How To Earn Better Position?


I’ve been working for the company for 12 years. I started as a clerk and I am now a supervisor for the past five years. My starting salary was $600 and now I’ve only earned $1900 per month. I wanted to move up the career ladder but my immediate superior and the management never give me the opportunity to move up as senior supervisor. According to them, I do not have the qualification to be one of the management team.

For the past few years I’ve only get less than $50 for my yearly increment and I felt totally demotivated.

I want to move up so I could earn more than I am earning now. Tell me how would I do that?


Too Comfort Will Make You Feel Lazy

No one should be working in the same company for more than seven years unless it’s your own company. 12 years is too long for a person to work proactively. The years you’ve spent under the same environment will make you feel too comfort to move with extra energy. No one is moving proactively when they feel too comfort about something.

Working under the same environment will eventually slowing down your progress too. The best way to move up is to change job from time to time. Stay in a company for five years (minimum three years and maximum seven years), then you should look for better job, better position and better pay. That’s the general idea about moving up the career ladder.

In your case, there could be many reasons why your immediate superior or the management do not want to promote you. It could be no position available, wages cost control and more. It can also be the result you gave them for the past few years ago. When an employee shows his has no motivation, it gives an employer excuse not to reward the employee.

Constructive Solution:

Start looking for a new job that can give you better pay and better position.  Send out your resume as much as you can. I believe 12 years experience in the line you work would give you incredible experiences and wider job descriptions. Use these experiences and start writing a solid resume for yourself.

Tips: Hire an expert to write your resume if you do not know how to express your job descriptions on paper. Show your potential employers that you are entitle for better positions based on your working experiences.

Once you get better salary, equip yourself with advance knowledge. Take courses and get certificates, diploma or degree (if you are up to it). With these papers, no one would question your qualification.


New job can offer you new experiences, new cultures and new visions. The differences you’ve learned from companies will turn your career portfolio from bronze to silver and to gold.

Working in new environment will give you the motivation back. Make friends with new faces will give you wider perspective about moving up the career ladder.

Skills and experiences are meant to be shared. If the current employer stop paying attention to your contributions (skills and experiences), find a new employer who are willing to pay their attention to you.

All of these are so much better than figuring out why your increment is always less than $50 per year. Give yourself a chance and start it with a new resume.


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Let It Go

This is not the best way to make decision

Have you ever make decision by pulling off the five petals flower? Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes…? Five petals options no longer challenging because the answer you get is the first answer you mention when you pull the first petal.

Before you go to the florist or pick one of your flowers in the garden, read the rest of this article. Your courage in making decision lies in you and not on the petals. Here is where you can find your courage.

It was a hot day and I’ve been resting in the room when a friend asked if I would like to join her for swimming session. I loved the idea; I went and spent nearly an hour doing pool exercise. She asked if I breathe when I swim. Seriously, I haven’t got to that level yet. I’ve learned to swim by accident. I found out I can float and I’ve learned to move from there but I never got the right way to do the breathing technique. Knowing that, she taught me to breathe and it was a good lesson. As matter of fact, it was priceless.

“In order to breath in, you must first breath out” She explained. “Many people hold their breath. They scare to let it go. They thought if they let it go, they have no more air to breathe.”

It makes sense. Naturally, we breathe out in order to breath in. Naturally, we let it go in order to get fresh air in. Naturally. But we don’t simply let it go when things turn out to be unnaturally to us. Breathing in the water is not nature to us. Hence, we keep the air that precious to us.

In life, the common difficulties we have is when unnatural things require us to make decisions. Unnatural things are things that don’t work naturally such as career, relationship, material progress and more. These things require our effort in order to progress. When we stop building it, it will stop growing. In swimming, if we keep holding on our breath, we will never swim far or in deep pool. We will never be a swimmer. So we have to learn to let go the air and breathe in.

The let-it-go concept actually applies in every aspect of our lives. In relationship, career, business and entire life journey require us to let go something in order to get something.

Take career for instance. Many people choose to stay because getting new job means have to start over again and challenge their comfort zone. They refuse to give chance for better opportunity because they want to believe what they are holding on right now is precious. Those who are willing to let it go will always get better opportunity to growth compare to those who choose to stay.

In relationship, we must learn to let go same argument, same discussions and same routines. I’ve seen couples who have same arguments for many years and it tells me one thing – the problem has never been solved. Let it go by work out the solutions. In order to build deeper love than hate in the relationship, let go the same arguments, same discussion and same routines.

In personal growth, let go of your hate, jealousy, grudge, anger and frustration. Holding to these feeling only makes your life full of these entities. You attract what your feel and your life will be created based on these feeling. Something you certainly do not want in life.

In business, learn to let go same ideas, same concepts, same mindsets and same contracts. Holding on to these things freeze your business from creativity. Your businesses can growth bigger if you allow new ideas, new concepts, new mindsets and new contracts flow in.

Do Your Judgement and Measurement.

People tell me that it is not easy to let it go. What if things don’t turn out the way we want after we let it go? What if things turn out ugly? What if we can’t find peace after let go our conflict feelings? My respond is “Judgement and measurement. Followed by positive thinking and hope”

Do your judgement and measurement before you decide to let go especially things related to materials and physical such as career.  Measurement and judgement is to build your confidence and trust in you. Once you have your judgement and measurement, you can decide to hold it or let it go. Whatever your decision is, you must train to think positive and give hope that things will turn out well. You can leave the last two steps (positive thinking and hope) if you think these is ridiculous. But remember, you are what you thought and feel. After deliver some action (judgement and measurement), you deserve to create the outcome by think positive and give positive hope.

Do not quit from your job because I say so. Quit because you get better job and better opportunity. Do not holding on to it because you think its precious or because you think others will not give you same comfort like you have now. Stay because you can develop and growth. Let it go because you can growth better somewhere else.

Do not quit your relationship because you can’t let go the same arguments. Quit because you have no more love. Stay because both of you can work out the solutions.

Let-it-go takes courage and trust in self. Let-it-go promising wonderful outcome if you never doubt yourself. Let-it-go gives us varieties of experience. Let-it-go opens up opportunities for personal growth and it gives you peace. Let-it-go can give you so much in life.

So. Let. It. Go.

And about the swimming lesson, the technique is simple but challenging. So it is advisable for you to get a coach.


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How Can I Stop Being A Complainer?


I’m a complainer. I complained almost on everything. Since I’m getting older, I want to change and become a positive person but I can’t help myself because there’s always a thing for me to complaint. How do I handle this?


When you are in this situation, you have to remind yourself that you are just a human. What you have experienced are just these:

  1. Your goal is to be a better person (like trying to be positive thinker, optimistic and so forth)
  2. Then, there’s always a situation that challenge you (like things that make you complaint)
  3. Result: it put you in the middle of ‘being a person you aim to be’ or ‘being a person you used to be’

In these three stages, it is okay to do the first two. It is okay to aim for something better and then take some challenges. Without challenges, you don’t get result. The only things you shouldn’t do is the third stage (putting yourself in the middle).

The reason I suggest not to go to that stage is because we are all human. As human, we can’t run away from being a complainer or a whiner. Putting yourself in the middle will only confuse you. How can I be positive because I just complained?

Stop asking yourself that question.

Constructive Solution:

Keep think positive even after you complained. That the first thing you should do.
Second is to keep a simple record on your complaint. How many times you complaint per day? And what sort of things you always complaint on?
Then, with this record, you will get clear picture about total complaints you made and how many complaints you want to reduce the next day.

Finally, each complaint reduced is a success to you. Each complaint reduced means you are changing to the person you want to be.


We can write hundreds of pages about ‘complaint’ because complaint makes us feel better at some point.  It also makes us feel good. It’s easy to complaint than to find solution. That’s why people choose to complaint and whine most of the time.

However, if you realize, the feeling good doesn’t last long because the more we complained, the more things happen for us to complaint. That is just a basic knowledge of Law of Attraction.

So if you have to complaint about something, make sure it’s useful to the party you complaint. Otherwise, leave it. It’s good to save your energy for something else.


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