about? Write it down too.

2) Same Pattern of life.

  • Ask yourself this question: – What are the newest things you have done recently? 

3) Getting Bored.

  • How many times you get bored in a week or in a month?
  • Can you remember when was the last time you told someone that you are feeling bored and tired with your life?

Once you have answered these questions, let’s go for the solutions.


1) Solving the Same Problems.

Solving Problems Will Make You Go Forward

Same complaints you made define what’s in your life. You don’t like it. You want to get rid of it. Somehow you believe you can’t because you thought the problem comes from others. Therefore, you make complaint. The more you complaint about certain problem, the more it define how deep it affect your life. Remember, no one complaint about anything if it doesn’t affect her emotionally or mentally.

Understand and accept the problems are the key to the solution. Never run away from it. When it comes to solve our problem, always open up our mind. It might not always be somebody else mistakes. It can easily be ours wrongdoing too. Get ready to accept it. This will also explain why all the previous solutions don’t work and still making us running on same circle. It makes thing easier to fix when we know the real source of the problem.

2) Create New Pattern in Life.

It’s easy to create new pattern in life. Learn new things. Do something you never do before. There are plenty of things you can do in life to fill up the enjoyment in you. When I insist people to learn new things, they always snap at it by saying “I don’t enjoy doing it” or “I don’t have time“. We all know it just an excuses. You wouldn’t know if you don’t enjoy it unless you experience it.

3) Create Progress.

Our soul, mind and body know how to tell us if we do not make progress in life. One of it is they give us these feelings, bored and uneasy. When they eager to create progress but we are doing the contradictory, they will start to shout inside us. That is how we get the uneasy feeling in us. When we didn’t know what is happening, it will make us feel bored with our lives.

Creating progress by progress will make you feel alive. I never heard people who make progress in life feel bored. All I know, they always move forward. After one progress, they create another new one. As far as I concern, they have happy souls with strong mentality. When our soul, mental and body are on same track, we will never get bored.

Finding Peace in You

If you start to feel bored, find a quiet place and feel what’s inside your heart. Talk to yourself. Figure out what makes you bored. Make a progress out of your boredom. Knowing what makes you feel bored is a progress itself. Last, find total closure and create more progress.

Stop running in the same circle. It gives you nothing but boring life. Just like what have been quoted by Robin Sharma “Many people live the same year 80 times and call it a life”. Make a progress and make one now!


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Should You Care?

Today’s question: Do you care what people think about you?

I’ve seen many reactions from individuals and let’s exclude businesses because in business, you have to care. If you choose not to care in business, you will lose customer. But in life and as individual, to care or otherwise will give you consequences.

I had a coffee chat with a friend of mine last week. I called her Qid and she shared something for personal standout. She told me this (something like this):

“I taught myself not to let people’s word affect my life…”

Her point was, she live her life by her own efforts. She drives where ever she thinks her life should have go. Therefore she believes there’s no point paying attention to people’s judgement about her life. What a standout principle one should have.

I’ve seen people who pay attention so much on people’s judgement. They are not just paying attention to it, they will often talk about the judgement people have spit on them. They didn’t realize, once they give their focus to it, the judgement expand. Once it expands, they get emotionally down by the judgement. Then, they will spend lots of time to stop people from judging them. So where is their life go? Everywhere but not forward.

If you always care about what people think about you, stop care about it. Stop at least 90% of it. Think about this:

Why should you care when they are not even helping you build your life positively?

And here’s a secret about people who talks about your cloths, about your body, about your career rank, about your family, about your car and almost about everything because they are being judged too. They just want you to feel equally judged. Let them say things they want to say because their words have no power over your life.

The only words you should pay attention to is those positive and constructive judgements that guide you to build better life. Put behind you those irrelevant and unnecessary judgement, comments and critics about your life. Most important thing is stop spending time on people’s judgement because the time you spend on critics and judgement is the time you lose in crafting your life.

Say this affirmation every time people try to pull you down by judging you: Their Words Have No Power over My Life. And be like Qid. I’ve seen her life, nothing but forward. You should too.

Talk To The Hand


Note: Dear Qid, if you ever read this, thank you for your experience shared with me the other day and thank you for being one good teacher to me.